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That voice,


it sounds like…..Ro……


“why is she not coming out?


the voice came up again,this time,it was more stern,rude and commanding this time around.


“ohhh noo,Romeo!!!


my heart shanked,I suddenly felt like the ground should open and swallow me up.


“are you deaf?? I said who is inside there?? Romeo asked ruefully.


I didn’t hear the ladies saying anything back to him.


Who are they to talk back at Romeo?


“open the door, I want to see who the hell is inside! he commands.


then I felt his hands,pressing on the outside knob,


it actually make the one inside to turn also.


“sir,no one is here and as you can see,the door is locked” I could hear one of the ladies speaking.


“where’s the key?? he asked them.


Just then,the back door opened.


I was scared but I relaxed when it turn out to be Chris.


He dipped his fingers into his hairs the moment he saw me and I could sense a corner of his eyes on my chest,almost close to my cleavage. I felt shy and embarrassed at the same time.I had no choice than to look down.



“hey,will you follow me or do you want Romeo to see you here?? Chris asked,taking his lower lips into his mouth in a playboy manner.


“No,sssir” I startled.


“good” he smiled and moved closer to me.I felt somehow scared.


“can I??? he asked.


I don’t know what he is talking about but I said “yes”.


The next thing I felt was his ringed fingers brushing into my wrist.


He took me out in a fast manner.


Thank God,he is not like Jeffrey who always show a lot of attitude.


“you’re pretty..what’s your name again? Chris asked as he took me with him.


“umm Krishna.. thank you sir” I smiled.


We went silent again.


He took me into another resident.


“stay here for a while, we need to sort things out” he said.


“Sir, why am I here??? I asked.


“you will know sooner or later” he replied and lock the door of the place he kept me in.




Mrs Rose~~


“what do we do? I burst out.


Chris and Justine look at each other.


“since you said the plan should be secret,in think we should be extremely careful.This is a very big risk. The girls life might be in danger if care is not taken. I really wish Mrs sugar and Han Lilly won’t find out.” Mrs Samantha said. Romeo came in almost immediately.


We allow our discussion die down.


Royal is not aware of our plan, while must Romeo know?? it’s not aw if he is important.


No matter what,royal will always,be our industry number one priority.


“Rose,you were having meeting and you didn’t call that how you were taught to treat the industry teams??? Romeo expounded angrily, not minding the age between us.


I am even old enough to he his mom.


“Rose,I’m speaking to you!!


he expounded again.


“can you at least add a little respect? she’s not your playmate and as you can see,we are,not having any meeting.How can we be holding a meeting without Jeffrey and Royal?


Justin replied.


“does today look like our meeting day??? Chris chirped in.


Romeo seethed,


then he walk out.


“You see,we don’t have an idea he will come” I said.


“where is she??? Mrs Samantha questioned Chris.


“she’s safe” he replied.


“Good, we will talk to her about our,plan tomorrow. We won’t tell her what we really want her,we are just gonna tell her that royal need some help, then we will work her into Royal’s newest mansion. You know Royal just built that place,no one knows about it and that’s where royal is staying currently. Mrs Suga won’t find out about her there” I explained better.


“then,why did you order the maids to dress her?? Chris asked.


“yes,I wanted her to do some photoshoot so that the media can start working on her design on posters and banners but since Romeo is here,I think we need to cancel that for some other day. For now,let’s keep her safe” I said.


“ohhkay,I will let her out immediately I sense Romeo’s absence! justice said that quickly.


“I will do it” Chris replied.


i smiled at them and left.


Chris p.o.v~~~


I checked the garage,


Romeo’s car wasn’t there.


That’s an evidence he is gone.


I breathed out “at last!.


Then I wal


k back into the residential building. After a,long walk,I got to where I lock Krishna in.


I still can’t believe a commoner can be pretty.Soo pretty with natural red lips.I thought commoner are piece of trash but this one here just prove me wrong. I’m so gonna win this bet!!


I opened the door and met her standing.


“Hey, he is gone. You can go home for now.The manager will get back to you” I smiled and took my eyes away from her body.She might feel uncomfortable with me if it becomes too much.


“okay,I think I should go. Namaste!


she bowed and walk to the door.


hips soooooo tempting!


I smiled,inwardly.


“can I drop you?? I asked her.


“no….yess…..nooooo thank you sir” she bowed,politely.


“at least,take my card.You can call me anytime” I said and handed her my card.


“thank you sir” she bowed and collected it..


I kept on looking at her dreamingly till she walk out.


“I will get her first,okay!!


Justin showed up.


“idiot!!! we both said and burst into laughter.






it is obvious Mrs Rose is hiding something from me.


There’s more to their presence in school by this time of the day. its already 8:30pm,they shouldn’t be here at this time on a norms.


Their presence means something and I must find out.


soon enough,Chris came out to check the garage.


That alone made me more suspicious.


Not quiet long,


I spotted someone running out of the dark.I couldn’t see the person face cus it was night.


I was about standing up when a black Lamborghini drove in.


The car light shown on the person’s face,it turned out to be a girl….


I could see shocks on the girls body.


She quickly took another direction.


she was too fast,


I didn’t get to trace her steps.


I turned at the direction of the Lamborghini, it was Royal.


He was putting on a white top and a black designer jean,his bandana was a mixture of yellow and black.


Jealousy took over me….maybe because of his handsomeness.


he look down like he’s looking for something and he was on call too.


“ummm did the school cleaner find my presidential bracelet?? he asked on phone. “whatttt,she didn’t find it!!!


he scoffed and ended the call,he look like he will cry.


He was on phone and was walking at the same time..


“where’s that girl???


I scoffed and reveal myself from my hideout.


“Nope,it can’t be here!!!


I heard royal saying,then he took another direction.He was checking the floor as he was walking.When he didn’t see it,he gave up and stood at a for a while,thinking where last he stayed in school.


I was so fast to have seen the girl…. she seemed lost in her own world.


She looks damn confused.


Royal was walking and on phone,


She was also coming in the same direction without looking where she was going….


They jammed each other.


Their lips touched,


I could sense Royal expensive phone flying in the air the moment their skin came in contact….


What type of awkward contact is this???


My blood was hot…


maybe 100Β°C.


Royal’s phone scattered on the floor, he didn’t look like he cares….


“Who are you??? he asked instead.


“Nothing!!! she replied and brought out his bracelet.


How come?????








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Beautiful Love Song


( krishna )




Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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