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~Elliot’s p.o.v~


Chris,Justin,Jeffrey and Romeo were inside the studio. Royal didn’t come and it kinda make everyone go quiet.



No one was willing to take his position except from Romeo who is happy about Royal’s absence.


“Elliot but you’re royals manager. Can’t you influence his decision??? Jeffrey said to me.


“I’m sure spark night will be nonsense today because those girls might not come if they get to know that royal won’t come” Justin said in a flirty manner.


“what do we even want to perform on stage?? Chris asked in the most funniest manner.


They all laugh except for Romeo who was busy using his phone.


“do you know what I need right now?? Justin asked.


“what else if not for sΒ£x!!! Chris replied,hilariously.


“we can even perform faceless on stage.It is gonna be a blast” Chris suggested.It was kind of funny but his idea was spectaculous.


“yes yes spark will be great tonight but Royal??? anyways, let’s start” Justin took his lips in and start setting the projectors and every other things so that they will do a quick research.


The girls came in and pair up with the boys except for Han Lilly who was suppose to pair up with royal.


I excuse them and entered my car. I need to get Royal to join them so that their


efforts won’t be in vain.




I got into luxurious mansion hours later and luckily,Royal’s car was in, Han Lilly’s car was in,


Han Cheng(Lilly’s dad) car was in,


Mr Zayn car was also in.


What can be happening???


I made a displeasing look and hurried in.My eyes met with Mrs Suga own immediately i entered the slivery built living room.She glared at me,I bowed in return with my left hand crossed on my chest.


I am Royal’s manager and being his manager means I should always be there whenever he’s down and I should also be able to keep accurate records of his activities but Mrs Suga is turning it into another thing…..


Even heavens knows that each time I wake up,my first prayer is for Royal to regain his memory.



“Royal,Five stars reported you.


You’re getting out of hand and you’re affecting dice high chance of winning this year debut due to your negligence” Sir Zayn speaks.


“Dad I’m not and I’m not trynna bring be disobedient and proud” Royal replied Sir Zayn with due respect.


Zayn has being the only one who has treated Royal as a son.I mean Zayn is….let


me say like a dad to royal.


Han Lilly smiler while Han Cheng breathed out..


“Royal look here…look at me whenever I’m speaking to you…no one is a kid here,we should be humble to learn from one another” sir zayn said. Royal turn his face up and raised two fingers up in a sweet manner.


“Dad, this is not about humbleness,it is about what I want and what I don’t want, it’s not like I’m a kid.I’m 22” Royal replied in a smirk and directed a deadly glare at Lilly.


“Royal,I want to see you there in spark and also,get ready for the debut and comeback with Han Lilly as a partner” Han Cheng said and followed zayn out.




Royal scoffed coldly.


Sir Zayn stopped walking and took a glance at Royal.


“everyone,leave, only royal and Mrs Rose should stay” zayn commanded.


They left,I excused them also.


I don’t know what they talk about but I pray it should be something good.


Han Lilly started smiling sheeply.


I don’t think she can hold her excitement.I’m sure she’s gonna brag at spark…there’s more to her excitement.


“where’s Royal???


“are they done talking???


Lilly asked one of the guards in a sassy manner.


“Yes ma!! the guards bowed.



“he went out by passing the back door. Your dad and sir Zayn also left! the guard explained further.




“see this bitches bitch witch!!


“This is cold give me now!


“feel like commmming but no!


“Feel this pu**y ohhhh pu**y!!!!!


Lilly sing in a rap and ordered a maid to get her bag even when the bag is right beside her.


“Elliot, bye!


“I gotta prepare for spark!


she said and chewed gum loudly before leaving.








~~~Krishna’s p.o.v


My mood was spoilt already.


Nothing reasonable came to my mind,I just felt b




soon,I brought out my diary and chew the cover of the pen that came with it,then I


scribbled little wordings into it.


*Mad girl love song*


You and I are symphonies,


Exploding high in the sky,


With you,I’ve got hands to hold,


My heart of glass withstand you,


My mind of stones charmed you…..


But will it be right if I just walk away because I’m mad in the inside??? ****


I stop writing and pick up my ringing phone.


ummm Dora!!! it’s 8pm!!!! Spark time.


I gulp into nothing and pick her call.



Krishna,will you get your ass out of your bed because I’m right at the front door of your house!! Dora seethed on phone.


I’m sorrry…I can’t…. my mom….


I sturlted.Just then,the door to my room opened,it was my mom.


bye Dora!! I quickly end the call and face my mom.


“Krishna….” she called lowly.


“what again?? you already spoil my mood,do you want to add more depression?? at times I ask myself if you’re my mom…maybe I should you.


“Did you really give birth to me???


I asked her,tears started pouring out of her eyes.Well we resemble each other…so she’s my mom


“yes,I’m your mom.I’m sorry for the overprotective attitude.I don’t want to lose you the way I lost your sister!!!!


my mom said and started crying.


“my sister?? what happened to her??


I asked back and started crying too.


“hummm don’t cry…get dressed,Dora is waiting in the sitting room but please don’t forget the rules” she cautioned and left.


I jump up in excitement and quickly forget the bad mood I was in. It will be so fun seeing Han Lilly on stage tonight,she’s my roooole model!


I chanted and pick out a light purple short gown and a silver wedge.


The gown was suppose to cover my kneels but my big bumbum and wide hips push it up and made it stop on my tighs.I fit my legs into the wedge and pick a matching purse.


Ohhh my hair!!!


how do I do it!!! I wondered and started looking for my comb.


Krishna is this really your room???


someone bang in…


I turned back,it was Dora.





Solo stunning…you should see your skin,sooo pure white!!! wait,what cream do you use??? Dora expounded and waited for an answer.


I’m I dreaming???


The almighty Dora in my room….


I mean Dora in my house.. ..


A celebrity in my room…..


“what cream do you use??? Dora asked,impatiently.


I went deaf and shy.


“balm!! I replied…


“you’re gosh!!! she said and pack my hair.


Then I followed her to her car…


“Girl,your mom is nice. She isn’t harsh as you describe.She’s caring. She served me cake and juice” Dora blabbed as her driver drove. “you ate in my house?? I pouted.


“why not?? she replied.


“I’m honoured” I smiled.




Her car drove into dice high.


She step out and made her guards cover the two of us.We entered dice high main stage and it was more than what I expected. I couldn’t find a better word.


The sight of the stage made me wishing I was a celebrity…


Dora paired me up with a group of girls.I guess she need to prepare since she’s a celebrity.


The girls Dora kept me with continue talking nonstop and most of their talks are about Royal.


The,projectors were set up min later.


I hide my face and never allow the projector to capture it.


Then,the girls walk in.


Omg!!! Lilly dress best,followed by Dora and Mira.


I mean Lilly dress to kill.Her looks made me wish I am her.I mean she’s charming.



They walk on the stage and took their stands.I kept on looking at Han Lilly till the boys walk in.


Jeffery look so calm while the rest were cool.Romeo just get girls drooling. A girl even jump to touch him.


where’s Royal???


is he coming????


hmmm this people better not try nonsense!!!


mummurs bleep.


ohh my,Royal got the toppest fans that I don’t think this thing will be interesting without him.


Han Lilly suddenly look miserable.


I saw the sign of disappointment on her face as the projector bleep red- meaning emergency.


something was indeed wrong.


The bright stage became half bright and half dark.


A woman whom I recognize as five stars agencies rushed in with a microphone.



Royal is missing!!!!!


she drop the bombshell. The girl


sitting very close to me fainted.


Royal is missing,let’s find him please.The tracker first reveal that he is within this building and then it lost signal…. please find him!!!!

Mrs Rose teary face became visible on the projectors.


Everywhere became disorganized,


Han Lilly run out.


Spark was indeed spoilt and disordered.



Find him!!! the projector kept on beeping.


I don’t know what to do but I wish I know what the problem really is.


I stood up,someone touch my waist in a rough manner.


I pull the hands away and met the lustful eyes all over me!!!


I didn’t wait,I ran out of the hall.



Did you see him???


I met Han Lilly asking Mrs Rose.


Elliot too was there,looking as worried as ever.


I took the opposite direction.


I had planned on using the back exit,


I got there but it was locked.


I glance at the door in tears and forced it open by hitting the sole of my shoe on the lock,


the door open and there he was….


Ohhh my!!!!


Royal who did this too you???


I gasped and quickly bent over him.


ohh no…I gasped at the injection on the floor.Was he injected???


“Pains!!!!!!!!!!! Royal said in a very low voice…..


“Bend over me” he said again and use his fingers to flick his cute hair. For a start,I


was afraid to do it…


I don’t think I can touch him.


He’s sooo pure.


“Bend over me” he said again…


I know he is in pain but he didn’t show it.


“let me call Mrs Rose” I suggested.


“Nooo” he said and use his little strength to push me to himself…


“I don’t know who you are but….” he didn’t finish his statement,he target my lips


and kiss it.


He was still kissing it….he stopped and fall back to the floor.


Something started beeping on his body,I guess its a tracking device…


They will soon find him and I must not be seen with him or else,I will be in trouble.


I didn’t wait,I run.







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Beautiful Love ( Krishna





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