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I ran out of dice high totally,


Slowly lonely tears fell off my eyes as I run endlessly.


I felt his pains but there was nothing I could do.Come to think of it,if I had stay long, I might be framed up and he told me not to call Mrs Rose.


I sniffed and touch my lips that he kiss, I remembered he told me to run away when he was kissing me,he pinched my waist and whispered “run” into my mouth. I’m very sure he doesn’t know what he was doing at that moment…. he might have mistaken me for another person.


I wipe my tears and ran back into the show.Han Lilly and Mrs Rose were standing at the entrance,ordering the guards around.


“Did you find Royal??


Han Lilly asked me in a very genue and concerned voice. I opened my mouth to reply her but I felt my words superfluous.


Just then,Elliot and three other five stars agencies faces showed on the projector.


The noisy staged-hall became so silent that a sail will turn a sea.





Royal has been found…


someone injected him and lock him up behind the back door,we can’t really


explain how it happened,a very close person must have dine the evil work!! All thanks to whosoever activate the tracker on his wrist… ~~~~~



ohh myyy


this is pure wickedness


is Royal really safe???


The stage became silent.


I did as if I knew nothing but deep down,my heart is bleeding.I went to sit beside the girls Dora paired me up with.Shantai and Eve were among. “what’s with the tears on your eyes?


Shantai noticed my mood.


“well…my stomach kind of hurt” I lied and I hated myself for it.I had never lied in my life.I started lying the very day I met Royal.I started lying just to cover up my identity.


“Tai,let’s go home!!


I changed the topic and drag shantai’s hand.


“wait,it is not yet time” eve replied.


“miss Krishna, why is Royal’s presidential bracelet hanging on your dress??? Shantai asked and drooled at the sight of diamond stones the bracelets was,made up of.


“it’s really pretty.It will definitely cost much fortunes” eve said and touch the tiny bracelets,that coiled on the net part of my dress.


“where did you see it?? did you meet Royal before the incident or did you perhaps save him? eve investigated, Shantai look up to me,waiting for an answer.


“ummm weellll….I ….”


I stammered and untangle the bracelet away from my dress.


“I I I saved him by activating the tracker on his wrist.I didn’t know how his presidential bracelet tangled with my dress” I replied them.


“okay,its good you help him” Shantai said and forget about the matter.


“I’m sure you touched him” eve nagged.


“I didn’t” I lied.


“time will tell” she replied.


“sorry” I said and focused my attention on the stage.


Jeffery came up the stage with a phone…


spark is already spoilt


why not cancel the party?



gosh!! I regret coming!!!


murmurs bleeped.


The projector was turned on by Jeffrey,he connected his phone to it and face the audience.


“I don’t want your coming here to in vain because everything is not in absolute order but at least,we should try watching this combination of action love song video created by a mysterious goddess. I don’t know who she is but her skills are perfect. Now, enjoy!! Jeffrey took his lips in and click on play with the remote. The stage was filled with darkness..


Only the lights from the screen surpassed quarter of the darkness.


I wonder what the video is all about but which ever way, it will be interesting.


I smiled and love the way the exciting was professionally done.


“ohhhhhhh it’s Krishna on the beat!!!


a loud voice ruminated out.


My mouth jump into my stomach.


ohh noo!!! is this my dance video???


I felt air inside my whitish skin.


The dance I danced for Dora played on the background.


it look so real…


just that my face didn’t show.


But my lips and other part of my body showed.


Shantai hugged me in a clandestine manner while Eve pinched my waist.


Just three people know about my talent. Shantai, Eve and Dora.



waoowwww,it was a blast!!


soooo perfect!! a combination of high cheek


bone and pure red lips. I wish to know who danced…


Krishna what?????…her surname wasn’t mentioned.Gosh!!! she’s my role model already!!


Everyone stood up and started clapping non stop.


I stood up also and joined in the clap, pretending I wasn’t the one that dance in the video.


I was more than happy.


For the first time,I felt one of my wish to be celebrated come true.



some people insisted on watching the video over and over again.I couldn’t contain my hapiness.


Dora noticed my mood and sent one of her guards to drive me home.






“she’s hotttttt.I can’t stop watching this.I wonder where Jeffrey got this video from. The girl’s lips is one thing that is driving me crazy.The lips is just sooo red” I said. “yea,her shape is also perfect. I think she’s what five stars need to win this year debut” Chris added and pour himself wine.


“Chris,the girl is mine.I gotta make sure I have her on my bed.she is my type of girl” I said.


“let’s watch who will get her first” Chris said and zoom the video.The girl is fluent in singing and fast in dancing,it’s been so long I watch those type of dance video. I mean their types are rare and very difficult to learn.


“let’s make a bet on her!!! I said.


“Yea,if I get her on my bed first,you will give me half of your wealth and if you


get her on her on your bed first,I will give you half of my wealth.” I said


Chris pour more wine into his glass


“I’m in” he said and sip in.


Jeffrey came in looking as calm as ever in a white polo,a black jean trouser and a pair of black sneakers.


‘you’re here drinking wine when our friend is in the hospital. What type of friends


are you?? he asked.


Chris belched…


Jeffrey scoffed in an annoying manner that could make,one whip Chris ass. “aiiish,only God knows what I would have done if only i know who the hell injected royal” Chris said. I breathed out and faced Jeff.


“Jeff,I just left the hospital not quiet long and I pray he will be fine.Royal is a strong guy,he will be alright’ I said,nicely.


“soooo Jeffrey, where did you get the video you play at spark? Chris asked.


Jeffrey rolled his eyeballs.


“please,tell us!! I pleaded.



He scoffed again and took the wine Chris was drinking,he drank out of it and took his lips in.


“I saw the video on Dora’s phone,I didn’t even tell her before playing it on stage. So,I don’t know who she is. I wanted to ask Dora about it but I forgot because I was at the sane time worried sick about Royal’s health. I will still find out about the girl and will make sure she get signed into our industry.Five stars industry needs people like her”


Jeffrey said,dropped the glass,scoffed and ran upstairs.


“Bet mode!!! Chris laughed,gullibly.




Mrs Rose was present,


Mrs Samantha was present,


Han Lilly was sitting close to Royal on bed….


There are also other many powerful lawmakers who I don’t know their names…..


Sir Zayn walked in,looking angry.


“I wonder who the hell injected Royal!!! what of fence did this innocent boy commit????


Brandon,the most powerful of the lawmaker shouted,anger showing visibly in his veins.


“Mrs suga,I thought you signed that nothing will happen to him??? If Royal should die,I gotta hold you responsible! Brandon threatened.


he moved closer and noticed that his presidential bracelet wasn’t there anymore……


Everyone turned to my mom….


I noticed my mom had on a scared look filled with fear….


Sir Brandon look was something i couldn’t fathom.


I’m so confuser right now!


Firstly,why are the lawmakers present in the hospital???


why is Brandon mad over a bracelet?


“He must have lost it”


my mom replied in the most innocent look I have ever seen.


Royal opened his eyes and started gasping for breath really hard.


The pains were visible in his eyes as


he gasped for breath hardly.


the doctors rushed in and injected with a sedative drug.


“The person that inject him really bad by injected him in the neck… it will only worsen his amnesia but I pray it won’t turn out bad” the doctor said.


Royal opened his eyes slowly….


and clutch the duvet sheet tightly.


He look




I don’t think he remember a thing.


He closed his eyes back.


Everyone left.


only the guards were left in.


Sir Brandon words made me stop halfway…..


The test Mrs Rose gave you and royal, the result is out! he said.


“which test??? I asked.


“presidential test…that whosoever reach the limit of 13.5zillion of rupees in three month will be voted in.” sir Brandon said.


“it’s not up to three month…I still have up to two month to catch up” I replied. “Royal broke that record within a week…his net worth just clocked 19zillion won this afternoon! sir Brandon replied and left me speechless.


Even after all these,


Royal won’t die!!!


Gosh!!!!!! 19zillion in just one week. How come??????






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Beautiful Love Song



( Krishna )

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