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Episode 10 .








“Please come out!! he said….


I froze into my spot with a dauntless heart.


Krishna,what have you done???


Krishna,you’re in trouble!


Krishna but I thought you promise mum that you will never sing or dance! my inner mind taunts me.


“where are you????


I heard persisting foot steps around.


I moved into my hideout very well and slowly went for my hair.I unweave the longness and straighten the length till it stops on the base of my buttucks. My body kept shaking.


I still can’t believe what I had just gotten myself into.


Royal did not leave!


that simply means I won’t leave.


There is no way I will pass without him seeing me plus he was standing close to the hallway gate.


“I must find out about you,I just see you today. I don’t care if it will takes a hundred years” royal said in a cold superior voice but very sweet and pleasant to the hearing.


I shanked into my hide out and cry silently.


6hours passed,


Royal was still sitting.


ohhh,I can’t pass.


Another 4hours passed,and then night coupled up with darkness came He was still not leaving,meaning I can’t leave also.


“Royal,please leave!


I prayed and wished silently but it seems the spirit in him is greater than mine. The darkness hovered,


I cried silently…my mom must have been sick worried.


“okay,I will allow you leave…I promise to close my eyes,I won’t look” he said and stood.He faced the beautifully painted wall and slowly shut his eyes by flapping his lashes.


“you can leave now” he said and made his brows more prominent.


I took off my cover shoe in my hands because I am planning to run pass him.


“have you passed already??? he ask.


“No,I’m planning to do” I replied and clutch my shoes in my hands.


“are you as pure as your voice??? he breathed out.My body drop down cold.I didn’t think twice, I move out of my hideout and ran pass him.I was just 6 stairs away from him when he opened his eyes.He didn’t get to see my front view but he had the opportunity to see the back view.


I felt cold airs,


I don’t even know if I am breathing,I just keep running.


“wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he beckoned and ran after me but I was a way too fast. I’m very sure he would have catch me to see my face if and only if he drag me by my cloth but no,hr caught my hair and end up catching the hair chain Dora bought for me.


I so much like the chain,


but I can’t just risk my identity to get it back.I’m not even sure if I can talk to him.


I ran out and found my way…..


“Royal, I’m very sorry, I would have shown you my identity but I don’t really belong here plus your standard does not allow seeing people like me” I said in my mind and took a cab






in the cab,I started thinking of what to tell Mrs Claudia and my mom but I’m not really good when it comes to lying.



“trouble!!! I sniffed and paid the cabman and rushed to our doorstep.


I knocked,the door was opened almost immediately by my over possessive mother all in anger.


“eeeehhn eeehnnn miss woman,why are you just coming???….


“you sang???


“you went to dance??? she furrowed.


“no,mom….” I replied.


“is it not obvious??? you’re holding your shoes on your hands and that simply means you are just coming from a dance show” she guessed.


The shoe fell off my hand.


I pick it up hastily and drop my head down,waiting for my judgment.


“Krishna speak!!!!


“when did you turn out to be like this?? or have you start seeing guys? she asked.


“what mommmm!!! I sniffed and lost my emotions.Hot tears pricked down my cheeks.


“then why are you just coming?? she glared.


I couldn’t speak.


She might turn it into another thing of i should explain.


“what happened then?? she asked.


“nothing” I swallowed nothing and wipe my tears.


“you just decided to stay till night! she smirks.I pretend to be removing something from my shoe.


“I pity you!!! if you’re not careful,they will just use you!!! she shouted in a scary manner. I rushed in, straightaway to my room. I went ahead and lock myse


lf inside the bathroom.



Elliot’s p.o.v


“sir,can we go home???


I bowed slightly for royal who was busy fondling a female chain in his hands.


“I know but I don’t think I am ready” he replied.I sighed and left him.


I commanded like four guards to stay with him and I warn them strictly to watch over him while the remaining six followed me.


I remembered something and quickly excused myself.I went back to where Royal was and squatted beside where he sat.


I don’t just know why I felt pity for this handsome young guy. if and only if he knows the type of battle in front of him, I’m very sure he will do anything to regain his memory….


I would have helped him but it is not in my hands to do it because I’m a slave to Mrs Suga and it might cost my life.


“what again??? he pouted nicely.


“I fogort to tell you that the lawmakers will be coming over today” I said.


“I’m not coming” he replied.


“are you sure?? I asked.


“I’m sure your ear is not deaf” he said


I bowed slightly and left with the six guards.


We reached our destination within 2hours…different cars where packed in the garage.that simply shows that the lawmakers are inside.


Gosh! Royal I wonder why you don’t want to come” I clenched my fists and sat beside Romeo’s manager.


“where’s Royal?? Mrs Suga asked.


he doesn’t want to come” I replied.


Romeo smiled in victory.They only try to be good when royal is there but they are real devils behind his back.


“well,I will be representing Royal” I speak on royals behalf.


We then faced the lawmakers just to hear whatever they have to say.



“the two brothers were tested in many ways and both are found skillful. They are both competent in all ways,they have the same vote count and as a result of that,the post of the president will be considered sealed for now”. Mrs Samantha said.


“I object!!!! Mrs Rose intercepts.


“this is total partiality!!!!


“psychology says that it is never possible for two brothers to be; “intelligent”


“brain work skilled”






“and have the same,leadership traits rate!!


Two brothers can never be all this at the same rate. One must be greater than the other.


Mrs rose said.


“and as a result of this…..” Mrs rose said.


“as a result of what?????


“wtf!!!!!!! romeo scoffed in rudely.


“you’re the one doing partiality. Royal is not here and you’re speaking on his behalf……..


Royal is arrogant!!!!!!!! Romeo said in a deadly smirks.


“he is not” I replied.


“he is not arrogant then why is he not here???? Romeo asked.


I kept quiet.


Just then,Royal walked in…….


Gosh, it was not by mouth but his presence was felt.


“is Royal really human???


I pouted….wondering why everywhere became silent all of a sudden.




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