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Episode 7





“You brought me here!” Tobi pointed out then realised what Joseph said. “No way.


No fricking way! Don’t even mention it. No woman stays in my house for more than a night. I can’t keep her for the remaining months of her pregnancy!” Tobi whined.



“Why not. Your house is at the back of your estate. It’s quiet, big, comfortable and has a lot of food. It’s ideal for a pregnant woman.” Joseph argued.


“But it’s my sanctuary. My own quiet place away from all you annoying people.” Tobi said stubbornly.


“It’s the best place for her. And I’m sure you don’t like bad publicity.” Joseph replied. “I’ll get Dera a puppy. She’s been pleading for one but I don’t like animals running around the house.” Joseph beamed at Tobi who looked relief that his friend had finally made up his mind.


“You dragged me here for nothing.” Tobi




“What are friends for?” Joseph asked. “Plus, I’ve gotten myself a car.” Joseph announced.


“Finally. You won’t be there to annoy me every morning.” Tobi smiled triumphantly. “I won’t have to. Pregnant women are annoying enough.”



“Wow. Your house is… big.” Abena breathed out as Tobi let her into his house with a small frown on his face.


She clutched her luggage and handbag tightly while staring at the house. The sitting room was the first thing she saw, large



couches arranged neatly and a flat screen tv and other gadgets were opposite it. There was a glass centre table on an imported rug and a chandelier hung in the middle. The kitchen was not far off, and very close to the stairs. There was another closed door which she guessed to be the guest room. A bar was at the other side of the sitting room.


“Is it big? Looks okay to me. But its understandable since you poor people are used to small spaces.” He said rudely then walked towards the stairs. She stared at his back with her mouth hung open and then she glared at him.


“This way.” He said before she could respond. Burning with anger, she followed him dragging her luggage noisily on the stairs.


“Stop making noise with that thing.” He




“I wouldn’t if you would just help me carry it. I’m pregnant you know.” She retorted and when she didn’t get a response, she carried on.


Fuming, he snatched the luggage from her and walked towards the rooms on the second floor.


She frowned at his behavior. He was just smiling at her that morning, and even when he dropped her at the hotel, he laughed and



made jokes. But when he came to pick her up, he frowned and grumbled, snapped at the smallest things and she was beginning to get irritated. He was acting like it was his time of the month.

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She noticed him muttering some words


under his breath in anger and she moved


closer to him, straining her ears to hear


what he was muttering.


“Now I have to share my own house, my house, with this annoyingly beautiful pregnant woman…. can’t stop talking about


everything she sees… no peace and quiet now. So unfair… all Joseph’s fault…” She stopped listening and smiled.


He thought she was beautiful?


He was acting so childish, angry that he had to share his house when the house was big enough to fit a whole school.


It was his baby anyway. She rolled her




Rich people.


He stopped in front of a door and opened it widely. “This is where you’ll be staying.”


She walked into a large room with a queen sized bed in a corner and a walk in closet with a full sized mirror attached to it was opposite the bed. There was a couch and a flat screen tv smaller than the one in the living room, but big anyway.



“This is where I’ll be staying?” She asked again with disbelief. Her eyes twinkled in excitement and lips curved into a full blown smile.


“I just said that.” He said trying to keep a


straight face but failed as his lips curved


into an amused smile.


She walked into the bathroom. It had a bath and a shower. The cabinet was stocked with more shampoo, conditioner and soap than she needed.


“Your bathroom is bigger than my room back at home.” She exclaimed and he gave a soft chuckle.


“Good to see that you like it.” He simply said and she nodded before laying down on the soft mattress and giving a satisfied m0an.


“Now the rules.” He said, his lips were pressed into a firm line and he looked at her seriously.




Was this man serious? She looked at him


hoping he would laugh and say he was




He didn’t say that! What did he think he was doing? He was treating her like a teenager in boarding school.



“It’s simple. No cooking, humming, singing, snoring, as you know my room is right beside yours, loud music or sounds, no talking to me except necessary. Stay in your room, except when you want to eat. Don’t answer the door. Don’t come out when visitors are around. Don’t pick the house phone. Was any plate you use, don’t leave messes around, I’m a clean person. Don’t touch anything that’s not in your room, my furniture, artifacts and especially my bar. Don’t rearrange anything. Everything has to remain the way you’ve met it. And don’t make a mess. There’s always food in the kitchen so you don’t have to cook. Do you understand?” He asked.


She lifted an eyebrow. “You really don’t like my presence, do you?”


“I don’t.” He replied with a nod before


leaving her in shock.


She stared at the door after he left. She’ll


show him not to mess with a pregnant





That night, Tobi left his study with a weary look on his face. He just wanted to sleep, and he definitely didn’t have time for Abena and her mischief. He walked past her room, then as an afterthought, he walked to the room. He pressed his ear against the door but didn’t hear anything. He opened it slightly and peered inside. She was sleeping, her back was turned to him. There was a


photograph of her family on the bedside


table. He noticed a picture of a baby boy


and lifted a questioning eyebrow. On the


floor, there was a plate of finished food. He rolled his eyes at her messy behaviour. There were posters on the walls. One spelt her name: ABENA. Others said different things.


“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real.” “I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.”


“Have faith and start a new tomorrow.”


He rolled his eyes and smiled. The room


smelled like her too. He could smell her


perfume faintly. He decided to leave the


plate there for her to see the next day.


That way, she wouldn’t know that he was





Tobi woke up startled by the loud noise


coming from the other room. He checked


the time, 12:56 a.m.


What was that girl up to?


He walked towards her room fuming and opened the door without knocking. She was eating a banana and dancing clumsily in the middle of the room. She turned around and met his furious gaze with a mischievous smile.













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