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Episode 11



He turned her around to face him and planted a kiss on her forehead, to her utmost surprise. “Take care. I have to go to work.” He just said before leaving her in the kitchen.



“She loved her. She name the puppy Blaze. God, you should have seen her face when I got her the puppy. I knew it was an amazing idea.” Joseph grinned, telling Tobi about his anniversary with Dera.


They were sitting in the conference room waiting for some investors that were stuck in traffic.



“That sounds like Dera.” Tobi replied,


attempting to smile, but his friend didn’t


notice his mood.


“And we’ve been married for six years. God!


I feel so old.” Joseph chuckled.


“You are.” Tobi simply said




“What’s wrong? I know it’s not about this deal we’re about to close because you always get what you want.” Joseph pointed out.


“It’s Abena.” Tobi groaned in frustration.


“Ohh. You’re in love with her?” Joseph


asked hopefully.


“There’s something wrong with you.” Tobi glared at his friend who in response, gave him a shrug.


“We always fight. And I’m trying so hard to not fight with her because she’s pregnant and she has mood swings and I don’t want her to get depressed and all that, but she does every single thing wrong.” Tobi explained.


“I like her. With everything you tell me, you can tell that she lives in the moment. Unlike you. You guys would be good for each other.” Joseph smiled while reading skimming through a document.


“For the millionth time, she’s not my type!” Tobi snapped. “And what do you mean by I don’t live in the moment. I live in the



moment.” Tobi stated, though it sounded like he was trying to convince himself rather than convince his friend.


Joseph gave Tobi a look that said: ‘yeah




“No you don’t. You arrange every aspect of your life, even your one night stands!” Joseph argued.


“Well I have to control the outcome of every situation.” Tobi said.


“No you don’t. Learn to live a little without planning what would happen after. From my point of view, you’re definitely losing control with this Abena thing.” Joseph replied.

Tobi groaned in response.


“Just be nice to her. She’s pregnant for you, and she’s doing it for money, so it’s eating her up. Be nice to the girl and stop being such an ogre.”


Tobi was about to respond when Funmi opened the door slightly, showing only her head.


“The investors are here.”


Tobi nodded and stood up. “What are you doing this weekend?” He asked Joseph. “Going to Osun. I have a case to settle there. You?”


“Tami is supposed to come over.”




“An actress.” Tobi explained with a chuckle.


“And you’re taking her to your house, with


Abena there?” Joseph asked, lifting an




“I really haven’t thought about that.” Tobi


replied, his smile suddenly disappearing.


As they walked out of the room to welcome


the investors, Joseph whispered, “You know


for a billionaire, sometimes, you’re just





Abena couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Tobi kissed her forehead. And when she realised that she was thinking about it, she stopped herself from thinking about it and started thinking about the fact that she was thinking about it.


She was in the indoor pool, wearing a bra and a pair of Tobi’s boxer shorts that she ‘borrowed’




She knew why she was a mess lately, apart from the disadvantages of being pregnant, she couldn’t stop thinking about the one in the hospital. She had finally paid the hospital some amount of money to get started, so a small part of her was relieved. But she still had a bad feeling about her step mother and whatever she could be up to.


Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing.


The house phone.



She got out of the pool and got a towel. She walked into the main house, the phone was still ringing. She contemplated on whether to pick it or not. Shrugging, she picked the phone.


“Hello. Tobi Ademi’s residence.” She said in a sickly sweet voice.


“Please tell Tobi that he shouldn’t forget that Tami’s coming over for the weekend. And that I’m bringing his favorite lingerie.” She heard a woman say rudely.


Ignoring the tightening in her chest, she replied in her most professional voice. “I’ll make sure he gets the message.” “Good. Who are you anyway?”


“Just the help.” Abena replied and the girl, Tami, hung up.


Abena scolded herself for being foolish. Of course yes he was bringing a girl home, what did she think.


She just had a little crush on him, but now it’s all gone.


At least that’s what she told herself.



“Abena. I’m ho-.” Tobi stopped shouting when he saw Abena was just in the sitting room watching a movie.


She turned around and gave him a smile. He lifted an eyebrow in surprise, why was she




“How was work?” Abena asked. “Fine. As usual.” Tobi said slowly. “Good.” She said and turned back to the tv. He shrugged and walked towards the stairs. “Oh, and Tami called. Said something about bringing your favorite lingerie.” He heard her say.




“Oh.” He turned around looked at her. “You should have at least said something. Do you think I would be comfortable staying in the house, while you guys do your business?” She asked, still surprisingly calm. “Sorry. I forgot. I was going to tell you, or even cancel.” He apologized.


“No need to apologize. Its not like I own the house or anything. Where am I supposed to stay while you check out Tami’s lingerie?” She asked sweetly. He winced at her words. “I was going to set you up in a house in the estate for the weekend.” He replied.


“Can I stay there till I deliver?” She asked hopefully. The faster she went away from him, the faster her crush on him would die down.


“No. I have to keep an eye on you.” He said immediately.


“Before you didn’t even want me in your


house, now you want to keep an eye on


me?” She retorted.


“Abena. Please. Not now.” He said and walked up the stairs ignoring her yelling at him.



A few minutes after, he rushed back downstairs still wearing his office clothes. He was frantically searching for something and there was fear written all over his face. Abena jumped up from her seat and turned towards him, worry written across her face. “What’s the problem?” She asked.


“My car keys. I need my car keys. Where are they?” He asked still searching, throwing the pillows on the chairs away.


“Relax Tobi.” She said touching his


shoulders and looking at his face.


“Your car keys are where you always keep them, hung on that hangy-thingy. What’s the problem?” She asked slowly.


“It’s Joseph. The hospital called.” He said in a shaky voice. “He was in an accident.”















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