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Episode 4






Abena groaned in frustration and dropped the newspapers noisily on the centre table in her worn out mini flat that she shared with her step mother.


It was almost a week since the outrageous, yet tempting, offer by Mr. Ademi, and she had applied for every vacancy yet no one would employ her.


The hospital had called her the day before and gave her two weeks to meet up with the payments or they won’t attend to the patient.


Every job interview she had gone for, the women looked down on her and the men asked her to sleep with them.


It won’t be so hard if you just accept his offer.


This wasn’t the first time a thought like that erupted in her head.


40 million naira.



That was the exact amount she needed to pay the hospital. After that, she would be free, and she would start over.


She stared at the vacancies on the newspapers.


Cleaner: 20,000 monthly.


Marketer: 55,000 monthly.


Teacher at nursery school: 35,000 monthly.


Driver: 22,000 monthly.


Personal assistant: 34,500 monthly.


It went on like that. It would take forever to pay up, and by then, the patient would be dead. She needed part of the money in a two weeks, or it was over.


As she picked up another newspaper, a piece of paper fell off the table. She picked it up, it was his card. Rumpled and all, but his phone number was there. She had slapped him, true, but maybe he wouldn’t mind. She dialled the number and decided to swallow her pride.



“She slapped you?” Joseph burst out laughing.


“It’s not as funny as it sounds jare, you don’t have to laugh.” Tobi snapped but Joseph kept on laughing.


It was a saturday, and they were at the Quillox club playing a game of foosball in a private room.


“I love that girl! I told you shay. I told you it won’t work. But you, acting all high and mighty, saying that no girl would reject that kind of offer. Next time, listen to your lawyer.” Joseph chuckled, ignoring the deadly glares being sent his way. “She’ll call back.” Tobi said confidently.


“You’ll see. And if she doesn’t, I’m sure that there are other feisty, confident and beautiful women ready to do it.” Tobi shrugged.


“That’s why you picked her?” Joseph raised an eyebrow with a small smile tugging at his lips.


“Yes. I told you, I want a girl. And I want my daughter to be like her, with a lot more class of course.” Tobi explained.


“You’re such a snob.” Joseph rolled his eyes. Tobi opened his mouth to reply but closed it when he heard his phone ringing.


He looked at the caller ID suspiciously before accepting it. “Hello… Yes, this is Mr. Ademi. Who’s on the line?” He asked in business like tone.


“Abena Omotosho. I’m sorry, the name doesn’t ring a bell.” He said rudely before looking at Joseph and flashing him a confident grin.



Joseph rolled his eyes but he still had a look of surprise. “Oh, I remember you now.” Tobi smirked.


“Oh, you would like to accept my offer? Well that’s good to hear. Although I have a few people who are also lining up for the job, I’ll give it to you since you were my first choice.” He lied smoothly.


“Well, meet me at the Oriental Hotel, presidential suite. My lawyer would meet us there.” He said.


“Yes the money is still the same.”


“No, I’m not going to sleep with you. I said that already.” “My doctor would check you first, in the morning.” “Alright. See you there.”


He looked at Joseph with a huge grin plastered across his handsome face. “What did I tell you, ehn?”


“You’re not normal.” Joseph shook his head.


“Whatever. Did you prepare the contract” Tobi asked hopefully.


“Yes, sadly.” Joseph huffed.


“Don’t be such a spoil sport. It’s a perfect plan. And everyone goes home happy. I get a little girl, my mother gets a grandchild and finally leaves me alone, and pretty Abena gets her money. Everybody wins!” He said triumphantly.


“Okay okay, whatever. But you’re going to enter wahala. You’ll probably fall in love with the girl or something.” Joseph joked.


“Haha. Very funny.” Tobi retorted with a straight face.


“Just come to the hotel on Monday and stop saying rubbish.” Tobi instructed.


“Whatever.” Joseph said dismissing the subject with his hand.



“Wow. This place is… do you come here often?” Abena asked as she walked into the suite. She couldn’t mask the surprise on her face, but Tobi looked bored. It was obvious he was used to it.


“Only when I have important meetings in the area.” He said in a monotone voice. “So this is important?” She asked still taking in her surroundings. “Yes it is. Now stop staring and come in.” He ordered sharply.


“Calm down. Nawa oh.” She frowned and walked past him.


Joseph was sitting on one of the couches in the suite, and two other couches were there, diagonally positioned from it on both sides. There was a chandelier in the middle of the room and a flat screen tv opposite the three-seater couch were Joseph



sat. A dining table was seen, a little distance from the couches, and she could spot a mini bar in a corner.


“Can I have something to drink?” She asked nervously.


“Of course. Just no alcohol.


You’re going to be carrying my baby.” He said dryly.


After having a glass of orange juice, they sat at the dining table, Tobi and Joseph on one side, while Abena shifted uncomfortably at the other side.


“So, my doctor has checked you out. He says you’re good-”


“I don’t see why that was necessary. What did you think? That I was malnourished? I have HIV? Or that I’m barren?” She interrupted him bitterly, already fed up with his rude attitude.


“Let’s just get this over with. Joseph is my lawyer. He’ll go over the details of the contract for you.” Tobi stated ignoring her outburst. “Why? Because you think I can’t read?”


Abena narrowed her eyes at him.


“Well you’re not exactly fully educated, but it’s because you don’t have a lawyer present.” Tobi retorted loosing his patience quickly.


“Whatever. Joseph, please go on.” She turned to Joseph who tried his best to look as professional as possible. He wasn’t okay with the plan, and he felt bad for the pretty girl who sat across him.


Joseph cleared his throat before looking at her. “Okay, it’s simple. You’ll be paid 40 million naira to have Mr. Ademi’s baby.


You’ll be paid 10 million once you conceive, 10 million in your third month, 10 million in your sixth month and the final 10 million when you put to bed. Apart from the 40 million naira, you’re not entitled to any allowances, your hospital bills are already paid for-“


Contract accepted but yet to be concluded


But is it right for her to do this?





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