Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 14

Written by divine purpose


Tracy and I were on our way back home when we saw the market burning

We ran there and saw many people crying and weeping

Some lost things precious to them because of the fire

“ugh, Kyle, isn’t that Arianna? ” Tracy asked as she pointed to Arianna who was kneeling down and holding her chest

” what’s wrong with her? ” Tracy asked

” it’s non of your business, let’s go ” I said and turned to go but Tracy stopped me

” I know you hate her, I hate her too but you don’t have to neglect her because of wat she did to you, she needs help, let’s help her, it might make her change” she said and I sighed

“I’m going to do this against my will ” I said and we both ran to her

” Arianna, are you ok? ” I asked and she looked at me

” you? ” she said and collapsed in my arms

” what should we do now ” I said as i carried her

” let’s take her to the hospital ” Tracy said


I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital

That guy saved me again

” are you ok now? ” I heard a voice beside me as I jerked up with fear

” you scared me ”

” since you are ok now, I guess I will get going

“hey Kyle ” I called and he turned to me

” why do you keep on appearing when I’m in danger? ” I asked and I could see he was surprised by the question

” I don’t like it when you help me too much, it makes me feel bad ” I said

” why does it make you feel bad? Because you maltreated me? Or because you feel proud to say thank you ” he grinned

” I’m not going to thank you neither am i going to apologize to you so please stop helping me” I said and covered myself

“wow, what an ungrateful bitch, I guess I wasted my time coming here ” he said and carried his backpack

I can’t control my pride

Was i born with it?

You saved me twice yet i can’t say that word to you


I walked out of the ward angrily

She’s such a scumbag and I can’t stand her

” to help her, I think she needs a surgery ” the doctor said to a man beside him

” Arianna is a stubborn head, will she listen to me? ” the man asked



” if she doesn’t do it and depend on only her drugs I doubt she will last a year ” the doctor said and I covered my mouth

A year?

” lung cancer kills, please tell her that ” the doctor said and my hand began to shake

Lung cancer??

Arianna has lung cancer??

” Kyle, let’s go home ” Tracy said as she approach me

” ugh? ”

” are you ok? ”

” yes I’m fine, let’s go home ” I said and we both walked outside

” Kyle, your face looks red ” Tracy said

” I’m really ok ” I said and smiled


The next day during lunch time, Kyle and I walked to the cafeteria and started eating

” Kyle my birthday is tomorrow “I said and he smiled

” I promised to buy you something right? ” he asked and I nod

” what are you going to buy? ” I asked and he giggled

” it’s a secret ”

” really? ”

” I can sit here right? ” Justin asked as he came with his food

” tomorrow is your birthday right? Wanna hang out with me? ” he asked me

” am I invisible? ” Kyle asked

” I’m here to see Tracy not you ” Justin


” are you guys fighting?” I asked when I saw them glaring at each other


On my way to the restaurant where I work I was thinking about where to get money to buy an expensive gift for Tracy

Suddenly I saw a signboard

It says ‘dance and get 400,000 dollars


That’s a huge amount of money


I can dance right?

I can do it

I walked inside the club where the signboard was

“no, you are going to dance outside ” the owner said

” outside? ”


so Kyle is going to dance in an open place

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