Wed. May 29th, 2024


Episode 10

Written by divine purpose


She held my hands and smiled

“Kyle, I want to be your girlfriend ”

The truth is that I was shocked when she said that, I was just about to tell her what Justin told me

How would she feel if I tell her now

” are you surprised? ” she asked and smiled

” of course ”

” will you be my boyfriend? ” she asked and I nod

” thank you, don’t worry, I won’t allow anyone to mess with my boyfriend ” she said and stood up

” I need to go to the library now, see you later ” she waved be4 leaving

I like her too

I’m not going to tell her about Justin



” what are you doing here ” Justin appeared from no where

” you scared me ” I placed my hand on my chest

Did he hear my conversation with Tracy??

” I saw Tracy leaving just now ” he said as he sat beside me

” have you told her? ”

” ugh? ” I starred at him

” you haven’t right? ” he asked and I grinned

” no, but why won’t you tell her yourself ” I said

” I don’t know how to confess to a lady ” he said and I scoffed

” what a jerk ”

” me? ” he pointed to himself

” no, I am calling that bird a jerk “I pointed to a tree

Actually, I was talking to him

” so stupid ” I said again

” me? ” he asked pointing to himself again

” no, I am still talking to that bird ” I smiled

” I will get going, see you later “he said and left the rooftop

He doesn’t know how to confess and want me to confess for him



I sat in the library with Eliza and Bianca when Tracy entered

” Arianna, is that not Tracy ” Eliza asked and I looked behind me

” Gosh, I hate her” Bianca said with disgust

“I heard Justin is drooling over her ” Eliza said and I smirked

” Justin has a horrible taste in ladies ” I said as i stood up and walked to her

” what’s up Tracy” I sat down

“I’m studying, can you please leave ” she said and I grinned

” you are studying? Will you teach me how to study too ” I said and fling her books away

” have you lost your mind? ” she yelled and wanted to stand up but I pinned her back to the chair

” listen up, I’m telling you this in case, don’t ever act funny ” I said and stood up and walked back to my friends as they gave me high five


I was on my way to the cafeteria when I started coughing

I was really coughing so hard as I ran to the restroom

I covered my mouth with an handkerchief still coughing

After some minutes, I removed the handkerchief and was surprised by what I saw



I stood up from the library and was about to leave when I bumped into Justin

“hi ” I smiled and he smiled too

” Tracy, I saw this wristwatch online and I don’t know if you will like it ” he said and handed me a small box

” is this for me? ” I asked and he nod

” is it ok to accept this from you? ” I asked and he nod again

” it’s my first gift for you, declining it will make me feel bad ” he said and I smiled

” thanks Justin, you are indeed a good class president ” I said be4 leaving


I went to the hospital with my father

I told him about it and he insisted we go to the hospital

The doctor came into his office with a sad face

” I think Arianna has lung cancer ” my eyes widened

” Cancer ”



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