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[Previously on Audio Boyfriend] Teetee

Walking to and fro in my room with my thoughts on Jasmin.

My phone rang, I glanced at it and I picked up.

“Hello ma’m, are you not coming to work today?” Kate, one of my employee asked.

“I am, I’m on my way.” I said.

“okay ma.” she said and dropped the call.

I exhaled.

‘Jasmin, what suddenly changed your mind. Could it be that girl?

Can she be the reason?

Nothing can change your feeling for me Jasmin.

I want you now and I have to get you or else I’m really going to go nuts.’

I grabbed my car keys and bag, And stormed out.

(Jasmin’s residence)


I applied a new bandage to the leg and dropped back the tools into the box after which closed the box and stood up.

“It’s all done now. I will be leaving now. I need to go to work.” I said.

“Work? Really.” he said.

“Yes. Really.” I said and went over to where my bag was. I grabbed it.

“You can’t go now.” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Uhmm.. Let’s have breakfast.” he said.

“Argh.. Uhm.. No.” I said.

“Why? I bet it’s something you haven’t tasted before.” he said.

“What?” I scoffed.

He smiled and picked his phone. He made a call.

“Min ah. Get our breakfast ready.” he said and dropped the call.

Tch… What did you say? Why would you say it’s something I haven’t tasted before huh? What is it huh?” I half yelled.

“Come on, I was only teasing you.” he said and tried getting up. He did and began limping towards me.

“I’m leaving.. I have works to do at the shop.” I said and turned to walk away but he grabbed my hand causing me to turn to him. We faced each other, closely. His eyes on me and mine on his.

Looking so closely at his face makes me loose my breath. He’s so handsome. When my eyes went to his lips, I had no idea when my left hand went to my lips.

“Ain’t you my girlfriend?” he asked.

“I don’t know. It seems like.” I said.

“I want you to make me fall in love with you.” he said.

“I dont know how can I do that. I’ve never had a boyfriend.” I said.

“But you have me now. I don’t feel anything for you Sara but I want to, because I want to make someone regret ever toying with my feelings.”he said.

I swallowed. Is this a dream or I’m I watching a movie?

How can someone tell you to make him fall in love with you.

Not just anyone, but this superstar.

I need to slap myself to get back to reality. I’m going nuts… And I did. I slapped myself and this caused him to raise his brows.

I shook my head vigorously.. “No, no, I’m going crazy. I’m going really crazy. I need to wake up from this unbelievable dream.” I said and with that forced my hand off his grip and ran out.

I ran downstairs and there was Mr Williams..

“Sara.. What’s wrong?” he asked. I had no time to answer, I ran out of the house and out to the road. I waved at a taxi which pulled up and I entered.

“302, Baeking.” I said to the driver and he drove off.



I sighed as she ran out..

“You are wrong Sara. You ain’t the one going nuts but me. I’m really going crazy.” I said.

I looked at my bandaged leg and exhaled.

“I feel less pain. She is good at this.”

I opened the door and walking out, there was Williams running towards.

“J, what’s wrong? Sara just ran off like some wild beast were pursuing her.” he asked, stopping at my front.

“Maybe, I think I’m the wild beast.” I said.

He raised his brow. “What? You? Wait, is it what I’m thinking.” he came closer.. “Did you try touching her.. I mean trying to-” I cut him short by pushed him away.

“Don’t think nonsense.” I said.

“But it isn’t nonsense. She’s your girlfriend, if I’m right.” he said.

“I asked her for something crazy. At first, she must have thought I was joking but then she ran off.” I said.

“Exactly!” he laughed. “I was right. You asked her a hot romance?”

I threw the towel on my neck on his face. “I said that isn’t it.”

“Then what is it?” he said.

My hands went akimbo. “Should I tell you?”

“Of course, I’m your manager and your best friend,” he grinned.

I exhaled. “I’m actually surprised by your new attitude.” I said.

“Uh? What do you mean?” he asked.

“You hated Sara, why are you all smiling when I mention her name?” I asked.

He rubbed his hand on his neck. “Oh that, I realized recently that she is very beautiful and you both look perfect together. I love the way she got really concerned about you and ohh what I’m I even saying? Your walking look a little better now.” he said.

“Really? But why I’m I having the feeling that you are lying to me?” I said.

He sighed. “Actually, that’s not the reason. The reason is-”

“You don’t need to tell me. I know already.” I said and continued my walking.

“Really? Uhm. Should I help you down the stair?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” I said.

“What about the reason why Sara left with a run?” he asked.

“If you want to know, get a laptop and find me steps to fall in love with a stranger in few days or better still, in two days.” I said.



(302, Baeking. Saara Collection )


I paid the taxi driver and ran up the stair to the second floor. Getting to my shop, I barged in to see upto six ladies in the shop with Ha nah attending to them.

One was looking at the dress on a Mannequin.

“This dress look awesome.” she said.

“It will look just perfect on you.” Ha nah said.

Oh look who we have here. The superstar girlfriend is here! one of them shouted.

Wow.. She is really beautiful.

They all rushed to me including the lady checking the red dress on the mannequin.

Oh that kissing.. He stared so lovingly into your eyes. I want to grab in such perfect romantic love.

Are you coming from his house. Can I get his address?

Can I get a little detail about your first date night with him?

Huh, date night?

You looked so beautiful on the TV yesterday but not really now, uhm but you are so lucky.

I looked at Ha nah and she is smiling.

I sighed.

Life of a superstar’s girlfriend.


(Jasmin’s residence)

(About an hour later )


I listened carefully as Williams lay out what he called ‘the perfect way to fall in love with her as fast as possible.’

We sat alone on the dinning room.

Well I had to tell him the reason why I want to fall in love.

He knows about my one sided love for Teetee.

He had also told me a couple of times to drop my love for her and get someone else who is dying for such opportunity.

I never listened to him but today, I need to.

Williams is the kind of guy that had had things with a couple of ladies.

I know I had exprecienced falling in love but it was something I had no idea how I did. I just found myself inlove with Teetee and again, we knew each other for long already.

She was the only girl I’ve ever fallen in love.

But because she couldn’t return my love, I didn’t experience what going out for a date means or what being Romantic and relationship was.

It’s embarrassing that I’m still a virgin even though I’m a public figure, I’m rich and all.

I wanted it to be with Tee tee. I was always waiting for her.

“You see J, if you really want to fall inlove with Sara as fast as possible.. This is all you have to do.

Step one; Let her be close to you for a whole day. Step two; That same day, take her out to a movie, hold her hand while you watch the movies together. Then when the movie is over, don’t head home straight, take her to eat in a cool and quiet restaurant. Let her tell you all that you need to know about herself and you tell her yours as well.

Step three; when coming back, don’t drop her at her house, drive her down to your house.”

“Why?” I asked.

“The answer is step four. Step four; let her come in with you.. Take her to your room and tah dah let romance take over.” he said with a grin.

“What?” I asked. There’s no way I’m going to do that.

“Yes. You said you wanted ways to fall in love with a woman in two days and s£x is included. If you really want to love her as fast as possible, then try that” he said.

I got uncomfortable and adjusted on my seat.

“I..I can’t do that. Never mind, your advice aren’t any help.” I said.

“It will. Trust me. I always say the right thing.” he said.

“I shouldn’t have even brought up this to you when you don’t look like a love counsellor.” I said.

He smiled.

“Okay then, forget about the s£x. What about step one to three?” He asked.

I looked at him for awhile before looking away “they sound quite good.” I said.

“But they won’t be much effective like the step four. Step four will be the most effective. You will fall-” I cut him short.

“Ahhhhsh! That’s enough!” I half yelled.

“That’s okay. Why the yell.” he said.


(Saara Collection )


The six ladies finally left and I collapsed on a chair, exhausted.

Ha nah came over and sat down beside me.

“Argh those ladies are power draining machines.” She said.

“I’m glad they are gone. Now I’m wishing I never thought about posting those two pics.. They are haunting me now. Every customer comes just because of Jasmin. And Jasmin is making it worse by telling me to make him fall in love with me.”

“What? What did I just heard?”

“You had it right. I feel like I’m dreaming. I’m going crazy Ha nah.” I lamented.

She grabbed my hands.. “Then consider it done. Making him fall in love with you is simple as A B C.”

I pulled my hand away instantly.

“Don’t joke with me. Do I look like I want to huh?” I asked.

“Come on, it’s written all over your face.” she said.

I touched my face. “Really?”

“Yes, I will help you dear friend.” she said.

“How?” I asked as I grabbed a glass of water to drink.

“It’s as simple. ‘Sex and all your attention.” she said

I puffed out the water in my mouth and they splashed on her face.

“ahhhh Sara, why. What is wrong in what I just said.” she said with a twisted face.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t just expecting that.” I said.

She grabbed a tissue and wiped off the water on her face.

“What weren’t you expecting? Is it the s£x?” She asked.

“Don’t.. Don’t even mention that.” I said, feeling uneasy.

She laughed.

“I’m hungry.” I said.

“Didn’t you eat there?” she asked.

“How can I. I ran out immediately he said that.” I said.

She stood up.

“Wow.. Sara… I’m speechless.” she said and headed out.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To get you something.” she said.

I looked at the glass cup and felt like throwing up.

‘Sex and attention!’


(Hours Later, around 5pm.)

I was drawing some new design idea while Ha nah was sewing at a corner of the shop.

My phone rang and glancing at the number, I sighed. It’s Jasmin.

I picked up the call.

“Be here by 6pm.” he said.

“I’m sorry, I’m busy.” I said.

“drop it and come here in the next one hour.” he said.

“Why? What do you want me to do this time?” I asked.

“Nothing, just do what I said.” he said.

“I need to know why you want to see me,” I said.

“is it necessary to know?”


“Okay. We are going to see a movie.” he said.

“Huh? Movie?” I asked.

“Yes. Don’t be late.” he said and dropped the call.

Ha nah rushed forward.

“He’s taking you to a movie?” she asked.

“I don’t want to believe that. He hasn’t gotten better. Why would he want to go to a movie with me with an injured leg.” I said.

“Come on, you are going in a car, not by leg.” she said.

“Ahh I’m going really crazy. Few hours ago, he told me how he want me to make him fall in love with me and now, a movie.. Ahh what’s this!” I cried and flung the papers away.

“Awww, im so happy for you dear friend.” Ha nah said, clapping.

I sighed.

She came closer to my ear. “Don’t forget to sleep over. I want to hear every detail tomorrow.”

“ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!” I yelled.

She flinched. “What’s that?”

“Go back to your desk. I’m not going anywhere ” I said.

“Of course you will. Sara I’m really astonished that you are behaving this way. Come on if not for anything, this guy paid your father’s hospital bill. He forgave you so easily when you could have been in the police station by now. Who on earth could be that nice huh, tell me. I remember you saying you would kiss the feet of the person that paid your dad’s bill. Even after finding out it was Jasmin, you are still acting so hard. Girl you should do whatever Jasmin says. Don’t make him change his mind. Yes, he will face horrible times and slams but you will face more. You should be careful. ” she said.

“I know all that. But I don’t like that he wants to use me to forget someone. What if he doesn’t at the end?” I said.

“Im sorry to say this friend but You used him Sara. You used his pictures..”

“So you are saying that if he use me, it doesn’t matter?” I asked.

She sat down opposite me. “I’m not saying that Sara. Think about the benefits you will get from being around Jasmin. Think about, if he eventually falls in love with you?”

“Ha nah. Are you advising me to go on with what you said earlier. I can never do that. You know it.” I said.

“Come on, I was only teasing you.”

“So what do you want me to do? How is it possible that I can make him fall in love with me?” I asked.

“Really, I don’t know but I think if you two stay around eachother always, you will eventually fall in love.”

“But we can’t be around each other always.” I said.

“Uhm yes, but it’s not really by staying close all day.. By getting out time to be with each other, communicating and going out, I think a feeling will eventually develop.” She said.




It was after seven, and the shop was about closing for the day when I heard a familiar voice call my name.


I turned knowing who it is already.


“Tee, I’m sorry.” he said.

“Sorry about what?” I asked.

“About leaving you at the restaurant.” he said.

“You don’t need to. You should leave now.” I said.

“I will give you sometime to get over this. Take Care.” he said and with that, he walked away.

I exhaled.



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