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[Previously on Audio Boyfriend] It was after seven, and the shop was about closing for the day when I heard a familiar voice call my name.


I turned knowing who it is already.


“Tee, I’m sorry.” he said.

“Sorry about what?” I asked.

“About leaving you at the restaurant.” he said.

“You don’t need to. You should leave now.” I said.

“I will give you sometime to get over this. Take Care.” he said and with that, he walked away.

I exhaled.

Writer’s pov

At 5:30pm Sara headed to Jasmin’s residence. When she got there, Jasmin was already waiting for her.

“You are ten minutes late.” Jasmin said and Sara rolled her eyes.

“Let’s go.” he said and walked pass. He wasn’t limping much anymore.

Sara felt happy to see that.

He entered the driver’s seat and she entered the passenger’s seat.

“Isn’t Mr Williams going?” she asked.

“No,” he said and drove off.

The journey to the movie was in silence as both had their different thinking to do.

Sara is curious on why they are going to a movie.

Jasmin is thinking of what next to do after the movie.

At the movie, they ate their popcorns quietly as they watched the movie..

There was no talk. The movie ended and they headed back home, so did Sara thought until Jasmin stopped at a quiet place.

“We will have a meal. You must be hungry.” he said.

“Yes I am.” Sara agreed.

They ate silently at the restaurant and when they were done, they headed home in an awkward silence.

“You should take me home. It’s past ten.” Sara said.

“Ofcourse.” Jasmin said and turned to Sara’s home.

He pulled into her apartment and Sara unfastened her seatbelt, grabbed her bag and was about walking out when Jasmin grabbed her hand.

“What?’ she asked.

Jasmin sighed. “Won’t you say goodnight huh?” he asked.

“Oh I forgot, goodnight..” Sara said.

Jasmin sighed, anxious of what he is about to do next.

“You are still holding me.” Sara said.

Jasmin leaned closer and Sara’s eyes went wide open as he kissed her for the second time!

Sara’s cheek went hot.

He withdrew and felt kinda shy. “I’m sorry, I had to kiss you without your permission again.” He said.

Sara looked at him for awhile before putting her hand at the back of his head, leaned closer and kissed him.

This time, both kissed each other and when they withdrew… They were spark of love in their eyes.

“Goodnight.” Sara said and with that, she walked out, closed the door and went into her apartment.

Jasmin touched his lips.




That night, Jasmin stared at the ceiling for hours, wondering if he had fell for this Sara without even realizing it.

Sara tossed and turned on her bed, wondering why she had to kiss him back.

She was so stupid to! Or wasn’t she?


The next day, her phone ringing, woke her up.

She picked it up and Jasmin’s voice came on.

“come to Banville.” he said.

Sara didn’t hesitate to say. “okay. I will be there soon.”

She flung her phone away, sprang up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom to bathe.

An later, she walked into Jasmin’s house and straight up to his practice room.

When she opened the door, she met him practicing.

She looked at the other end and saw the treatment box.

She smiled and walked in. “Good morning. I’m here.” she said.

Jasmin didn’t stop dancing but then when he tried turning again, he fell.

Sara got the box and started the treatment on him.

She stayed with him..

Ate breakfast with him and strolled about the house with him and played so many games together and they ended up drinking alcohols in his room as the both of them shared their sad stories.

Jasmin about his parents divorce to his one sided love and Sara, from her mother’s death to her father’s been hospitalized and her crazy idea of using Jasmin’s pictures to gain customers.

They both became pretty drunk.

When it was around 7pm and she wanted to go, Jasmin couldn’t let her go.

He hugged her from behind. “Stay with me tonight.” he said

“No, I can’t. I have to go to my bed.” she said.

“But my bed is more wide and soft.” Jasmin said.

“No I can’t stay. I will just go and come back tomorrow.” Sara said and tried getting up but Jasmin dragged her with him and she fell on his body.

“It’s better this way.” Jasmin said as he began caressing her hair.

Sara smiled as she immediately slept off on Jasmin’s body.

The next day, Jasmin was the first to wake up. He saw Sara lying awkwardly with her head on his armpit and one of her leg on top his and one of her hand on his stomach.

He yawned and sat up. He shifted the hair strings covering her sleeping face as he stared amazingly at her.

”you are beautiful.” he muttered. He took the duvet and covered it well on her then got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

He brushed and washed his face. He then changed into a tracksuit, walked out of the bathroom, grabbed his phone and headed out of the room to his practice room.

He has only this morning to practice. He put in all his best.

He hasn’t even gotten to the middle of the dance when the door opened and Sara’s smiling self walked in.

She had woken up immediately he left..

She was super happy and danced to the bathroom where she cleaned up and walked out still dancing too.

She fell on the bed, excited then stood up and rushed out.

Why’s she so excited?

She got to the practice room, opened the door and walked in with a smiling face.

Jasmin thought that she has the prettiest smile.

“I will leave so you can practice.” she said and was about walking out when Jasmin stopped her.

“Stay here and learn some moves.” he said.

Sara smiled and walked fully in.

She sat down on the floor and watched him dance and she prayed he doesn’t fall.

When it got to the side where he’s to turn, she placed her hands in her beating chest. Jasmin saw that.

He breathed in and exhaled then turned and Wow!! he didnt fall.

Sara sprang up and clapped. “Yes! You did it. You did it!” she said, smiling widely.

Jasmin smiled.

They had breakfast together and it was time for Sara to go.

“I have to see my shop.” she said.

“Okay but you have to come back here by 5pm. Someone would come pick you up. You are going to the show with me,” J said.

“Okay.” Sara smiled and hurried to the shop. She doesn’t need to go home for anything.

New clothes, underwears and every other thing she needed was brought to her in the morning by Min ah.

Soon she got to the shop and Ha nah couldn’t wait to hear every single thing that happened.

“Nothing happened.” Sara said as she drank water from the water dispenser.

“Jeez are you kidding me?” She asked.

“What we did last was drinking and falling asleep.” Sara said.

“Then tell me all he said while being drunk. He must have said alot.” Ha nah said.

“He did. I think I did too.” Sara sighed.

“Then tell me everything and don’t leave anything.” Ha nah said.

Sara positioned herself to start.

Time passed so fast and it was 5pm already with a car parked in front of Sara’s shop.

She said goodbye to Ha nah who was looking out the window, with hope that it was Mr Williams but it wasn’t.

She sighed.

Sara left and they headed to Banville.

They soon got there and when Sara saw Jasmin, her cheek went red.

He was smoking hot in his dressing but he haven’t worn his shoes.

“Don’t look at me like that. I will wear them when we get there. Min ah, take her to dress up. Im giving an hour only” Jasmin said with an embarrassed smile.

Sara smiled.

“Please come with me ma’am.” Min ah said. Sara followed min ah and they headed to a room. The same room she had been dressed up three days ago for that interview.

They entered and Sara gasped at the people inside. Are all this people going to dress her up?

An hour later…

Jasmin was checking his wristwatch, it was 7:05 and his performing is by 8:30.

He was about checking the time again when he heard footsteps coming down the staircase…

He looked up and marveled at how beautiful she became. Not that she isn’t naturally beautiful but she was looking sooo beautiful in that dress.

Jasmin felt like walking to her and kissing her right there.

She finally walked down and smiled at him.

“I’m done.” she said.

Jasmin smiled. “Let’s go then.”

“Yes. Let’s go.” she said.

Jasmin wasn’t limping anymore but he was taking carefully steps.

Mr Williams stood up from the couch and they headed out.

Sara tried holding Jasmin’s help to help him but he pulled away. “I’m fine walking on my own.” he said.

She ignored that and held his hand again.

Jasmin smiled. ‘Such a stubborn.’

They got to the car and Jasmin got in, before Sara. Williams got in the passenger’s seat and the driver drove off.

They were his securities waiting at the place for him to arrive and when their car pulled in, the securities all surrounded him and Sara.

Sara was like wow.

They were a lot of paparazzi and so much fans, waiting for him outside.

Cameras began flashing here and there.

Oh my God! Jasmin Taylor


Jasmin Taylor!

I love you Oppa!

Oh my.. He’s so hot.

Jasmin waved at them.

Wow.. She’s so beautiful

She’s hot.

They look perfect together

I love her hair.

I love you Park Sara.

I love you Park Sara.

Saranghe !

“Seems you have fans already.” Jasmin said to Sara who smiled.

They finally got to the waiting room and Jasmin was offered a couch to seat with his girlfriend.

“We have thirty minutes to go.” Mr William said.

His shoes were brought to him and he was about putting them on but Sara stood up, knelt down and took the shoes.

“I will help you with it.” She said and started with the left leg which wasn’t injured.

Jasmin thought at that moment that she was amazing.

She laced the shoe so perfectly and tied it right then started with the other leg.

“I will be very careful l.” she assured him and of course, she was. She laced it and smiled at him.

“It’s all done.” she said. When she sat back down, Jasmin smiled at her and said, “Thank you Sara.”


At Elizabeth’s home, they were watching the Live show.

They showed when Jasmin and Sara arrived at the show.

“Wow.. It’s really her. She really is his girlfriend. I feel like dying.” Eli’s sister lamented.

Elizabeth swallowed.

“Please don’t. Just bear it.” She said.

Her sister shook her head. “No no I can’t. Ahhhh!” she cried.

Eli still haven’t told her sister the truth. She will certainly kill her the day she will.

Back to the Show, It was five minutes left for Jasmin to match into the stage.

Five guys in almost same dressing with Jasmin walked into the waiting room and Sara wondered who they are.

“Can we do this tonight?” One asked Jasmin.

Jasmin exhaled. “We will.”

They hit hands together.

‘Oh.. They are his dancers. He’s so friendly with them.’ Sara amazed within.

“We are set to rock the stage.” Another said.

Sara turned to Jasmin.

“You can do it.” she said to him. Jasmin looked at her trying to find hope in her words.

“Believe that.” she added.

“Should I?” he asked.

“Yes.. Fighting. Say it with me. Fighting!” she said.

“Fighting!” Mr Williams said.

“Fighting!” The dancers said.

It was remaining Jasmin.

“Say it.” she said to him.

“F fighting..” he said.

She smiled. “Fighting. Fighting.’

They stood up, prepared and waited to be called on in the next minute.

And when Jasmin Taylor was called, The crowd went into an uproar as he matched into the stage with his dancers.

The dance began and Sara placed her hands on her chest as she watched him from the TV screen.

He danced so perfect and when it was time for the turning, she grabbed her chest, praying.

He turned and didn’t fall.

He did it!

The dance ended.

Sara jumped up from the coup, clapping.

“He did it. He did it!” she smiled excitedly.

Mr Williams was happy.

“Wow, that was a hot dance. Even with your injured leg. You danced so perfectly.” The stage manager said to Jasmin as he gave him a microphone.

Jasmin smiled, getting the mic close to his lips.

“Thank you fans. Saranghe (I love you)..” he said and did the shape of heart with his fingers.

The crowd screamed.

“Actually, I was surprised that I did it even with my injury.

There’s someone I wanna specially give ‘A thank you’ to.” he said.

Sara wondered who it is.

A little voice in her head told her it’s her but she slapped that voice off.

“She is amazing. She is courageous and beautifully fun to be with. She stayed with me, acting like my doctor and she gave me every hope that I can do it tonight. She is the most amazing woman i’ve ever met. My girlfriend Park Sara. Thank you Sara.”

The crowd roared.

Sara gasped.

“What? Me? Oh my God I can’t believe it.. I feel so hot.” Sara said and stood up, fanning herself with her hands.

“I’m so hot. I’m so suddenly hot. It was really mean. Park Sara. It was me he said all that about.”

Sara smiled.

“Ahh I’m really suffocating with hotness.” she said.

She had no idea when Jasmin walked in, spin her around and kissed her.

In front of Mr Williams and his dancers.

Sara eyes went wide open.

“Wowwwwww” they clapped.

When he pulled away, he stared deep into her eyes. “You are my girlfriend from today.” he said then came to her ear. “Not fake anymore but my real girlfriend. I love you.” he whispered in her ear and Sara’s jaw dropped.

He hugged her.


At Thailand, Tetee smatched the glass cup in her hand as she listened to the thanks speech Jasmin gave to Park Sara.

She fell down in tears.


Epilogue loading.


Writer’s pov

Right from that moment, a new happy and amazing relationship kicked off between Sara and Jasmin.

Sometimes we get things from where we don’t expect.

There are a lot of surprises in this world but the relationship of Jasmin and Sara was the most surprising thing ever.

Sara could have been in prison by now or probably in a serious trouble but God had destined it that she and Jasmin was meant to be…

Jasmin felt pity for Sara at first but from pity, it turned into a want of her helping him forget Teetee and in the process, he realized that he had developed feelings for her.

Teetee who taught she that the world circles only around her ended up loosing both Jasmin and King.

Sara’s dad got up from his hospital bed a month later and so also was Jasmin’s dad.

Mr Moon, Jasmin’s dad gave a tangible evidence of his wife being behind his accident and she was arrested.

He wanted to sign all his properties and business to Jasmin but Jasmin declined them all and handed it to Young who declined it too saying he don’t have to be in the moon’s family when Hus mom is in prison.

Sara was troubled by that.

She pleaded to both Jasmin and his dad to bail Young’s mother.

After many pleas, they gave in and bailed her out of the prison. She begged for mercy, which was granted to her.

She wanted to leave but Jasmin told her to stay… She declined and left.

Young didn’t go with her.

Jasmin’s mom came back and took back her position and possessions.

The will was divided.

Half was given to Jasmin and his mom and half went to Young and his mom but it wasn’t to be signed until next five years.

Jasmin took Sara along and they went to Thailand while Sara’s dad stayed with the Moon’s family.

Few months later, King came to Teetee for apology, telling her how he doesn’t wanna live a playboy life style anymore but to love just one woman and that woman is her.

Teetee rejected few numbers of times but later accepted him and their new love life kicked off in a really romantic way.

A year later, Jasmin and Sara came back to south Korea to reside permanently.

Jasmin proposed to Sara on the road side and the news of the moments went world wide.

Sweet right?

And for, ha nah, Mr Williams..they got their chance to be together as well and even before they wedded, Han ah got pregnant.

Well they wedded before Jasmin and Sara.

On Sara and Jasmin’s wedding, Eli’s sister was Sara’s chief bride’s maid and Eli was the flower girl.

That night, as the wedding party was still on, somewhere on the dance floor were Eli’s sister and Young dancing and smiling at each other.

What do you think?

But Eli’s sister still didn’t get to know that her little sis was the untold camera man or lady who took those pictures of Sara and Jasmin at Love Hospital.

After Jasmin and Sara’s wedding, came King and Teetee’s.

Awesome right?

You might be wondering how Sara and Jasmin’s wedding night was.

Two virgins..

Well, I’m not writing that. You can do the picture in you head.



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