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Previously on Audio Boyfriend] “What cloth do I wear now? Am I not even going to take a bathe? What about brushing? And What did he mean by there are things that needs to be done on me?”

I finally picked up a red gown and wore, pulled my feet into a flat shoes, picked up my phone and walked out.

I locked my door and walked over to the car. I opened it and walked into the backseat.

I can’t sit near this aggressive man.

He ignited the car and zoomed off.

“I didn’t take my bathe nor brush either.” I said. I couldn’t hide such things.

“Don’t worry about that. Everything you need is there for you.” he said.

I exhaled.


The car pulled into a house I can swear look like a mansion.

“Get down.” Mr Williams said to me. I opened the door, stepped down from the car and closed the door.

“Follow me.” he said. He is so bossy when he isn’t even the Jasmin!

I followed behind him as we walked into the house.

The sitting room look like heaven.

There was no one in the sitting room.

He walked over to a landline and made a call.

“Come downstairs. She’s here.” he said to whoever it was then dropped back the landline.

“She will be here soon.” he said and with that he headed up the staircase.

She? Where is Jasmin then?

I turned around. “Wow, this is the best sitting room I’ve ever seen.” I confessed.

Soon, I heard footsteps as it headed towards the staircase. I looked up and it’s a lady.

She must be the ‘she’

She walked down the staircase and smiled at me.

“Hello, I’m Min ah, please come with me.” she said.

I obeyed and followed her as we headed up the beautiful staircase.

He walked through a corridor and she stopped at a door and opened it. “Come in please.” she said and I did.

It’s a bedroom, very spacious and beautiful. I felt like jumping on the bed immediately.

“Over there is the bathroom and all that you need for your bathe. Immediately you are done, please come downstairs for your breakfast..” she said and turned to leave.

“Excuse me,” I called and she turned.

“Yes?” she answered.

“And after breakfast, what next?” I asked.

“You will be dressed for the interview. After that, you are going to meet Mr Taylor for a brief practice then by eleven o’clock. You both are to leave to SBX for the interview. Please try to cone downstairs for breakfast in thirty minutes time.” she said.


“Can I go now?” She asked.

“Yes of course,” I said. She turned and walked out, closing the door.

I sat on the bed and roamed my hands on it.

“Such a bed.” I said.. “Money is really good.” I exhaled, stood up and walked to the bathroom door. I opened the door and walked in.

“Woah.. Have I ever seen any en-suite as beautiful as this one? No, not at all.”

There on the towel rail hung a black and pink dots joggers and a pink polo.

“I’m I to wear that?.. At the other side are two white towels and under wears, a pink pant and pink bra.


I walked to the sink and found a new toothbrush in the beaker. I picked it out, removed it out from the package, applied paste on it and proceeded to brush my teeth.

After bathing, I wore the under wears, the joggers and pink polo but where do I keep my dress. I dropped my under wears inside the gown, folded the gown and dropped it inside the cabinet.

“Better.” I breathed and walked out. “Ahh this bedroom, I don’t feel like leaving you.” I said and with that, I walked out.

I was already reaching the beginning of the corridor when a heard a music playing inside one of the doors.

I listened carefully until I detected the right door, my curiosity took over me and I walked over, grabbed the doorknob and tried opening the door. It opened.

I opened the door a bit, making sure it doesn’t make a sound.

I peeped in and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket when I saw Jasmin shirtless, wearing only a tracksuit trouser.

He was facing a wall mirror dancing, shirtless.

I swallowed at the perfect body I was seeing.

He dances really great.

“If you keep standing there, then we will be late for the interview.” he said.

I gasped.

Jeeezzz.. He saw me.

It must be from the mirror. Argh I didn’t even think of that.

I was about closing the door when I heard a crash sound. It sounded like a fall.


I opened the door and he was on the floor, holding his leg.

“Ahh!” He groaned.

I rushed to him and knelt beside him.

“Are you okay?”

“Go.” he said.

“Does it hurt bad, can you stand up?” I asked, placing my hand on his right ankle. He removed it.

“Just go and get ready for the interview. I’m fine.” he said.

“But you are-” he cut me short. “Go! Leave here now!” he half yelled.

“Okay, I will.” I said, stood up and walked to the door.

I stood at the door and watched him stand up, limp to the stereo and restart the music.

He began dancing again but fell and groaned.

“Don’t come in!” he warned immediately even before I could take a step.

There’s only one thing to do. I rushed downstairs to call Mr Williams or Min ah.

I got downstairs and there was Min ah.

“Excuse me Minah.” I said.

She turned. “You took quite a time. Come have a seat at the dinning.” she said.

“No no, where is Mr Williams.. Jasmin, i mean, Mr Jasmin just had an ankle dislocation while dancing.” I said.

“My goodness!” she exclaimed and rushed to the landline. She made a call to Mr Williams who I’m certain is upstairs.

“Please stay right back, have your breakfast and I’ll be back shortly.” she said and hurried up the stairs.

“I can’t stay back,” I said and hurried behind her.

We got there and found Mr Williams already with him and helping him up.

“Are you okay sir?” Min ah said hurrying towards them.

Jasmin lifted his face and our eyes met.

“Min ah, go prepare her for the interview. I will take care of this.” Mr Williams said.

“Okay sir.” Min ah said and came back. “Come with me.” she said. I took a last look at Jasmin limping with Mr Williams holding him.

I sighed and walked away with Min ah.

“This can’t happen to him, he have a show in three days time.” min ah said.

I sighed.

“I hope he is fine before today ends. I wonder how he’s going to go to the interview with limping leg. I’m sure he will be questioned about his coming show. If he’s gonna make it with a leg injury.” she said.

“I believe he will make it.” I said.

We got downstairs and she took out a seat for me. “Please get a seat and have your breakfast. A lady will come soon to dress you up.” she said.

I sat down and picked the fork then dropped it. “I don’t have the appetite to eat,” I said.



My sister and I got to Saara’s collection and walked up the stairs to the shop.

“I’m certain that it’s here.” Sister said. We got to the shop and entered.

We saw a lady who in no way looked like the lady I met at Love Hospital.

She stood up from the seat and walked to us.

“Hello, welcome to Saara collection. My nane is Han ah. What dress do you feel more comfortable with?”

My sister cleared her throat. “Actually, we are here to see Park Sara.” I said.

She scratched her hair. “Uhmm.. Well, she’s not in right now. You should come back in the evening or tomorrow.” she said.

“Really, can I know where she went to?” Sister asked.

“Uhmm, It is something private.” She said.

“Oh really.” Sister said and turned to me. “..what if she went to Jasmin’s house? I’m thinking it is.” Sister said.

“Really?” I asked.

Sister turned to Ha nah. “Tell us the truth, did she went to Jasmin. Did they go out together?”

Ha nah rubbed her neck, “Actually, yes.”

“What!” Sister asked and fell to the floor and began crying.

“What’s wrong? What’s the problem?” Ha nah asked.

“I think you should just leave her to cry. She’s trying to get over a heart ache.” I said.

“Heart ache, how?” Ha nah asked.

“Her crush is dating someone else not her.” I said.

“Oh my Jasmin.. Why did you do this to me. I’m really going to kill myself. I’ve loved you all this years. Why didn’t you see me. Why did it have to be her!” Sister cried.

I squatted and patted her back. “It’s okay sister. It’s okay.”

If she finds out that I’m the reason why all this happened. She’s really going to kill me.



[Jasmin’s Residence] Jasmin

“It’s all done. I’m certain you can move little by little now..

Make sure you take your drugs and massage the ankle with a hot water each morning and night. This effect, I believe would work before Wednesday.” The doctor said.

“Thank you doctor.” Williams said to him.

“Now, I think I will take my leave. Bye.” he said and with that, he packed up his tools and walked out.

I looked at the wall clock.

“I need to dress up, it’s 10:05am. Help me up.” I said to Williams who stepped forward and helped me out of my bed.. He tried helping me to the bathroom too.

“No, I can go myself.” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes.” I said. He let go off me and I limp, ignoring the pain as I made my way into the ensuite to take my bathe.

‘That girl, Sara. Why did I yell at her? Didn’t I want her as my girlfriend?

I don’t think I should have shouted at her.

I couldn’t help it, I was embarrassed that she saw me miss step and fell and worse got a dislocation.

[Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah ] Sara

After all the dressing and makeups on me, I finally was able to get up.

I looked at the mirror and couldn’t remember myself again.

I swear, I turned out really beautiful.

I looked a different person.

Do I really need all this makeup and expensive dressing to appear like a superstar girlfriend. The jewelries are too heavy too.

I can’t wait to pull them off. Now I understand, I’m a designer but I hate unnecessary dressing on myself.

Min ah walked in.

“Hello Miss Park Sara. Come with me, Mr Taylor is waiting.” she said

Somehow, it sounded like a bride being taken to her groom.

Nevertheless, I followed behind her, trying to keep myself from falling. The heels are too high.

Soon we got to a balcony with three sofas and a table. Jasmin sat on one and Mr Williams on one.

Two papers lay on the table.

My eyes went to Jasmin’s leg and saw it was bandaged and fixed into what would help him in walking a little.

His trouser was rolled up, causing me to see all that.

“Here she is sir.” Min ah said and they looked up at me.


When I looked up, and saw Sara, I thought it was an angel suddenly standing before me. She looked really beautiful.

I couldn’t help but love the way her hair was styled and the way her curves appeared in this dress.

She looked amazing.

I cleared my throat “Get a seat.” I said.

She slowly sat down on the third sofa.

Min ah bowed and left.

“Here is your paper, in there is the questions they are likely to ask you. Make sure you answer them without making a mistake.” I warned.

She went through it and looked at me. “Can I see yours” she asked.

I pushed mine to her and she grabbed it and went through it. then gave it back to me.

“Okay, I get.” she said.

“We are going to do a little practice, is that clear to you?” I asked.

“Practice? Okay.” she said.


(The interview at SBX)


“Welcome Jasmin Taylor. I am Maya.” The female TV presenter said.

“And I’m J.J. We are so excited to have you in this show today Jasmin. Welcome,” the male, said.

“Thank you.” Jasmin said.

“Woah, your girlfriend look extremely beautiful.” Maya said.

We glanced at each other and he looked away immediately and faked a smile.

“Ohh yeah, she is.” he said.


“From the way you walked in and the bandage on your right leg, it appear that you had an injury.” Maya asked him.

“Yes, I did.” he said.

“Oh my, so sorry about that. What really caused it, we would like to know.” May said.

Jasmin hesitated. It seems he didn’t want to answer the question.

“Actually I-”

I interrupted. “He slipped in the bathroom.” I said.

He looked at me with wide astonished eyes.. Or maybe an upset eyes of -Why-did-you-lie!

Whatever, I’m certain that slipping in the bathroom would be better than saying what really happened.

“Oh my.. How could that happen when you have a show in three days time at MTB.” J.J said turning his expression to a pitiful one for Jasmin.

“That’s right. Do you think you can be able to make it to the show?” Maya asked.

“I will,” he said.

I smiled… I believe that.

“Wow..” Maya said and turned to the multiple cameras.

“Alright, you are watching SBX stars interview. Today on the show, we have our very hot Thailand superstar, Jasmin Taylor who just came back to his country after fifteen years. Woah! And with him here, is his girlfriend, Sara. They look soo great together. And we have a lot of questions for them, and I hope you enjoy watching today’s show.” She finished and turned back to us.

“Okay, Jasmin.. On an interview with The STARS MAG three years ago, you said you were going to visit south Korean soon. And now, you did and in just few days, you proposed to Sara. Does it mean, you had her in mind and she is part of the reason why you visited south Korea?” Maya asked him.

We glanced at eachother and looked away.

“Yes she is.” he said.

“Can you tell us a little more about it?” J.J asked.

“There’s nothing much to know about us anymore since everyone had heard about our friendship right from when we were kids. Her mother was our cook then so this made us to be close to each other. Then my mom and I relocated to Thailand but I never forgot Sara. All I wanted was to succeed and come back for her and I’m glad she waited for me.” he said.

“Woahh. This is really awesome. Can you get more closer to each other. I’d want to see you both very close. It look amazing.” Maya said.

Huh? We looked at each other.

He gave me a sign of -Just-do-it-you-are-the-reason-for-this.’


He pulled me closer with his arm around my neck.

It felt amazing. I didn’t want him to take him arm off.

“Woahhh you both look so perfect together.” Maya said.

“Sara, can we know what you love most about Jasmin?” J.J asked.

I remembered the paper.

«If you are asked what you like about me; say. “I like everything about him but what I like most is his charisma and his honesty when’s around me. Right from 5years, Jasmin has always been sincere to me.»

“I like everything about him but what I like most is his charisma and his honesty when’s around me. Right from 5years, Jasmin has always been sincere to me. I really love him for that.” I said.

“Woahhh!” they exclaimed.

Jasmin glanced at me with eyes like -you-said-it-well.

“What about his personality and his work. Do you have any little problem about dating a superstar?” Maya asked.

“No, I don’t. Right from when Jasmin was little, he had always looked handsome and loved music and dance. It always cross my mind that he’ll become someone everyone would talk about in the future.” I said.

We looked at each other and I smiled.

Don’t blame me Jasmin, I’ve fallen for you.

“Wowww.. Jasmin, it seem you never had a girlfriend, right?” J.J asked.

“Yes, She’s my first girlfriend” Jasmin answered.

What! Is he saying the truth?

“Was she..your first kiss?” J.J asked.

He looked at me.

Huh? Why’s he looking at me that way?

He is leaning closer, why?

Jasmin what are you doing?

No no no don’t come close.

Before I could hid my face, he kissed me.. On my lips.

I felt like I was in a dream.. No, this can’t be reality.

Jasmin is kissing me.

How could he!

He pulled away and looking into my eyes, he said. “Yes. She was.” he said.



Wetin we go call this trouble biko?

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