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Angela woke up the next morning feeling so

happy but so tired, she was drunk last night and

dance to the full, she quickly took her bath and

was dressed in her uniform, she checked herself

up in her mirror and smile to herself.

”at least school will gonna be good without Fiona

and her damn friends,” She smiled as she hurried

to school looking so happy.



Fiona and her two friends were admitted at

the hospital, their condition was so worse and

Fiona sustain a fracture by her leg which she

needed to use crutches. That was a serious case

and her parent has decided to go to any length

to get the culprit behind this, the police

investigated but hasn’t get reasonable

information about the those that did that to


They news has spread round the school about

how Fiona been beaten with her friends by some

girls, most people were happy about that, Angela

has kept her mouth shut and only told Elsa what

actually happen.

”she deserve more than i wish she will never

return to this school ever again,” said Elsa.

”you know that impossible she will definitely

come even because of me, but trust me Elsa i

will never let Fiona and her friends to hurt me

that much as they did, am ready for them and

for anyone who want to cross my way,” She said

looking so serious.

Angela walked to the hallway, when she saw


”Angela,” he smiled as he moved closer and

hugged her so tight.

”Greg, what the meaning of this?,’ she push him

away from her. ”and what gave you the gut to

hug me without my permission,’ She glare at


”Angela, am so glad that you’re back to school, i

have confronted Fiona and believe me i will

never gonna let her hurt you again,”

”really, then that good of you Greg,” She frown

as she turn to leave.

”please Angela have i done something wrong to

you? then forgive me I’ve realise that myself, you

are what what i think at first am sorry for


”okay then you are forgiven, i have to go no,”

She walked away while Greg watch her leave

smiling to himself when he suddenly felt a tapped

on his shoulder.

”hey Greg what are you trying to do with Angela?

Leam asked.

”i want to woo her,” he replied smiling.

”really,” Leam laugh sarcastically.

”what funny, am just in love with Angela, i truly

love her and i wanna change her life for the

good,” said Greg getting annoyed.

”calm down mehn, i guess you’re right but don’t

you think Chris will never allow that? Leam


”Chris is nothing to her and who cares, am pretty

sure Angela will gonna accept me when i

showered her with my money,” Greg replied



# Later in the evening, Angela was done at school

as she wave goodbye to Elsa and went her way,

she saw Chris outside the gate with his driver

and decided to walk away without talking to him.

”Angela,” he called but she kept walking fast, as

he quickly walked faster to catch up with her.

”Angela, are you trying avoiding me? he asked.

”am just trying to avoid much troubles,” she said

as she turn to face him.

”am i the cause of your troubles you still believe

what Fiona told you,”

”whatever, but i guess this the best thing to do,”

she concluded as she walked away.

”Angela will never listen to anyone,” he sighed as

he return back to his car.


Every where was getting cold, Angela wore a

blue jeans trouser and blue top, she walked down

the street that cold morning to get herself

something to eat. The street was quiet and only

few people can be seen. Angela arrived home

and was done with her breakfast as she went to

the riverside starring at the water.

”it cold outside what are you doing here?,” a

voice asked her behind as she turn to look at the

person with angry look but saw a little girl.

”i have my own reasons for that, this exactly

they place i was found when i was a baby, this

what was told to me by the woman who raised

me since i was a kid before she died, it actually

a long story,” she smile.

”so little girl aren’t you feeling cold, i need to go

back to my house if not am about to froze,” said


”yes am feeling so much cold, maybe you can

help me,” the little girl begged.

”okay here you go,” Angela removed her jacket

and wear it on the little girl.

”thank you so much, but what about you? the girl


”i can managed,” Angela smiled.

”thank you so much,” the girl hugged Angela. But

Angela didn’t care to ask the girl from where she



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”i have to go now,” the girl smile then left while

Angela hurriedly return back to her room but saw

a car parked infront of the house.

”who the hell was that! She asked herself.

”it me Chris,” he said moving closer to her.

”what! how did you know where i live, and who

gave you the permission to come over here,”She

yelled folding her arms and was feeling so cold.

”come on Angela you should be happy seeing me,

do you know what i go through to find this


”really! but i have no business with you,”.

”it so cold outside and i wonder what you will be

doing outside without your cardigan,” he moved

closer and gave her his jacket.

”what about you? she asked.

”well i can managed,” he smiled. Angela

remembered the same thing she told the little


” come in,” she took him to her small room but

very neat. She gave him a stool to sit on it.

‘Gosh! aren’t you ashame of yourself now, the

whole Chris Peterwerth sitting down on this

damn wooden chair, you shouldn’t have come

this place is not for people like you, am afraid if

your parents know this i might be in trouble”. she


”and am comfortable Angela,” he smiled.

”so what brought you here? just be glad i accept

you in my room,”.

”so are you the only one leaving here, i mean

where are you family? he asked.

”Family!,’ she arched an eyebrow. ”Chris i guess

it will be better if you leave,” Angela stood up.

”okay.. if you insist, i can see you’re not

comfortable with me i here, i really want to know

how you’re doing, since today is Saturday i

decided to come and visit you,” he said.

”this morning? She asked.

”yea, so we can spend the whole day together, i

know it gonna be so much fun,”.

”so much fun! around this slum? well you’ve

come at the wrong time, am always busy during

weekends cos i have lot of parties to attend and

friends to visit, see you in school on Monday,”

said Angela as she removed his jacket and hand

it over to him.

”i don’t want same thing to happen, so thanks

for the jacket,” she smiled

”come on Angela, you can have this for yourself,”

”but i don’t need it,” she kept in on his shoulder.

Chris quietly walked out of her room and went

back to his car. Angela watched as the car

zoomed off and she breathe out feeling a bit


”i shouldn’t have let him go, at least he show

some concern by coming over here this

morning…too bad of me.”, she said to herself.





Angela walked in quite happy as she went

over to the school garden and was glad she saw

Mr. Matt.

”Mr. Matt,” she called out smiling.

”you’ve come back, glad you recover soon, so

what about Fiona? he asked.

”who cares! i gat no business with her,”

”i wish she will never come back to this school


”and i wish she will come back so i can teach

her a great lesson of her life, am actually ready

for Fiona and her friend when they are back,”

She said sounding boldly.

”don’t never allow them to frustrate you my

dear,” he said.

”no one can frustrate Angela Scott, cos my

happiness don’t depend on anyone,” she smiled.

”thank you so much Mr. Matt i know you gat my

back in everything i do,” she smile then walked

down to the cafeteria.

”glad you came,” said Greg.

”Greg! are you following me? she asked her heart

skipped a bit.

”Angela believe me my intention towards you are

good,” he smiled while Angela gave him a look.

”attention everyone!” he said and all eyes were

on them some students from the classes nearby

all came out to hear what he will announced

because he sound so serious.

”i love Angela, i love Angela Scott, i hope you all

can here me”, he said aloud as he turn to her.

”what are you trying to do? She asked.

”i want to prove to you how much i love you

dear, i love you so much Angela”, he pulled her

closer to him then kissed her.



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