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”we actually know who Angela is, she’s a bar

dancer, she wears teensy, weensy short clothes,

she dance in front of random men for money, so

you have nothing to do with her personal life,” a

familiar voice said which was Chris.

”Angela is cheap, she’s tacky, she’s of no good

and i guess that was actually what attract Greg

to her… The other guy said.

When Angela heard tears were already formed in

her eyes, she moved closer and was shocked to

see it was Chris talking to some two other guys

she don’t even know them but she guess their

also student in the school ”what on earth will

make Chris say such a thing about thing, afterall

he was actually right”, she thought as she

struggle to hold back more tears from her eyes…

”Chris,” she called out his name and he was

surprise to see her.

”Angela i just hope you won’t mistaken what i

said,” he said moving closer to her.

”enough Chris, Angela has dance in front of

strange random men all through my life but non

has made me feel so cheap like you,” she said

as she turn to leave walking so fast with her


”wait Angela you can’t walk so fast not in this

your condition,”he quickly rushed and stood

infront of her.

”am sorry Angela, i was only trying to defend

you. The two good for nothing boys thought

everything that happen was your fault because

they still thought you’re a bar dancer but no one

has nothing to do with your personal life, you

can’t be that cheap i so much believe in you,” he

said holding her hand.

”i can’t just leave without making them to

understand you’re not they person they thought

you are, Angela i so much respect you and i

want everyone to respect you as well,.

”really!, she fling his hand away from her.

”please Angela you’ve heard this out of context,”

”really, i need to go,”.

” Angela you can’t leave like this,” he quickly

carried her gently on his arms

”just put me down Chris this won’t work,” she

yelled hitting his chest.

am sorry Angela,” he said.

”just put me down or i do something stupid,” she

yelled while Chris quickly put her down but held

her hand.

”don’t mistaken what you just heard, i can never

say that about you, i just hope you’ll understand

by forgiving me.

”is that all you want to hear! fine i have forgiven

you Chris,” she quickly left.

Chris sigh as he watch her leave. ”why would

Angela thought of something like that”, he



Angela and Elsa were in their room playing video

game. Angela felt so great to be part of their


”so Angela i don’t see any reason in blaming

Chris, i mean you actually misunderstood what

they said,” said Elsa.

”please i just want to forget this, i know Chris

can’t do that but…i.. don’t..understand,” she


”understand what? Elsa asked.

”i don’t know, i guess i just need some rest,”.



Suzan and her group settle in an old village

where no one will know about them, she can’t

believe she have been declare wanted and felt

much hatred for Angela and Jane who was

already death.

”we need to act fast, we need to hire anyone to

get ride of Angela how dare she escape,”

”it all Jane’s fault, she’s so stupid,” said Karen in

so much anger.

”we need to do something, Angela will pay for

this,” Suzan smile devilishly.


Greg was quiet recovering and has decided never

to return back to Royal Academy because that

will be a disgrace he has vow to take his revenge

on Angela, now or later but whatever it is he

swore never to allow Chris and Angela to be


”i must torment their lives for good,” he smile

wickedly to himself. ”Angela has really gone so

far to bring out the monster in me and i will

show them am more than the devil himself,”.


Angela walked to the school garden feeling

so happy to see Mr. Matt after quite some time.

”Ange’, he smile as he saw her walking towards

him with her crutches.

”too bad Angela am sorry for all that happen, you

need to be becareful i wonder why much people

are against a poor person like you,”.

”that what makes me worry much, i have to be

more careful, i wonder why Suzan of all people

will kidnap her own friend, i just pity Jane i wish

i will get the opportunity to see her again then

thanked her, she saved my life and i really

appreciates that,”.

”Angela, i just hope nothing should happen to you

ever again, and you need to be more careful with

that Fiona she could be so dangerous atimes,”

he advised.`

”believed me Mr.Matt i wish Fiona will never get

to disturb me again, she’s so wicked, but i have

my own way to handle such stubborn people like

Fiona,” she smile.


Chris paced up and down in his large room and

was so worried about how Angela who has been

avoiding him, the door suddenly opened and his

mum entered.

”look Chris Christie want to talk to you,” his

mother said looking so happy, she sat down

beside him and gave him the phone. It was a

video call.


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”hey my prince, i miss so much Chris, how have

you been?” she smiled.

”am doing good, i miss you too,” he smile back

trying to hide his worried face.

”i miss you so much My prince charming, you

look more cute you know,”

”and you look more beautiful,” he replied smiling.

”am gonna be back for you by next year, i can’t

wait to finish school over here so i can come

over to your place,”

”that will be great you know,”

”i love you Chris,” she smile.

Chris said nothing but gave her a charming


”that was great, Christie will soon be back,’ his

mother smiled as she left.

”damn it!, he felt so angry and hit his fist against

the wall.

”i just hope Angela won’t avoid me again,” he

thought to himself feeling so heart broken.



Angela has fully recover now and could walk

on her own without using crutches, she felt so

happy walking on her feet, but also felt bad for

ignoring Chris all this

while she felt she really misunderstood what he

said but she felt so hurt about that.



All the students were greatly preparing for the

end-of-year-party which is coming up in two

weeks time and also to celebrate the graduating

students. Chris was also graduating and that

enough call for lots of celebration.


Elsa was done with searching the suitable

dress to wear for the party and finally picked a

red gown.

”Angela you don’t seems to be happy about this

party, it gonna be such a great day, were we

gonna met all our friends and also the outing

students like Chris, you’ll gonna miss him i

know,” she said Angela but Angela was quiet

staring at teddy bear she was holding.

”you know I’ve been avoiding Chris for quiet

some time and beside i don’t feel like going to

party ever again,” she pout.

”that could be the last day you’ll gonna see

Chris, who knows! he if he will travel out of the

country to get on with his music, you need to at

least give him a chance,”

”okay Elsa whatever,” Angela quickly stood up

and wore a red top (off-shoulder) putting on her

jeans trouser as she comb her hair to one side

of her shoulder and put on flat slippers.

”so were are you going to? Elsa asked closing

her wardrobe.

”to enjoy the fresh air, I’ll be back,” Angela

replied smiling as she put on a head phone to

keep herself busy with the music. She walked

out down the street, humming the song she was

listening to, the evening breeze caress her skin

and her long dark hair. She just feel like taking a

stroll all alone at the beautiful street she admire

the flowers around and could only see few

people moving up and down. She walked to the

nearby park and played with some of the children

it was so much fun, but then it already dark she

glance through her wist watch it was already

getting to nine pm, ”Elsa might get so worried,”

she thought and quickly left. This time

the street was so quiet only few cars could be

seen moving. Angela paused her music as she

hasten her speed but felt a foot step walking

behind her, she quickly turn but find no one.

”who the hell are you! just show yourself and

stop hiding,” she yelled but she was already

scary. She looked around and couldn’t find

around, the street was so quiet. She quickly

walked faster but felt a hard tapped on her

shoulder she was startled as she turn but was

welcome with a heavy slap on her face which

make her fall

to the ground.

It was two men wearing on mask, black shirt and

a trouser with a boot.

”who are you? she asked with a scary voice, she

touched her mouth and discovered blood was

gushing from it.

The other guy moved closer to but was hit so

hard with a large hard wood that make him fall to

the ground in so much pains. Angela was more

scared this time and raise her head to look at

the person that hit him, she was shocked to see




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