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what is he doing here? she thought as she

managed to stood up, the other guy standing

slapped her again, while Chris gave him a heavy

blow which lead them to fight.

Angela was so weak this time she saw them

fighting and she knew Chris might be hurt by the

man she quickly stood up and picked the huge

hard wood and hit it on the man so hard. Both of

them quickly stood up and ran away

”Angela,” Chris quickly moved closer to her and

saw the blood coming out from her mouth, held

her tight and quickly removed his shirt to clean

up the blood.

”you shouldn’t be walking alone in this street,” he

said in a low tone.

”thank you Chris,” she whisper, feeling so dizzy

but Chris quickly carried her in his arms and take

her home Elsa was so worried seeing Angela in

that condition, she quickly took her to their room

and clean her up.


They sat at the sitting room and Elsa mother was

so worried about what just happen.

”who are they? what did the need from Angela,

why is everyone against her,” she said so


”Angela need to be more careful i guess maybe

Suzan is still hunting for her,” Elsa suggested.

”i saw Angela at the park playing with the kids

she looks so happy but i know once she sees me

their she might get mad at me so i have to leave

immediately but decided to stayed back and

protect her because i know how this street can

be so dangerous atimes. They must all pay for

this, i really can’t understand why things have to

be this way,” Chris was so worried.


The next morning Angela was awake with a very

strong headache but Elsa’s mother quickly call

their family doctor over to check on her. He

suggested she rest for the main time and

prescribe the right drugs to be used.




All the students could be seen looking so

beautiful and everyone has attended the end-of-

year-party which was held on the 31st

December, the party was actually till dawn so

that they can also celebrate another new year. It

was so much fun and exciting, Chris was already

their with his friends Leam and some of their

mate. But Chris eyes was fixed at the entrance

gate hoping to see Angela.

”come on dude, don’t tell me you like her! said


”huh? who? he asked

”Angela of course,” he replied smiling.

Chris said nothing but smile. ”i love her so much,

i wish she understand me, i don’t want to leave

Angela ever again, not now, not ever, she means

a lot to me,”.

”really! Leam burst out laughing. ”believe me,

she also loves you too,”.

”i just hope so,” Chris replied smiling.

”whatsup guys? Fiona walked up to them, she

was wearing a short skinny gown showing all her

curves with a heavy make up, her hair was trim,

she cut it too short and she looks so different.

”hey Fiona, is this actually you? Leam asked

sipping his drink.

”i did this for you Chris,” she smiled moving more

closer to him.

”Fiona i guess you should enjoy more of this

party,” said Chris sounding so serious.

”really! well the party has not begin, i’ll soon get

back to you,” she smiled then wink at him and


”gosh! Fiona is just disgusting,” said Leam

rubbing his face.

”she’s nothing but a devil,” Chris replied.

A cool music was played, and the party was so

much lively, Elsa and Angela walked in and that

alone make Chris so happy, his whole body smile

when he saw her, she was putting on a short

pink gown, down to her heels and dangling

earing, her long hair was in a French plait leaving

few strands of the hair down her face. She looks

more beautiful and all cynosure of eyes were on

her, she settle at the middle seat on a round

table with Elsa.

Shortly later, the party commence and it was

wonderful, awards were given to deserving

students, Angela received an award as the Miss

Boldness, Elsa was also awarded

as Miss Simplicity, of course Chris also received

an award. The have lots of activities yet to be

unfold, and the final contesting for Miss Royal

Academy was also,

Angela still participated in it. They were series of

dancing and singing competition, and Angela was

actually took first in the dancing competition, no

one dare to beat

her if it comes to dancing she was talented in


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Angela walked down the stage feeling so happy,

everything was so much fun and was glad Elsa

was able to convince her to come.

”congratulations Angela,” Chris bumped into her.

”oh thank you Chris” she smiled.

‘you’re such an exceptional dancer Angela,

perhaps the best in the world, the beauty of your

movements, and your big thighs..eyes and your

hips you’re simply breath

taking you did so well,” he smile.

”thank you so much Chris, you’re always the

best,” she smiled.

”Attention please the final result for the

contesting is ready,” a lady announced and

walked to the stage to call out.

Fiona was so angry about everything, she hoped

Angela won’t win that. But the result was

immediately announced was. Miss Angela Scott

was the winner she was over-

whelmed with so much happiness as she walked

to the stage to be crown as the Miss Royal

Academy. Elsa was so glad about that while

Fiona and her friends are already

fuming in anger.

”that can’t be happening, i can’t be the loser

while i see Angela wins. I’ve gone too far in this,

haven’t i tried enough,” she yelled so angry but

her friends

quickly calm her down.

Immediately after the crowning of Miss Royal

Academy, it was actually a confession night also

and everyone is excepted to say say something.

Starting from the outing students, Chris stood up

to say his own which everyone was quiet to

hear, most especially the ladies.

”i just hope she love me back, because am so

much in love with her, i need to confess how

much i love her,” he continued.

Angela heart was beating more faster, lots of

thought ran through her mind.

”am in love with Angela Scott for a very

longtime,” he paused then looked at her.

”me! Angela was surprise to hear that.

”i love you Angela,” he moved closer to where

she was sitting held hand and they walked up to

the stage together.

”but am afraid you’re already in love with

someone which you said you can’t stop loving,

who could be that person? he asked looking so


Angela laughed as she held his two hands.

”you need to look at your face Chris, are you

Jealous? she smiling..


”then you’re jealous of yourself,”.

”what did you mean? he asked.

”it you I’ve been referring to all this time, You’ve

always been my crush ever since i step my feet

to this school, i’ve always love you Chris, i was

also scared

and thought you don’t love because of the way

lots of girls are crushing on you, wishing to have

you for themselves,”.

”what! why should we have to keep this secret

from each other for such a long time. Be my girl

Angela, make me the happiest person ever,” he

asked on his knees.

Their was a thunderous clapped, and some

already envied Angela for having Chris.

”sure Chris i love you so much and that all that

matters,” she smiled as he stood up and hugged

her so tight.

”thank you so much Angela,” he kissed her


That was a great day for Angela, a day never to

forget, she felt happy being Chris girlfriend.

The party continues till dawn and music was


”congratulations Angela,” Elsa quickly moved

closer and hug her.

”everything is perfect now! Elsa smiled.

”i hope so,”.

Chris felt so happy and fulfilled, as he took

Angela outside and they sat on the beautiful

grasses gazing at the stars.

”i hope this love will gonna last forever,” she


”of course it will, Angela thank you for making

me feel so complete,” he smiled as her rested

her head on his chest and his hands around her

waist. The night breeze was cool, everything

seems so perfect that night.

”today must have been such a busy day and also

a day to always remember, i love you so much

Angela, you’ve always been the only one in my

soul, in my life, and

in my dreams. We’ll never be apart… he said

caressing her hair and realise she was asleep.

”she looks so cute,” he smiled to himself. ”am

gonna watch over you and

make sure you’ll never get hurt again,” he

whisper and held her closer to him…


. The party continues.. and Chris glance at his

wrist watch which was exactly 12:00am. Another

day, another month and specially a NEW year.

Chris watched Angela closely and kissed her

deeply until she was fully awake…



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