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”get yourself off me,” she pushed him away from

her but Greg landed a heavy slap on her face.

”you can’t stop me from doing this, the door is

already locked no one will save you today,” he


Angela tried all she could to save herself and

was glad to see a knife on a tray with some

fruits on the table beside the bed she reached

out her hand to carry it

but couldn’t, she quickly kick him so hard in

between his legs and pushed him aside.

”believe me Greg am gonna kill you today,” she

quickly carried the knife pointing it at him.

”don’t be too stubborn Angela you can’t stop me

from doing this,” he yelled.

”give me the key, just open the door so i can

go,” she said in amidst of tears.

”no Angela, just drop this knife aside,”he quiickly

moved closer to her but she stab him on his


”i will kill Greg,” she yelled in tears and stab him

again. Greg was already in pool of blood and

Angela just realise what she did, her hand

stained with his

blood, he was already losing so much blood.

Angela quickly picked up the door key in his

trouser pocket and opened the door, she quickly

ran outside and people were surprise seeing her

blood stained in her hand and her dress tore.

‘please just help, i need your help,” she shouted

and quickly inform people around to see Greg

who was lying unconsious in a pool of blood.

Her friends were very surprise seeing that. But

then Suzan felt happy maybe she’s gonna rot in

jail for this.

Everywhere became crowdy and people move up

and down to see Greg, his friends quickly

informed his parents and rushed him to the

hospital while Angela was arrested

for attempt murder or even murder that what his

friends told to the police.



Angela was still at the prison in tears she

regretted ever following Greg but was still

grateful to God he didn’t succeed in raping her.

She wanted to explain to the

police what actually happen but no one want to

hear from her, she felt a sudden hatred for Greg

and wished him death wherever he is.


The next day, Elsa was worried not seeing

Angela at school also Chris he wondered why her

and Greg were absent form the school, he miss

her already and wanted to

know if everything was fine with her. The school

was just so bored to him without her. He just

received a call from Leam who is also not at

school and was told Greg

was in the hospital he told Elsa and they

immediately left the school.

”i guess Angela was with him,” Elsa thought.

They quickly arrived to the hospital and saw

Leam pacing up an down.

‘where’s Angela, what about her? Chris asked so


”she’s at the police station we need to help her,”

”what happen, did anything happen? Elsa asked

almost in tears.

”we need to rushed over their,” Leam suggested

leaving them in suspense, they quickly rushed to

the station to see Angela.

Angela felt good when she saw Elsa and Chris,

she quickly hugged Elsa so tight and cried in her


”what happen to your face, did someone beat

you? Elsa asked.

”speak up Angela, did you had a fight with

anyone? why are you here? why are you

arrested? Chris asked so worried.

”i was nearly raped, Greg wanted to raped me,”

she cried out loud. ”and i have no other option

than to stab him,”.

Chris was shocked to hear that and felt so angry.

”is that why he have to hurt you this way, i have

always knew his intentions towards you was so

wrong Greg will gonna regret ever messing up

with you,”. Said Chris in anger as he quickly left

and rushed to the hospital, walked straight to

Greg wards who was still lying in pains.

”how dare you? Chris bumped into the room and

quickly grabbed Greg, removing the drip

connected to him, and slapped him much harder.


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”how dare you try to touch Angela, what makes

you think of doing that to her! he yelled as he

quickly grabbed Greg by the neck and slapped

him again until the

nurses came in and held Chris back.

”you need to leave,” The nurse suggested.

”he don’t need to be here, he just need to be

death, did you know what he did. Greg i guess

Angela should have stab you to death that what

you deserves,” he yelled then walked out.

Greg was still weak and couldn’t believe his plan


”how could Angela stab me so bad like this,” he

thought looking down to the side of his stomach

which covered bandage. The nurse quickly came

to his aid. While his parents were on their way to

see him.



Angela was release out of the jail that evening,

and Elsa suggested she follow her home, maybe

that would be much safe.

”that’s not necessary i will fine over here,” said


”Angela am so sorry about what happen, am

sorry for not coming to your aid, i am gonna

teach Greg a lesson he will never forget,” said


”it a good thing nothing bad happen. You’ve done

enough to me already, thank you so much Chris,”

she hugged him so tight.

”i just wish never to see that Greg, i hate him so

much,” she said disengaging from the hug.

”you need to stay in a safe place for now please

Angela i don’t want anything to happen to you

again, i can’t take the news of any bad news of

you again,”.

”I will be fine, please just allow me stay here, i

don’t want to be a burden to anyone nothing bad

will gonna happen,”

”if you insist, please Angela you need to be more

careful, Elsa hugged her.

”Angela take care cox i care,” Chris said staring

at her.

”thanks, at least i have friends who are so

caring, i really appreciates,” she said.


Fiona make sure no one was with Greg at

the hospital as she quickly went to checked on

him the look on her face was that of anger.

”how dare you Greg, why did you allow her to

stab you, i thought only you’re that smart,” she


”don’t scolded me, because i have always want

to have Angela for myself, on my bed, i don’t

need your money, am in a serious pain and

wonder how i still survived it, Angela will gonna

pay for this,”

Fiona eyed him with so much anger in her.

”you just ruin my plans, i wish you nothing but

death,” she yelled at him.



Elsa was so worried for not seeing Angela

through out at school. Chris was just restless

and immediately after school they rushed to

check on her only to find out her room was

empty some of her cloths were packed. She kept

a note for them on the table which was:

To whoever that will read this,

am going so far away, far away from everyone to

start a new life somewhere,

i know i might be homeless but i have to leave

for some reason.

what right does an orphan like me has?

Please don’t bother to look for me.

Angela Scott.


Elsa and Chris read the letter and was just

confused they immediately asked the neighbors

around and move around with her pictures trying

to search for her at the street but all was in



Angela eyes were closed in a dark room she

regretted ever leaving, that same evening she

packed her things to leave she was attacked at

the car park by some guys and was kidnapped.

Suzan was the main person behind the

kidnapped she want to use that opportunity to

get as much money she want from Chris, but she

knew definitely he will do everything to save her,

while Karen and Jane agreed to her idea.

.”don’t be too stubborn okay,’ the first guy

pushed her on the floor.

”please let me go, am just an orphan i don’t have

any family, so no one can pay the money you

requested for,” she pleaded but her cry fell on

deaf ears.


The day Chris and Elsa were still in search of

Angela but she later receive a phone call from

the kidnapper.

”we need $200,000 euro for you to get Angela


”what who am i speaking with and where’s

Angela,” Elsa was startled and was already


”she’s right here with us,” the caller laughed as

he moved closer and gave Angela the phone to

talk to them so they can be sure she’s with


”Elsa please i need you help, i shouldn’t have

leave..” she cried.

”Angela! she could hear Chris shouting her name

which made her cry the more.

”well we need that money in the next three days

or else we kill her,” the caller replied then hang


”the money is too much… what were they

thinking,” said Elsa.

”we need to do something, how could such

things just happen immediately to Angela, why

her, why will it have to be her! Chris was so



That same day he arrived home late in the

evening an his parents were so mad at him.

”Chris, don’t try to be a good person by helping

that good for nothing girl, just let her be,

concentrate on your studies instead.. his mother


”mom, she’s kidnapped and she need assistant,

am her friend i can’t let that happen to her,’;’

”shut up Chris don’t involve your self in this

mess,” his dad scolded.

”dad, she need our help,”.

”non of course will involve in this mess and mind

you tomorrow we will be leaving here to Paris,”

”for what, is that really necessary?

”not only necessary but very urgent and that my

final decision, get your things ready cos we are

leaving first thing tomorrow morning.. His dad

concluded then left



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