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{ coincidental enemy’s love }

In heaven where I came to earth, we all love ourselves, we were thought to love all creation of the supreme, either wild or calm, ranging from beast of the earth to the human inhabiting it.

The supreme one really love his creatures and he always endure us to like them too.

But our commitment is greater than one another,

I love the creation more than other angels because of the time I spent with the greater one who also share the same love the supreme has for the little ones.

I knew I was loving the perfect one more than other little ones, but I thought it’s just the normal pure brotherly love I have for other little ones, ” it’s because I’m with her most, that’s why I love her most ” I always assure myself in order not to admit it that the love I have towards the perfect is more than a mere brotherhood love.

Having to follow her around everyday became my source of joy, but not being able to communicate with her always makes me sad.

I always miss the nine months we spent together, I could say those moments were the best of my life that I could trade with the years I spent with brother Luci and the greater one.

I admit that I really wish we could go back to the days we can communicate.

Tho my mission on earth was to protect her and it was made mandatory to stay with her 24/7, but even if it was not made mandatory to stay with her everyday, I would still be staying with her without leaving her for a second.

I was always ready to protect her from any harm, and it brings me joy knowing that it’s because of me that she was safe from every harm.

When she sleeps at night, I was always on guard wading off every danger coming her way including mosquitoes.

She’s always terrified of rat so I made sure none ever locate its way to anywhere close to her.

Her smile was always my own source of happiness and I always make sure I cover for any mistake she did so that she won’t get disciplined by her mom who’s a strict person.

She never spare the rod when correcting her when she’s wrong.

I started covering for her mistakes at age 8 when her tears made me to also weep.

Her mom really dealth with her so much that day because she disobeyed her.


After the birth of Tabitha, Ranking’s business bloom beyond what he could ever imagined, his company became a global one with branches in four countries in different continent in just a year. One in U.S.A in America, another in China in Asia, another one in Australia in Australia and the last one was in France in Europe.

He became extremely rich and bought the house next to his, he demolished his own house and the one on the one he bought and merged the two land together to erect a magnificent structure.

He built a big supermarket for his wife and started investing in new businesses and he sure succeeded in all.

He was ready to give to his child good and quality education, he has already sent her to England to study when she was age five, but the little girl who couldn’t stay away from her mom couldn’t adapt there, she didn’t use up to six months before the administration of the school she was in, in England advised her parents that, it’s either her mom comes to England to stay with her or she should return to her bossom back in Nigeria.

The first option would have been easy to choose if not for the phobia and flight trauma Precious has.

It happened when she was traveling by air within local route, it was from lagos to Abuja, the flight she was in collided with a bad weather and only those who has been in that situation would know how she really felt.

It was due to God’s and the experience pilots intervention that made them all to avoid a crash.

She even fainted during the course, and ever since then, she couldn’t enter an aeroplane talk less of making a journey with it.

After the little girl was brought back home, Ranking had made sure she was sent to only the best school.

After she finished her primary school education, he enrolled him in a school called RSMC, a reputable school that is of high standard in his local government.

He had to withdraw her from there on her first day in school following the confession of the owner of the school Mr Wisdom Shanu that he was using the school to extort the fortunes of the kids to make himself rich.

The only school he could enrol her again that met his taste was the one his first daughter was going to.

Before her wife gave birth to Tabitha, he committed adultery with his secretary and it led to the secretary being pregnant .

Tho he told his wife about it and she just accepted her fate not until she too was graced with her own kid.

His plan was to enrol Tabitha in the same school Yemi’s daughter ( his first daughter ) was attending .He knew that they wouldn’t know each other, because his first child was already in js2 while Tabitha was just to be In js1, and he would make sure not to go to the school, the registration of the child would be done by Precious and he employed an hausa guy who’s good in driving as a driver that will be taking her to school.

He knew that when they coincidentally meet ( his two daughters ) they will think it’s just a mere coincidence that they were bearing the same surname.


” please make sure you help me to take good care of her and please don’t hesitate to discipline her when she do anything wrong, don’t mind this school law or code that doesn’t allow you to beat in my child’s case” I smiled as I listened to Precious telling the class teacher of Tabitha’s class all what I expected her to say,

instead of going home after completing the registration of the perfect one at the principal’s office, she still searched for the class teacher of the class Tabitha was placed in, handling over the discipline of the kid to her.

I was surprised to see miss Efe as the class teacher, the perfect one only use a week at home before she was later enrolled in the school.

” how could she have quickly gotten job here ” I asked myself when I saw her.

While Precious was busy adhering miss Efe not to be taken aback when she wants to discipline her kid, miss Efe was just busy smiling at the perfect and the perfect one too was also doing the same.

After Precious finished what she came to the school to do, she adhere her daughter to be of good character in the school and make sure she continues making her proud.

She left and miss Efe took the perfect one to her class.


Prestigious Pearls Dynamic College is a school that can be weigh together with RSMC, the structure looks similar and its also comprises of day and boarding students.

High power AC were installed in every class, teaching in the school was carried out by oversea teachers.

A projector was mounted in every class, every of the teachings carried out in the school was based on live streaming teaching from teachers in abroad.

Even as the projector always do most of the teaching, they still recruited qualified teachers to oversee the teaching made by the foreign teachers.

They’re also in charge of marking of assignment given by the foreign teachers and the teachers always work hand in hand with the foreign teachers to set the assessment exam of the students.

The school unlike RSMC was jointly owned by five people.

And a board was set up to ensure efficient administration of the school.

On getting inside the school, I had surveyed everywhere in order to see if it’s building was based on evil foundation but the school was clean.

But I knew Tabitha was going to have some little problem when I entered her class, their were nineteen students inside the class and all of them were with strong stars.

I was amazed at this, strong star children are not that easy to come by and seeing a class filled with them was something that shocked me, and in the same class, they now have the perfect one.

I knew it will be a battle of the fittest.

All the students sat down in pair unlike RSMC where it’s single there.

Only a boy was sitting single in the class and I knew at once that, that would be the sit the perfect one will be assigned to.


” make sure you all get along well ” miss Efe remarked last as she introduced Tabitha to the students who were already sitted on their sit.

” we will miss Efe ” all the students chorused brightly as miss Efe asked Tabitha to sit with the only boy sitting without a partner in the class and she obeyed.

All the students inside the class shone brightly spiritually and physically, But the perfect one shone more brightly than them.

I was even kind of happy that the perfect one was among them, I knew it will shape her well because it will be a challenge between them unlike RSMC where all the students in her class were all with weak and fair star.

” I’ll come back soon to select a class captain for the class, teachers will soon start coming to teach you, make sure you all pay maximum attention and be of good character to them ” miss Efe said before she got out of the class,while the students echoed ” we will, miss Efe ”

” I’m Gabriel, Okunsanya Gabriel ” the boy sitting next to Tabitha said startling Tabitha.

” I’m Tabitha ” she replied him smiling

” can we be friends ” Gabriel asked Tabitha stretching forth his hand in a manner of requesting for a handshake

” sure ” she replied him accepting the handshake.


Ever since I had graced the earth with my presence for the past 11 years, I became angry for the first time the day the perfect one started PPDC, I was very angry seeing her getting along with a guy, I didn’t know why I was angry with it then,

After their short introduction, they started talking, I was extremely angry where I stood beside the perfect one, I felt like giving the boy a knock so that he will pass away, “how dare him get acquainted with my special perfect one like that ” I said to myself as I stare at them in rage, ”

The teachers helped cooled me down as they started trooping in to teach them with the projector mounted in the front,the teachers only made little contribution to the teaching.

And one thing was sure with them than death and tax, that’s the teachers staring at the perfect one not minding if it’s a male or female teacher.

After three teachers has finished monitoring the teaching of their subject, the bell was jingled and the message the person that jingled it passed was refreshing break.

It was a break for the students to settle their brain for twenty minutes before teaching will commence again.

The boy sitting beside the perfect one didn’t ceased to annoyed me throughout the twenty minutes.

As he kept on chitchatting with my precious perfect one.

I heaved a sigh of relief when the bell was jingled again to signify the end of refreshing break and teachers started coming in to monitor their teaching.

After an hour or so, the bell was jingled again to signify the lunch break.


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” do you know where the cafeteria is situated “? Gabriel asked Tabitha who didn’t made a move to get out of the class as other students were already doing so.

” no I don’t and I don’t wish to ” she replied him placing her head on their desk

” why ” Gabriel asked surprised at her response

” it isn’t something much, just that the last one I went to didn’t go well ” she replied him with a look that depict fear.

” but you haven’t gone to any in here and I promise you it isn’t going to be like the one you’re talking about ” Gabriel said trying to change her mind.

As Tabitha wanted to decline again her stomach grumbled and Gabriel smiled standing up and held her hand insisting she follows him, Tabitha only resisted weakly before she later gave in and they both head out of the empty class.


Saying that I wanted to kill the little boy will means I’m lying,

What I wanted to do was separate all his body parts then pack everything and fly back to heaven to deliver it to the supreme one, and ask him to punish all the creation team for creating someone who has the gut to give me headache.

As if he hasn’t cross over his boundary, he still had the gut to over cross it by holding my precious perfect one’s hand with his filthy hand.

He was the first human I didn’t like except for the ones involved in diabolical practice.

I was making all sorts of angry gestures as I followed the perfect one and the boy as they made their way to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria building was seperate from the class blocks.

It was situated lonely beside the school block.

It was just in a simple setting, like how a cafeteria should be unlike RSMC own that looked like where the president of a country always dine.

When the perfect one and her new friend entered the cafeteria, as usual, all eye was on her.

I knew she has already gotten used to it as that was not the first or second time such will be happening.

” get your orders from the front ” Gabriel said as he pointed to the place where the students were getting their food unlike RSMC where students are being served.

I was happy as the boy pathed from her and the perfect made her way to the place where she will get her food.

List of foods that were available was pasted on a board beside the spot to get the order,

It was big enough so that new students like Tabitha will quickly notice it.

When she saw it, she moved closer to it and ran her finger through to know what she was going to order.

” order fried rice and chicken, that’s the best thing they know how to prepare here ” a girl said smiling, Tabitha turned to look at the girl, the girl was smiling at her like she’d known her before,

truth be told, the girl was also an epitome of beauty, she was very beautiful but Tabitha was more beautiful than her, she’s almost the same height with Tabitha and they both look alike a little.

” thank you ” Tabitha replied her staring at the girl

” I’m Nina, Olugbaye Nina, I’m in js2, can we be friends “? the girl asked Tabitha smiling while Tabitha just stood there looking at her in awe.

To be continue…..



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