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{Appetizer Break}

→→→→10 Years Later←←←←

” I’m miss Efe Ifedolapo Mobolaji, but you can

simply call me miss Efe ” Efe said facing the new

sets of Js1 students that were just being enrolled in

Ruler Of Sky Model College.

It was the best school in Aja, it’s building is a

magnificent one, filled with qualified teachers only,

Standard equipment for learning and extra

curricular activities.

It was shielded round with a magnificent wall filled

with barb wire at its top, this was done to ensure

adequate security in the school, and because the

school isn’t for day students only, it also consists of

boarders, whose hostel is situated in the school


The real owner of the school Mr Wisdom Shanu was

said to be one of most wretched person in the

country, before he suddenly got rich and build the

school, it was rumoured that he built the school

mainly for his family members to attend but he

later changed his mind and made it a school for the

elite and wealthy people’s children.

” okay, miss Efe ” only a girl answered among the 9

students inside the class.

Efe smiled and continued her introduction, that was

not the first time she was experiencing such from

students of RSMC, it has became an activity she has

gotten used to.

But something was odd to her, the cute little girl

that answered her bashed her thought, when she

first entered the class, she had already scanned

through the students and deduced the ones that

will give her problem most out of all of them, the

little cute girl that answered her was the one

topping her chart in her mind, because she was

extremely beautiful and cute,

” she must be from a very wealthy family that

would have pampered her to ruin” she elucidated

in her mind as she was mesmerized by her beauty.

” I will be the one taking you civic education till

God’s know, so will you all please do me the favour

of telling me your names ” she said almost pleading

to them but none of the students stood up, all of

them were just looking at her as if she spoke Latin

or Arabic to them.

She smiled as she open the little cover on the

temporary marker in her hand and backed the class

to start writing on the white board

” I’m Tabitha, Olugbaye Tabitha ” the cute girl

answered again surprising the hell out of miss Efe,

that was the first time a students will reply her

question since her two years of teaching in the


She closed the marker back and turned to face the

the one who broke the record of mentioning her

name in her first day as a jss1 students.

She was surprised to see the pretty girl standing

and smiling at her.

She couldn’t believe it, she moved closer to her and

hugged her deeply like a long lost child that was

just found.

” what a cute name you have dear, can I be your

friend ” Efe asked the little girl nicely stretching her

hands towards her

” yes you can ” Tabitha replied receiving the


She headed back to the board and wrote on the

board, civic education at the upper part of the


After that, she wrote, what is civic education below

the subject.

” I know some of you must have been taught in

your primary school the meaning of civic education,

so can any of you please stand up and give me any

definition of civic education you know “? She asked

them in the most humble manner she could

muster but still, the kids were unyielding.

She had already trained herself to have full

patience when dealing with her rotten kids,after an

incident occurred when she got angry and was

almost sacked.

” friend, can you give it a try ” she asked facing


” Civics education according to Wikipedia is the

study of the theoretical, political and practical

aspects of citizenship, as well as its rights and

duties; the duties of citizens to each other as

members of a political body and to the government

” she replied swiftly,

Efe just stood there looking at her with her mouth

wide open, she felt like she was dreaming, a ten

year old kid defining civic from Wikipedia is

something she hasn’t seen before.

I just stood where I was beside the perfect one

smiling, that wasn’t her first time of doing such,

when she was in basic four, her teacher then,

fainted when she answered a question which a

university graduate will have to make some

research about it before being able to answer it.

I accolade the teacher because she didn’t faint, she

just stood looking at the perfect one with her

mouth opened.

She taught them some things about civic and got

out of the class when her period was over.

Only a single teacher entered the class after the

departure of the civic teacher.

The perfect one was the ffirst person he asked of

when he entered the class, I knew it was the civic

teacher that has gisted him about the perfect one.

” who is Olugbaye Tabitha among you all ” Mansir

asked as he entered the js1 class,

” I’m the one ” Tabitha said standing up smiling.

Apart from Tabitha being beautiful and very smart,

there’s something people don’t know, things that

only we in heaven knows, she is the type that

wherever she is, she must be cherished, and

whatever the circumstances, she must shine among

her colleague, i just always pity the students in the

same class as her,

the teachers may think that it’s because

the kids had been spoilt by their parents,

but even if they weren’t, that’s how they will be

looking like dummy anytime they’re asked of


Even if they know, some force will just let them

keep their mouth shut and they will just see

theirselves not talking.

Only children with strong star can be free from


Like when she was in primary school, there were

two students with strong star among her

classmates, but the fact that she has to shine will

not go away.

Like we the angels, we’ve the abilities to know

things out of the blue, it’s just like saying that our

brain was designed to know things by itself, I don’t

know this before but as I kept on passing my time

on earth, I got to know it, like the day I suddenly

know everything about s£x out of the blue.

The supreme one also bestowed this kind of brain

on the perfect ones he’s created, tho, I will say it’s

half of our own cause it isn’t effective as mine, but

it’s above normal human own.

She has the ability to answer any questions even if

that was the first time she comes across it.

I just stood beside her as the male teachers that

entered kept on showering praises on the perfect


all he did through out his teaching was staring at

the perfect one.

After his teaching, the bell was jingled and the

message passed by whoever rang the bell was that

it was time for appetizing break.

I was kind of surprised hearing such, not less than a

minute, a teacher came inside and ushered the

students up and asked them to follow him.

They did and he led to a big hall, it looked like a

restaurant but it was a cafeteria, the chairs and

table inside it were arranged in a restaurant setting

and some students were already there.

They’re mostly seniors who already know there way


RSMC was graced with beautiful ladies and

handsome guys, they’re very smart in their

uniform, the juniors uniform was the mixture of

pink and cream, while the senior students own was

the mixture of wine and sky blue.

And I must accolade the person who made the

combo of their uniform, because it’s very beautiful.

Inside the hall some students were already sitted

,some sitting in pair while some were sitting single.

” get yourself somewhere to sit ” the teacher who

led the js1 students said to them humbly before he

got out of sight.

Every student inside the cafeteria all got their gaze

on the perfect one, I knew they were all

mesmerized by her beauty.

Some that were just making their way to their seat

even collided with themselves which made the

other students to burst into tush laughter.

Something wasn’t right about the cafeteria,

darkness filled everywhere but no one could see it

except me, and that means only one thing,

diabolical power was present in their, but I couldn’t

decipher where.

On each table inside the cafeteria was a small

menu which consisted of every snacks the students

can order and a small paper beside it depicting a

number, and also a segment for them to write what

they would like to order.

Every chairs inside the cafeteria were numbered

and it’s the same number that’s on the paper that

the students can use to order.

The number was to recognize the table an order

was made from .


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After everyone had settled down,

Some girls dressed smartly started going round

each table to pick the paper.

All the students of js1 inside the hall except Tabitha

didn’t fill theirs.

So the girls which I presume to be the waiters

explained to them what the paper is for and they

all filled theirs.

After taking the paper away, not up to a minute,

the girls started returning with trays containing

different types of snack on it.

That was when I knew what was wrong, to human,

the tray consisted of meat pie, doughnut, ice cream

etc but what was really in it was animal’s heart.

I shook my head pitifully as I saw students

munching on this poison happily, then I saw a girl

coming towards where the perfect one was sitting

with her orders.

As she got closer, I clogged her leg and she lost

balance and fell down pouring all that was in her


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ” she said repeatedly

as she swiftly cleared the ground of what she

smeared it with.

After she disappeared out of sight, another girl

appeared with another tray consisting of the

perfect one’s order.

Truth was that I didn’t wanted to ignite a fight

because I was very tired, I fought throughout the

night and it has made me tired,

I knew if I reveal to everyone what they were

eating, it will cause a fight with the dark men doing

the deed, but when I saw another girl with a tray

headed towards our direction, I unsheathed my

sword from my back, I pointed it towards the sky as

I snapped my fingers and the cafeteria changed, it

transformed to an old house which was filled with

different sorts of diabolical things, skulls of human,

charms and the like, the snacks in front of every

students transformed to hearts of animal

immensely smeared with blood.

The cafeteria became rowdy as the students that

were doing as if they couldn’t run before started

running helter skelter screaming.

The perfect one also ran and I tried to follow her

but two evil spirits appeared at once , I smile as I

pointed the sword I raised up at them and they

turned to ashes.

I wanted to follow after Tabitha again and was

stopped by five people, they were all clothed in red

and all has staff depicting the head of a serpent on

it handle.

Mr wisdom shanu was among them, and I knew the

person in the middle was their leader.

I knew they’re already in spiritual realm that’s how

they could see me.

They looked like kids in front of me, I’m a giant and

they were ordinary humans trying to fight me, that

was the first day human will dare to cross my path,

ever since I’ve started my mission, all I did was

fight evil spirits and demons, and for humans to be

challenging me was kind of funny,

They were fool to think they can defeat an angel.

That was what I thought until the five of them

joined their staff together and a big serpent twice

my size with a red crystal on its head emanated

from it.

They shifted back and worship it, the serpent

roared loudly,it brought out flame from its mouth

directing it at me,but i dodged it, seeing this, it

charge at me with full speed, but as I held my

sword towards it stopped abruptly and shifted back,

I saw the confused look on wisdom and his

partner’s face.

I charged at the serpent with full speed and I saw

as it break through the wall and ran away.

As it ran away, wisdom and his colleagues were

drawn out of the spiritual realm and they couldn’t

see me again.

They started begging for their life turning to all

direction at once.

I didn’t do anything to them, it occurred to me that

the serpent might go after the perfect one since it

was scared of me and smiting the perfect will be

the same thing as smiting me.

I bound the five of them with an invisible rope and

connected with the perfect one in order to know

where she was.

I saw her clearly hiding behind one of the school


I teleport at once to where she was and like I

presumed, the serpent appeared once.

On seeing me it screeched and tried to run away

again but this time I chased after it, it was very fast

so I had to brought out my feathers in order to be

able to beat it speed, I was flying while it was

running, when I was directly over it, I jumped on it

and I used my sword to destroy the crystal on its

head and its died at once.

After killing it ,the darkness hovering around

cleared at once.

I returned to where the perfect one was and was

surprised not to see her.

I connected with her again in spirit and I saw her in

her dad’s car.

Parents of students were already present in the

school when they heard the news, news really

travel fast ,I said to myself as I took my position

near the perfect one.

Following the incident, Mr Shanu Wisdom the

owner of the school loose it at once, by losing it, I

meant he became mad, as he tore the cloth on his

body , he was naked as he began to confess his

crimes to all the parents present in the school.

He told them how he has been diverting the

student’s fortune to his through the snacks they

always eat during the appetizer break and many

more of his evil deeds.

Before finally running out to the street, he

mentioned how one of the students who has a

guardian angel ruin everything.

I was laughing when some parents were claiming it

was their child that has the guardian angel because

they have been seeing the signs for a long time.

The incident led to the withdrawal of Tabitha from

the school, she was enrolled in another one and

that was how everything started, the good, happy,

sad, bad and above it all, my foolishness started.

To be continue…

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