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“But chairmo, e no make like that” broken

bottle was not able to finish his statement

when i heard another thunder strike for the second time, when i looked at the direction which i heard the thunder strike from, broken bottle was already on the floor with his palm on his cheek

” you talk when i ask you to and also keep shut when i ask you to” the thug sitting on the floor said standing from where he was sitting, he raised a finger up and the thug fanning him stopped fanning, he moved closer to me , squat to be at my height because i was sitting down,

he used his middle finger to raise my chin up and glared into my eye with a serious gaze then he suddenly hugged me, which left me perplexed.

“see as you fresh, i don’t even need light to Know it but i think i must confirm my assumption” he said it in a loud whisper, he freed me from his hug and i thank God because he did that, the odour emanating from him had almost choked me and if he had not released me anytime sooner, i would have pushed him away,

he snapped his finger and the guy fanning him moved closer to us and handed him something, he scraped his finger on the thing and a small light flashed out of the thing, i recognized the object emanating the light to be lighter that always have small flashlight at Its bottom.

” wow, are you a human” the thug exclaimed illuminating the light on my face

“i no even think say girl fit fine reach this stage but what are doing here, i don’t think a guy as handsome as you can be a criminal” he asked still glaring at me with a disbelief view.

I didn’t answer but was just looking at him like i was deaf and dumb.

” okay, don’t talk now, maybe you’re tired but we will continue this conversation tomorrow, and I’m only allowing your insolent act because I’ve never seen someone as handsome as you and it will be wrong if i start panel beating that your fine face” he said standing up and took the position he was before and the guy fanning him continued his job, broken bottle had already recovered from the thunder like slap and was already back on his feet, he also continued his job but his voice was not thick again like when i first heard him.

I couldn’t sleep through out the night, my mind was occupied with different kinds of thought, plus the Yam size mosquitoes ruling the cell, a bite from those deadly mosquitoes can make one lose more than 5 pints of blood and the thugs weren’t helping matter, their snoring was capable of raising corpse that’s placed beside them.

I was keeping watch expecting the police to bring in the other criminals but it didn’t happen till day break.

As soon as the day broke, i was retrieve from the cell even before the thugs that were inside the cell woke with me woke up.

The inmates inside the other cell that have already woken up couldn’t help but open their mouth as The two policemen that came to withdrew me from my cell took me pass in front of their cell

” is that a human” i heard someone asked inside one of the cell and i answered them NO in my mind.

I was taken back to the interrogation room which i was placed yesterday.

I was handcuffed as i was made to sat on the sit i sat on the day before.

The two officer left me inside the room and left me.

I spent more than thirty minutes inside the room before the door finally opened and i was surprised to see Joyce and Peace entered.

I was ashamed of myself and brought my head down.

Peace ran towards me and was crying

” how could they do this to my lovely and handsome uncle Ben” she said putting her hands on my cheek and viewing me while Joyce helped herself to the seat which the police officers were occupying yesterday.


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“what happened Ben” Joyce asked looking at me with the eye that made me felt guilty for no reason,

“how did you get yourself in this s–t” she asked when i didn’t answer her first question but i couldn’t find my speech box

“mummy stop with all your question and just get him out of here” peace said urging her mom to stop with her interview which i appreciated in my mind.

“let me do my work here and stop disturbing me or i will kick you out of here” Joyce threatened peace and peace kept quiet.

But what did Joyce meant by doing her work here, another mystery for me to solve.

“we were expecting you yesterday night when u ditch peace in the restaurant but we later saw in the news that you’ve metamorphosed into an hardened criminal” she said not answering the real mystery in my mind .

” but i believe that you didn’t do it tho it’s hard to believe but I’ve handle many criminals to know a victim from a suspect and believe me, i trust that you’re innocent” she added again not clearing me of my mystery.

“my mom is a SAN and just trust in her, she will liberate you” peace said in an assuring tone.

Joyce asked me to narrate all that happened to me how i managed to find myself in the crime scene, i explained everything to her leaving some important details and i told her i didn’t know how i first myself their, i lied to her that i was psychic and can feel when someone is near death.

My lie was able to sell with the help of Peace who was adding false testimony to it, like how i suddenly stood up and was moving like someone possessed,

Joyce believed all my stories and assured me that i was not going to sleep inside the police station that night,

she asked that the handcuffs be taken off my wrist and threatened to sue them for treating me like a criminal when i was still a suspect,

I was told that all the criminals that i claimed to shot are dead except the one i knocked out but he hasn’t been interrogated yet.

I was treated well by Joyce and peace, they bought different type of snacks for me and Sophia was called to prepare and bring meal for me.

After some minutes pass 10 in the morning, Ranking came over with Tabitha and Nina.

Tabitha really did a good job in painting me as the criminal using the sympathy key to support her claim.

All this occurred inside the interrogation room where the DPO, Ranking, Tabitha, two police officer who i recognized to be the ones who were threating me inside the police car when i was arrested, Joyce and me were present there.

The case was already turning to a disadvantage to me as every evidence were pointing to me.

I tried to use Yemi’s number that we saw on one of the criminal’s phone as a loophole but i heard Yemi has already blocked that hole by claiming that the criminal called her but she thought it was a prank call.

Ranking was the one defending her.

Even without being told, i knew that my case was going to be charge to court , Joyce that peace was fumbling that she’s a SAN already sweating profusely, tho i knew she tried so much but every odd was just against me,

After the long run , the DPO said my case will be charged to court where i will be prosecuted ,

then suddenly , the interrogation room’s door opened and an officer entered ,he saluted the DPO and reported that the criminal that they apprehended has finally confessed,

I didn’t know why but i suddenly got a bad feeling about it instead of being happy

To be continue

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