Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Rose covered her mouth with her palms out of surprise.


She looked around at every body’s face and all were gesturing she should say yes.)


Rose: (smiling broadly) yes , yes i will (Edward smiled as he slipped the ring into her finger. Every one cheered happily as he stood and hugged her)




Mr. Titus was busy cutting weeds when an office walked up to him.)


Officer: Mr


. Titus, you have visitors


Mr.titus : who are they?


Officer: just come and see them. – (Mr.titus followed him to where visitors are received in jail and there he saw Edward and his Daugther waiting patiently for him.)


Mr.titus: I guess i woke up at the right side of the bed today. That is why i am favoured to have you here today (he referred to Edward who smiled at him)


Rose: Dad , how are you doing?


Mr.titus: i am now fine seeing you, (soon their was an awkward silent between them and Edward broke the silent)


Edward: i am sorry things turned out this way


Mr. Titus: you don’t need to apologise. I deserve more. I guess you two are back together?


Edward: yes sir. Actually i am here with her to seek her hand in marriage


Mr.titus: wooooow! That’s great . That’s what i have been hoping to hear


. You have all my approval and permission. Rose you will take him to the village so he will perform the necessary rites.


Rose: okay dad, thanks.


Mr.titus: sad i won’t be able to walk you down the tile.


Edward: don’t worry sir. I will see what i can do about that.




Now , Edward and Rose has the go ahead order so they started planning on the wedding ceremony which will be coming up soon.


The both was in Edward’s apartment one particular evening when they heard a knoke at the door. )


Rose: sweet heart are you expecting some one?


Edward: no Rose: ok, let me check who is knocking then. (she went to door and opened it to see Anita standing in front of the door)


Anita: what are you doing here? You are from a bad family , you shouldn’t be found any where around here?


(she barked as she sauntered the room.


. Rose was just Starring at her like she had found a Ghost. Edward lifted his eyes from his i pad to meet the gigantic surprise. He quickly Got up from the couch so that he will locate his voice easily.)


Edward: Anita? I thought you should be in dubai?


Anita: i just found out i made a big mistake for leaving you.


Edward: i don’t get you Anita


Anita: i am back to be with you. I just realised i loved you more.


(she came close and held his hand looking into his eyes)


Edward: what happened? Why are you back so soon? What about Godson?


Anita: that one? He doesn’t deserve my heart. . I suspects he used charms on me. You are the one i love with all my heart. Believe me i wasn’t in my right mind when i left you.


Edward: are you sure?


Anita: of course baby i am sure. I have missed you soo much. We can continue from where we stopped baby. I love you so much.


(she pressed her lips into his immediately after her statement)


— – ulalaa! What’s even happening here? Am i dreaming? Someone should wake me up please!



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