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Edward went back to seek for the lost contract but couldn’t retrieve it.


He went back to his office boiling hot with anger.


Had he known, he wouldn’t have raised his voice in the first place but was he to be blamed? They kept questioning his ability and that got him angry adding to the temper problem that developed after Anita had Dumped him.


Few minutes later after he returned to his office, his secretary walked in and he vented his anger on her


— Edward: (shouting) old fool! Didn’t you go to school? Don’t you know its improper to walked into any office with out seeking for permission first?!


Anastasia: she bowed in motion to show an apology) i am sorry sir.


Edward: you better be sorry for your self. Fool


Anastasia: sir


. A Lady is here to see you. Her name is mar.,… Edward: yelling) just tell her to leave! I don’t want to see any one!


– the young secretary left and delivered the message to martina who went home being disgusted.


An Hour later, Edward was still in his office wearing the same angry face when his secretary walked in again


– Anastasia: sir , another lady is here to see you. She said her name is Ro………


Edward: didn’t i tell you i don’t want to see any one? Didn’t i warn you about entering this office with out knocking? Infact, you are fired!


– he took out a piece of paper from the paper and wrote something on it.


The young lady tried Apologizing but he slapped her with the letter and pushed her away from his office.


Rose was still waiting to be granted the permission to see her old lover but she was totally disappointed.


The secretary returned with tears flowing down her cheek.


– Rose: hey, what happened miss ? Anastasia: (angrily) why are you asking? i am fired!


. It’s because of You i lost my Job!


– with that she took her hand bag and other belongings and walked out of the office leaving Rose in confusion.


She couldn’t understand what was going on.


And if she did, all she knew is that the poor young lady was fire because of her, fresh tears broke from her eyes down to her cheek as she pondered on the type of hatred Edward had for her.


She left that place immediately to Her house crying her eyes out.


She can’t believe that All these while she had been hallucinating , waiting and hoping that she will still be with Edward was all a lie.


Her heart broke into pieces as she thought about it. Soon, her phone began to ring and it was Norah that was calling she picked the call and answered with tears


– Rose: norah your advice didn’t work at all. Going to his office is one of the worst decision i have ever made.


Norah: hey bae, why are you crying? What happened.


Rose: Edward sacked his secretary just because of me.


Norah: i still don’t understand baby. Just hold still, I’m on my way to your house.


– with that, the Call went dead.




Edward was in the same office when his father walked in and took a seat.


– Johnson: son, i have been warning you about your unnecessary temper but you are not listening.


. It is causing a lot of harm to you than Good. With this kind of Aptitude, you will loose every thing! You have even started looseing. I knew you to be successful in winning contracts but due to your present change, you loosed a huge contract that would have generated a lot of money.


Be careful.


Else you will loose all .


Especially those that loves you.


– he paused to hear from him but he didn’t say a thing. So he continued)


Johnson: Martina went Home being heart broken because you refused to see her. Don’t you know its improper to hurt the feeling of a young lady like that?


– (he waited for him to say something but he didn’t. How ever he continued)


– Johnson: son i want you to start treating Martina with care. Show regard for her. Who knows she might be the right woman. I want you to make it up to her by taking her on a date.


Edward: okay Dad. You have no problem with that(he agreed)




Just like his father had wished, he called her and she picked up. After apologizing to her, she accepted to go out with him the following night.


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