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“Jesus! Why are your eyes as red as this?” My Aunt exclaimed. “I just remembered Daddy”, I lied.

“Oh dear, please don’t do that now okay? All will be well. Don’t worry, you have another Dad here, you will be fine”. She gave me a warm hug.

“Another Dad indeed! If only you know who your husband truly is…” I thought.

“Thank you Aunty.”

“You are welcome dear, now let us serve dinner”.

During my stay with Mr. & Mrs . Badmus, I avoided Mr Badmus. We hardly talked. My Aunt noticed it so she queried me one day.

“You seem not to like my husband, Beauty” I was shocked.

“No…. no…. no… I…Aunty I am…” I stammered.

“It’s alright, I only wondered why the two of you hardly talk, but never mind”

I pretended as if the food I was cooking was already burning. I quickly disapprared into the kitchen and never entered the living room till it was dinner time.

Exactly eight months after I got to Jos, I sat for the UME examination. I had a very good score. I did excellently well in my ‘O’ levels too. Luckily for me, I gained admission into the University to study Accountancy

My Aunt was so proud of me, likewise my Mum and siblings were overjoyed. I was so glad that at least, my entrance into the University would stop me from seeing the man I hated so much.

On a fateful day, about three weeks to the time I was supposed to resume fully at school, my Aunt travelled to the South West to attend a family function so I was left at home with her husband. She was meant to spend three days on the journey. The very night Aunty Tope travelled, Mr Badmus made the move to have s£x with me again.

I escaped from his grip and fled from the house. I went to stay with a friend of mine who stayed with her grandmother down the street. I lied to them that Mr and Mrs Badmus had attended a function in the neighbouring town, and I was too scared to be home alone.

I returned home on the evening of the third day with the hope that my Aunt would be back before night fall but she didn’t. When I realized my Aunt might not return that day, I quickly entered my room, locked the door and kept the key near my pillow.

It was in the middle of the night, I was already sleeping but it wasn’t a deep sleep.

I kept waking up almost every five minutes. Then I heard a sound at my door. It didn’t occur to me that Uncle Badmus had a spare key to my room. He inserted the key and flung the door open. He immediately switched on the light and I sprang up from the bed. I wanted to run but he caught me. I screamed. He used his hand to press my throat till I started coughing.

Mr Badmus is a wolf in human skin. I started begging him, i told him I would leave his house that very night and never return if that was what he wanted but he refused. I struggled and struggled to no avail. My strength was nothing compared to his.

That very night, Mr Badmus had s£x with me again without my permission. He raped me and still threatened to kill me if I ever told my Aunt. He also added that no one would believe me because he was a fervent worker in his church.

I cried and cried. I couldn’t sleep till dawn. Where will I go to in this big city? I do not know anybody.

I thought of borrowing a phone to call my Mum and tell her what I was passing through but I dismissed the idea immediately when I remembered what Badmus said. Maybe it is true that no one would believe me. I remembered my Aunt. She doesn’t deserve this. It will break her marriage if I ever speak out. She has been so good to me. She has been responsible for my feeding and clothing. She even promised to sponsor my schooling to any level I wish to attain.

If only Mummy had found time to come and visit me in Jos all these while, I would have summoned the courage to tell her. I burst into fresh tears as I sat on the floor of my room…


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