Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

It is true that I have never met Aunty Tope’s husband. She got married two years ago. It was only Mum and Dad that attended the wedding and since then, she had lived at Jos with her husband.

I quickly put on my dress and was eager to meet the man who married my lovely Aunt. I entered the living room and I nearly fainted at the sight of the man I saw. I came face to face with the man I strongly wished I never set my eyes on again in my entire life.

Of course, he recognized me too but quickly pretended as if he didn’t . I put up a straight face and greeted him. ‘Good morning Uncle’.

‘Good morning’, Angel he replied.

Hope you had a nice rest? Yes, I nodded.

‘She is not Angel, her name is Beauty’, my Aunt corrected her husband from the kitchen and entered the living room almost immediately.

Oh! Beauty, am sorry. My name is Badmus, welcome to our home.

‘Thank you Uncle’, I managed a smile.

‘Okay, Beauty, my Aunt called, let’s quickly get to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, we must leave home by 8:00am like I said earlier on’.

‘What happened to morning devotion in this house?’ I thought to myself. Thirty minutes later, breakfast was ready, we all ate on the dining table.

Uncle Badmus was the first to leave because his office was far from home. Aunty Tope is a trader.

She run a textile materials shop in a big market in town.

We both had our bath and we set out for the market in her car. All the way to the market,I kept pondering on what just happened back home. “Is this not from frying pan to fire?” I asked myself.

We soon got to the market and I forgot about my troubles temporarily.

I watched my Aunt and her customers haggle the price of goods. Some spoke Hausa language, my Aunt could also speak bit of it. I ate a sumptous lunch in the afternoon. I enjoyed my stay at the market and nearly forgot my problems until we were on our way back home.

Uncle Badmus got home before us because we left the market quite late.

‘Welcome honey’, he greeted his wife and planted a kiss on her forehead.

‘Hope you had a nice day?’

‘Yes sweet heart and you?’ Answered Aunty Tope.

‘Well, stressful as usual. I have prepared dinner already, can you please serve it and let us eat, I am famished?’

Thanks dear, that’s sweet of you, my Aunt replied gleefully as she dropped her bag and headed for the kitchen. As I turned to leave for my room, Uncle Badmus grabbed my arm and growled, *’what are you doing in my house?

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