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It was Monday morning, as usual, I did my morning routine and went downstairs for breakfast. I had breakfast alone that morning because my dad had left for work and my mom too, she’s now strong and firm like the incident never happened.


As I crunched on my corn flakes, I added more liquid milk in my plate and flooded the flakes.


I looked at my spoon and let out a sigh.


The thought of facing Jason today was really weird.


I mean we did go on a date on Saturday, one of the best dates I’ve ever been to, and yesterday we spent the whole Sunday night flirting over our text messages. I sighed as I shoved the spoon in my mouth.


I know, so I’m not going to pretend but I do like Jason. But still having him as my student was one thing.


After having breakfast I had an extra apple and went back to bed. I opened my phone and start to re-read our conversations from last night.


I rolled my eyes and dropped my phone back on the bed.


“This is just sad!” I murmured to myself.


It’s not like we’re dating or anything, but it’s not just about the teacher – student relationship anymore, it’s more like a teacher student relationship with feelings. If that makes any sense. –



I spent half of the day pondering on that that till it was time for me to leave the house and go finally visit the Jason, who has clearly been on my mind. Dang it.!


Dressed in one of my best dress, I appeared in front of my wall mirror to see how pretty my reflection might be. The dress was nice on my body, but I wasn’t.


I opened my small jewelry box I hardly ever open and grabbed my earrings and a plain simple silver necklace.


I wore them both and admire them on me. But still I wasn’t looking good enough.


Just as I start to brush my hair down, I laughed to myself.


I must be joking right now.


I’ve never cared about how pretty I must look whenever I’m going over to the Huggins. This is just crazy.


I packed my hair up and removed the earrings I wore leaving the necklace on my neck. Am I doing all this for Jason?


I glanced my reflection and rolled my eyes at myself.


Classic me.


I walked out of the house and before I knew it, I was at the bu stop. The bus came about two minutes later and everyone at the bus stop walked in.


The drive to the Huggins was fast as there was no traffic and no traffic is the best.


I got to the Huggins residence and as usual Mrs. Huggins was dressed in her all-too expensive


dress and shoes and looked great.


“Oh you’re here!” she smiled.


“Yeah!” I nodded.


“Oh and Elsa you’re not going for full lesson today, you can round everything today by five pm.” Mrs. Huggins smiled.


“Huh? Really why?” I asked. Though it was great and was less work for me.


“Jason’s dad will be coming home today and we will be having a family dinner tonight to


welcome his arrival!” Mrs. Huggins smiled.




“Okay, understood!” I nodded.


I was about walking away when Mrs Huggins called me back and I turned around.


“Yeah?” I asked.


She looked like she wanted to say something but suddenly shook her head Negatively.


“Nothing” she smiled.


I nodded and walked away, if she has anything to say to me, she better spit it out.


I got to Jason’s room and placed soft knocks on the door.


“It’s open!” Jason’s voice could be heard from the inside.


I opened the door and walked in.


Jason was busy with his phone, his fingers tapped on his phone multiple times and he dropped his phone immediately he noticed.


“Hey” I gave a nervous smile.


Why was I suddenly nervous.



“HI!” he replied as he stood up from his bed and walked over to the chair in front of his study desk.


I joined him sitting on the other chair and dropped my bag on his desk.


“So your mom said we will be having a short lesson today, cause your dad will be coming home


tonight” I expound.


“Yeah!” Jason nodded.


We both remained quiet as I pull out the math text book from bag and dropped it on the desk.


“So… How are you?” Jason asked out of the blue.


I turned to him. “I’m fine!” I scoffed.


“Well that’s good!” He laughed nervously.


“What’s the sudden question Jay, feeling nervous about today’s lesson?” I asked, calm and


cool, like I wasn’t nervous.


Well I was nervous.


We both are. I don’t know if he could tell that about me. But I can totally tell that about him, he’s nervous.


We went on one date, just one date, must it be so awkward to be face to face like this. A lot happened that day that opened my heart, and now I’m nervous because I’m new to this kind of weird feeling.


“I don’t know why I asked that forgive me!” Jason laughed.


“Well it’s okay, you’re forgiven!” I smirked.


I should be awarded for being the best actress of the air.


I was doing well hiding the awkwardness I was feeling and the nervousness I was feeling.


We both started to work on a certain topic and Jason was doing great listening but when it was time for him to attempt on a question I gave him, he couldn’t, he kept making the mistake over and over.


He apologized severally as I watched him solve the equation, but all of a sudden slammed his pen against his desk.


“I can’t do this!” he sighed.


“What do you mean?” I gently asked. “The equation is pretty easy you just have to–


“It’s not about the equation! It’s easy I know that, but I just can’t let my mind rely on just the equation that’s why I’m making so many mistake!” He yelled.


“Why are you suddenly getting mad?” I yelled too. In a worrisome way.


“I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself!” He sighed.


“Why, what’s wrong?” I asked, dropping my pen too.


He sighed and pushed his hair back, that action was attractive I can’t lie.


“I’m angry, I just wish… I just wish…


“You just wish what?” I persuaded.


“I just wish I was older, or you were younger, that way things would have been easier!” Jason expound rushing his words.



“Huh? What are you talking about! But you’re the one who said age doesn’t really matter and I’m finally letting myself believe on that term cause it doesn’t okay!” I explained and he looked at me.


“You are?” He asked and I nodded. “But why, why are you acting like this!” Jason asked. “Acting like what?”


“Acting like our date never happened!”.


“How do you expect me to act!” I was confused. Where is Jason trying to go with this conversation! I asked myself.


Jason sighed and in a calm voice he started “Well you walked in my room and suddenly act like everything is normal between us. I mean we did went on that date and I don’t want anything to be normal between us, and this, this stupid lesson we’re having, I don’t even want it either, my mom was right after all.”


“Right about what? I’m confused, our date happened, yes it happened we both know it did, but I


don’t know what you want me to do about it or how you want me to act about it” I explained


moving some strand of my hair back.


I getting heat up.


“That’s not what I meant, I know you can’t do anything about it, but still shouldn’t we acknowledge the date at least talk about it, and this lesson we’re having it sucks. Cause somehow I don’t want you teaching me anymore, I’ve learned enough I hate how I feel suffocating and nervous right now, I hate how I feel small and worthless right now!” Jason sighed.


“So you want me to quit my job, you want a better private tutor is that it?” I asked not looking at him but my ball pen.


“If I can’t have a tutor like you then I rather not have anyone. But still yet I don’t want you to tutor me anymore, it’s embarrassing, there I said it!” Jason sighed and I nodded. Now I understand where he is coming from.


“Look Jason” I touched his shoulder so he’d turn to me. “you don’t have to feel inferior just because I’m older and you went on a date with me, you’re the male here try to act like one, Yes I know for you it’s embarrassing to sit with me here, because you’re feeling inferior, you don’t have to feel that way. Cause honestly I am nervous right now!” “Why would you be nervous” he rolled his eyes.


“That’s the point, why should I be nervous, but then again. I am nervous, because of you Jason!” I stated and he paused.


I smiled. “Would you feel less inferior if you tell you I tried to look pretty before coming here, which I haven’t done before!”.


He said nothing as he watched his book, his expression softening.


“You made yourself and I understand the term age doesn’t matter, and make yourself rely on that belief, cause I have. You proved that to me two nights ago!” I sighed.


Jason shifted in his seat “I just feel like… I don’t know… I just feel like I’m not enough for you and you’re probably never going to like me!”.


“You don’t have to be enough for me or anybody, cause you’re not food or water that we consume. You just have to be you and that is fine by everyone including me. And who said I’m probably never going to like you, Jason I’m trying to let you in, and little by little. It’s working and I should get a good job for that!” I said and he turned to me immediately.


“Y…you are?” he asked and I nodded with a smile and stood up.


He tried to smile but something else was eating him up.


“I’m going to quit!” I tell him sitting on the desk. “Not just for you, for me too, I’ve gotten where I wanted to be in and like I said before. My first pay is already enough!”. Jason swallowed his smile. “I’m sorry for being selfish and making you quit!”


“I just said it’s not just for you, I’m quitting on my own terms too!” I smiled trying to lighten up the mood.


“Can be I selfish again?” Jason looked up at me.


“selfish about what?” I looked down at him.. But he stood up towering me.


“selfish about being your boyfriend!” he rushed his words.


I blinked rapidly as I watched him. I should have expected this why is my body overreacting.


“Elsa?” his worried expression made me sigh on the inside.


“It won’t hurt will it?” I smiled.


He raised his eyebrows in a quizzical manner at me not understanding what I meant.


I sighed. “Being my boyfriend won’t hurt and of course you can be selfish”.


I need someone selfish to open my heart again.


He let’s out a wide smile as he looked sideways in his room, I know I have let him speechless and I smiled too.


I am proud of myself.


Unexpectedly I felt his lips press against mine and my blood rushed through my head in one go.


Leaving my legs to weaken.


Unlike me, my body responded to the kiss and I felt my hands wrap around his neck.


We were both eating each other up and I laughed at the back of my mind.


Look at me going crazy for just a kiss, why won’t I. When I’ve rejected ever offer I got. #


“You’re quitting?” Mrs. Huggins gasped and I nodded adjusting my bag on my body.


“Why?” Mrs Huggins seemed sad.


I sighed


Let’s tell her the truth and see her reaction.


“Jason and I are dating and how do you expect our relationship to be if I still teach him privately! And besides, the money you decided to pay me on my first pay is enough for me, more the enough”


Mrs. Huggins gasped and then paused. “You… you’re not jokinh. You mean, my Jason and you… Are in a relationship?”


“Yeah!” I smiled.


“But… But I thought you didn’t like him.”


I smiled. “I do. Not to the level of feelings he has for me, but I’m trying to let someone in Mrs.




“I understand!” she smiled.


She suddenly hugged me and breathed out a smile.


I don’t understand why she’s hugging me though.


“I’m going to miss you being here elsa” she said disengaging the hug.


“Me too! But don’t worry I’ll come visit if you or Jason wants me to” I said in assurance and she smiled.


“Thank you Elsa!”


“For what?” I asked


“For everything”.



I got home that evening when I received an alert, from Mrs. Huggins it was my salary and it made me gasp.


It more than, more than what I called enough earlier.


I quickly called her and she picked in one go, and immediately I went straight to the point.


“Mrs. Huggins I received and alert and I just wa-


“Yeah, that is your salary we talked about!” she said cheerfully on the phone. *this story is written by Ruthie lee*


“This isn’t what we talked about, this is too much, Did you pay me this much just because I’m dating your son? If it is then I’m not dating him, you’re just buying me!” I explained. Grateful but disappointed. She shouldn’t do this.


She yelled “What? No! No way, that is not for Jason, that extra payment is from me. Elsa I like you so much, you’ve been very helpful to me. You’ve been my listener, my only talk buddy, you should have noticed I don’t have any friends, and that’s why you’ve been my only friend, and now you’re suddenly leaving, I feel like my thank you for being here isn’t enough for me, that’s why I’m doing this, please accept and no it is not for Jason, I’ve learned never to pry in his life. I don’t care what he does it’s his life. Still thank you for everything Elsa!” I smiled.


“It’s okay Mrs. Huggins I understand!” truly, I have been her only friend.


We ended the call and I smiled.




I sighed repeatedly as I stood impatiently waiting for my boyfriend.


We both planned to meet this fine Saturday and he’s late. Well second dates won’t always be like the first one.


“Elsa, I’m so sorry!” I heard Jason’s voice behind me and I turned rolled my eyes.


“You’re twenty minutes late!” I snarled showing him my watch.


“Sorry, I was going to get this” He said pulling out a flower that looked like it got chopped down my mice with their teeth.


“Is that supposed to be a flower?” I asked.


“What the hell?” he yelled as he looked at the flowers and sighed. “the flowers did get runned over by a cat” He said and dropped the flowers letting it die on the ground. “Well anyways, you know the rules. You late you–


“I give you a piggyback ride!” Jason completed rolling his eyes.


“Good. You know the drill” I laughed.



“Okay, I have no problem giving you a piggyback ride, you’re as light as a feather!” Jason smirked.


“That was offensive!” I shut my eyes.


“Sorry” he laughed and walked in front of me. He arc his body and said. “Get on!”


“Get on why!” I looked at him.


“The piggyback ride!” he smiled.


“That was a joke, I wasn’t really going to get on your back!” I said hitting his waist with my knee.


“Ouch!” he said standing straight.


“Ohh sorry did that hurt?” I said sarcastically and he gave me a look.


“That’s it!” he said and swoop me off the ground carrying me bridal style.


“Jason!” I yelled.


“I was right, you’re as light as a feather” he grinned.


“Put me down Jason people are watching!” I said, knowing the street we were was as empty as a grave yard.


“What people, you mean those trees!”


“Still just put me down!” I yelled.


“No can’t do!” he said and laughed, a laughter that echoed through the whole street.


And that is us for you.


We’re happy. We don’t want more we don’t want less.


Who cares if my boyfriend is eighteen and I’m twenty one.


What matters is the love that we share. The smile we give, the joy that follows it and the day


that brings it.







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