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“That was one of the best food I’ve ever tasted!” I said after the meal we just had in the restaurant.


“Well I still think I can do better!” Jason stated making me roll my eyes.


“Don’t be a lame jerk and pay up so we can get out of here, somehow this restaurant feels like a hospital!” I said.


“That’s the first thing i said to my self when we walked in, but wait! I thought you were paying!” Jason blurted.


“Me? You’re Joking right? I’m the female here, not the male, and you’re so not okay, if you’re planning to keep your parent’s money bottled up in your pocket! Now pay up and come meet me outside!” I said, stood up, grabbed my bag and walked out of the restaurant.


Immediately I stepped outside, the sun suddenly hid behind the cloud and I quickly prayed for it to remain like that, cause the sun was pretty hot, and being cloudy like this, the day felt more calm.


“What are we looking at?” I heard Jason’s voice behind me I turned.


“Nothing!” I sighed.


“You seem bored, Is the date lame to you?” Jason asked, his expression folding into a case of worry.


“I’m not bored and if I happen to be bored, I’ll tell you right away,” I stated and he shook his head. “You’re not even planning to pretend everything’s alright and pretend the date is not boring even if it is boring?” Neil shook his head.


“And why would I do something like that and kill myself.!” I smiled.


Jason sighed trying to push back his sigh.


“Anyways.” He started “There’s a cinema around the corner here, it’s not too big, so would you like to go see a movie?” Jason asked…


“I was trapped in the restaurant enough, a movie place would be worst, we should go places that involves being outdoors, you understand right?” I explained and he nodded putting his hand in his pocket.


“So… Do You want to go the wave lake?” Jason asked. “I mean it’s perfect for dates, like I heard and people especially couples go there to watch the sunset and beside the view is pretty good.” Jason expound.


“Well, then what are we waiting for” I said as I adjusted my purse on my body. “Okay, it’s not far from here, it’s just like taking a step from–


“I’ve been to wave lake before, how can anyone be possibly be living here and have not been to wave lake before.?” I rolled my eyes and he smiled. “Okay then, Mrs. Know it all, lead the way!” He scoffed.


“follow my lead then!” I primped.



Jason and I walked on the busy streets as many things caught our eyes and attention, we talked about them and then moved to another conversation. It went like that till Jason found a photo booth.


“I didn’t know we had a photo booth in town!” Jason said.


“Yeah, I mean it’s the twenty first century for christ sake, how is the owner making any money, we all have our phones to take pictures of ourselves!” I stated.


“Maybe some people still wants things the old fashioned way,” Jason smiled staring at the booth.


I looked at him “And why am I feeling like you do too. Come on, let’s go then!” I said and pulled him by his hand.


We got into the photo booth and had our pictures taken and received the tiny photo of us as we walked out of the booth.


“Oh my God, I look hideous!” I said as I stared at the pictures as my head looked big and swollen in all the pictures, arranged in rows.


“No kidding, your head suddenly reminded me of eggs!” Jason laughed.


“that’s it, I’m burning them all!” I said about to shove the pictures in my bag when Jason took it from me.


“This will all be memories, just forget the fact that you look like a female egg, I’ll keep this, don’t worry!” Jason gave a smile.


“We’re on a date Jason, I’m supposed to Recieve compliment for the whole day!” I crossed my arms around my chest.


“Okay, sorry, you look like a gorgeously cooked egg”.


“You’re impossible” I added dramatically and started to walk ahead of him.


“You should say that to your self more often.” Jason laughed behind me. “And I was joking. You looked pretty in all of them.”


“Not buying your sweet fake words this time.” I said to him.


And from the front I could hear his hysteric laugh.




We got to wave lake.


Wave lake is one of the lake in our town and the only lake in our town, its not too big or small, there’s a bridge at the center of the lake, a very wide and spacious bridge that reaches the other end of the lake.


It’s wide enough for two cars to fit in but cars or any other vehicles are not allowed on the bridge, I’ve been to the bridge twice and its been nothing more than a bridge, but now people see it as a bridge where they can go for picnics, cause its close to the water and you can meet a perfect sunset and a perfect view, And then there was a rumour that came that said two people actually did a wedding on the bridge. Well they’re pretty strange rumours going on about this bridge.


Jason and I got to the wooden bridge, a wooden bridge that I’m sure wood live for a hundred years.


I was about to step on the bridge when Jason stopped me.


“What?” I asked.


“I heard something about this bridge.” he said narrowing his eyes.


“And what did you hear?” I added sarcastically.


“Just hold my hand, and when we get on the bridge, I’ll tell ya” Jason stated.


“Seriously?” I shot him a glare.


“We’re just holding hands, not stripping, gosh for goodness sake can you just not act forty three


for five minutes?” Jason shook his head.


I sighed. “Okay fine give me your hand”


“Now that’s more like it!” Jason grinned and before I knew it, he clasped our fingers together and pulled me gently as we both took a step on the bridge. He let’s go of my hand immediately we stepped on the bridge.


“Why did you even hold them in the first place?”


“Because… I heard a rumour, that if two people of the opposite walks together on this bridge simultaneously, holding hands, that they’ll fall in love, and I’m already in love with you, so it just needs to happen the other way round too!” Jason smiled. Like I said, this bridge and it’s crazy rumours.


And somehow I like how he continously and boldly admits he likes me. It’s flattering.


“And you believe that?” I shot him a quizzical look.


“Uh duhh, why not” he shrugged.


We both starts to walk on the bridge, not actually heading to the other side, but just walking on the bridge, enjoying the view, and the coolness from the lake.



People stood on each side of the open bridge, some with families, friends, couples, the bridge was filled with laughter from different voices, footsteps could be heard too, cause Jason and I weren’t the only one walking around.


“If you look closely, almost at the end of the bridge, there’s an ice cream cart, do you think we should get one?” Jason asked.


“Why not!” I said and our destination on the bridge suddenly became almost at the end of the bridge, where they sold ice-cream.


Jason and I walked towards the cart when we suddenly encountered a group of teenagers coming our way.


They all started to whisper among themselves and started to stylishly point at Jason.


Oh so they think he’s cute.


“You know they’re talking about you right?” I asked and Jason laughed.


“Did you have to say so, of course I do!” Jason couldn’t contain his laugh, his white teeth matching his inner shirt.


The girls were still a bit far away so they could hardly hear what we were saying.


“So, here’s a plan!” I grinned.


“A plan for what?” Jason asked.


“Just listen, when the girls come close by, I like the girl with the red hair, so throw a flirty smile at her or maybe wink, to get her melting!” I smiled and Jason paused to look at me. “I didn’t know you had this side of you Elsa!”.


“Well now you know, so do it!” I said and he shook his head Negatively pretending he wasn’t interested in my plan.


But when the girls got close, and at exactly to the red haired girl, Jason threw her a flirty smile and winked.


The girls silently screamed and when they walked passed us they all started to say “Oh my God, he winked at Anna!”


Jason and I couldn’t contain the laugh that was coming up. And we both let it all out immediately we couldn’t hear the girls anymore.


“Nice one though” Jason breathed out.


“I know right!” I smiled.


“But wait, we’re both on a date, why are you telling me to flirt with other girls!” Jason asked. I shrugged. “I don’t know cause it’s fun!”


“Well it is fun, but you’re supposed to be jealous!” Jason stated.


“Oh…” I turned to him. “I get it, that was the part I was supposed to be jealous right?” “Yep, but you made me throw a wink!” Jason sighed.


“Yeah, which doesn’t get old every single moment I think about” I spat a small laugh.


Two other girls walked by and again they were also mesmerized by Jason’s “Charm”.


“Sorry, we’re on a date you can look else where.” I said to the girls and they glared at me before


walking away very fast.


“Huh?” Jason turned to me.



“What? Are you disappointed, I thought you said I was supposed to be jealous, I’m being jealous and all you can say is ‘huh?’…” I rolled my eyes.


“Actually my so called ‘huh?’ was a speechless expression which actually became a speech cause I said and which actually meant how surprised I was by your action! And I know you weren’t really jealous, you were just acting!” Jason said narrowing his eyes at me. We were almost at the ice-cream place and my mouth was starting to water.


“You know, I like how you get me so much!” I laughed and hurried to the ice cream cart.



Sadly the man selling the ice cream said he had sell he had to today, and there was no more Ice cream.


Jason and I rested at the wooding railings of the bridge and watched the water.


“And it is a pretty nice view!” I sighed.


“Are you sure, cause from up here it seems a lot nicer!” Jason smirked.


I looked up at him. “What do you mean from up there, we’re both standing on the same place and watching the same view.”


“Yeah I know that!” he bit his bottom lip.


Okay he shouldn’t have done that.


“Well we’re standing on the same grounds, but we’re not actually the same height!” he teased and I shut my eyes.


“Okay fine. Rub it all in. You’re taller I get it, now shut up!” I sighed and he laughed.


He needs to pay me up, I’ve made him laugh all day.


“You find it funny teasing me don’t ya!” I sighed.


“Yep” he replied popping the ‘p’


We both stayed like that and said nothing, other people’s chattering could be heard from afar and the cool breeze just sweetened the atmosphere.


I watched the lake as the wind danced on the water making it create powerless and tiny waves.


My skin went cold and my blood went hot immediately Jason hugged me from behind.


His hands across my shoulders and his chin resting on my left shoulder.


“I’m asking for your permission, can we stay like this for just a second!”













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