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All Jason had said was nothing but the truth and his speech should be said with confettis


coming out of his mouth! Because that was a whole lot of sincere truth. How did he get to find


out what was bottled up inside me.


But well I think it’s time.


“Come on, let’s work on this topic!” I breathed out and Jason nodded. Thankfully, he didn’t start


up another truthful honest speech, rather he just listened to what I was saying and did what I






We both worked on the topic and like always, he is pretty good at math.


“You should definitely tell your mom you don’t need a tutor anymore!” I said as I marked the set


of questions I gave to Jason minutes ago.


He got everything right.


“I still do!” He protested.


“Maybe I am too good of a teacher, you’ve taken my smartness! How come you’re not getting anything wrong!” I sighed.


“You’re supposed to encourage me as a student, not complain on why I’m not failing the topics.


You’re a bad teacher!” Jason stated.


“I’m not and it is a compliment, you’re doing well anyways.!” I said as I dropped his book in front of me.


“So are you planning to quit?” Jason suddenly asked.


“Soon! Cause, your mom is wonderful. My first pay will be more than enough” I replied. “Soon? If you quit who’s going to tutor me?”


“Stop pretending to be dumb, you’re smart on your own, your problem is just distraction, you easily lose focus, you just need to work on that, you don’t need a tutor. But I’m glad you did pretend to be dumb with math cause I wouldn’t have gotten this job in the first place, and the pay is just splendid, your family is damn well off!” I stated and stood up.


“Okay this is strange I can’t believe you’re glad I acted dumb! But anyways, you’re welcome and where are you going?” Jason asked as he watched me walked from to study desk.


I got close to his bed and sat down. “Going to find a little comfort, and we’re both having a thirty minutes break, all work and no rest makes Jason a dull boy!” I said. Jason laughed. “what? I know you made that up!”


“I did! Now just let me rest, I’m tired!” I sighed and let my back fall on the soft layers of the bed.


“Shouldn’t I be the on resting?” Jason asked.


“Are you trying to start an argument with me?” I retorted.


“I’m not, but I’m just saying!” He replied.


“You’re just saying! You’re just saying every single time. You know we’re on break right, so a juice box will be great right now, would you mind getting some for us!” I said sitting up. “You’re starting to get bossy!” Jason gave me a playful glare and got up from the chair and left to get what I asked for.


He complains but still do it.




The break I set was over and we both continued with our lesson, but didn’t do much for the whole day, we get carried away with one or two things and then it will lead to a long conversation.


Finally the day came to an end and I packed my books and got ready to leave.


“Would you mind if I escort you?” Jason said as he walked me out of his room.


“And will you be okay if I say no?” I retorted and his face went blank.


I laughed. “You shouldn’t have asked that. Come on then, let’s go!” I said and he beamed.


Goodnight ended our day’s conversation and we went apart.


I went home to my family and for what seemed like forever. We all had dinner together that night.


I snuggled up under my blanket as it happened to be a cold night. Still thinking about the whole thing Jason said, I started to synchronise his words with my actions in my head for the past



three years and everything rhymed. I’ve been the total opposite of transparency ever since and I’ve not really wanted open up my heart to anyone.


Well now. I hope to be transparent and hope things change.


Maybe if I’ve been a little open to Neil. But it’s too late.


I sighed and buried my head inside my pillow, I let all thoughts leave my body, and I little by


little it left and sleep came along.






It was Saturday morning, I was up early and didn’t know why. Well technically Jason and I are going on a date. But it’s not until two in the afternoon. But I did wake up early.


Waking up did give me a whole lot of time to prepare breakfast for my parents, my dad has resumed his work. But my mom still stays home, well for full recovery, she has already recovered. But we still want full recovery.


As my wish that morning, we all ate together and the meal even tasted better with us eating





It was an hour before my date with Jason, and I was seated on one of our cushion in the living room watching TV, when my mom came by and asked for the name of the movie I was watching.


I told her and she joined me, but it was already ending, the movie ended and I turned off the TV.


“Bummer!” my mom laughed.


“Sorry, wrong timing!” I told.


We both remained quiet until I cleared my throat and said. “I’m going on a date, this afternoon, mom!”


She wasn’t surprised she just asked. “Oh, with who… Cause you broked up with Neil!” I swallowed my pride, or whatever that was, that I swallowed. “Jason!” I replied.


My mom turned to me. “Who’s Jason? Cause the only Jason I know is the one you tutor!” she




Bite me!.


“And he is the one I’m going on a date with!” I bit my bottom lip.


“Oh… I didn’t know, well then I wish u both good luck!” she smiled…


I gave her a look.


“What?” she asked.


“Doesn’t it seem weird to you?” I asked.


“Why would it be weird?” she asked.


“Aren’t you going to say something like, why would you be going on a date with someone younger than you!”


“And why would I say something like that, why does age matter?” my mom rolled her eyes.


“I don’t know cause to me, I still feel like it does!” I sighed.


“As long as the likeness and happiness is there, it won’t really matter, just trust me and you must be joking cause my sister, your aunt flora is three years older than Xavier, and look they’re happy with their kids.” my mom said and I gaped.



“Wait! What? Uncle Xavier is not older than aunt flora?” I asked and my mom nodded. “And he looks like he’s fifty already!” I said, I’m not sure he’s in his late thirties, but he looks older.


“men will always be men dear. That’s why age doesn’t matter to them, cause they will always look older than their age!” my mom laughed at my squeezed face. “so to them, age is just a number they keep counting and to know where to classify them selves, so don’t go on like that, and girls women will always be women, have someone ever told you, you don’t look your age, to me, you look seventeen! You don’t look twenty one, at all!” my mom teased.


First Jason called me sixteen and now mom’s calling seventeen. I don’t look that small, do I? 쇼


I hurried to the place Jason and I, planned to meet and I hoped I haven’t kept him waiting cause I really hate it when people wait for me.


I saw Jason standing in front of the restaurant we planned to meet, he was dressed in all black, only his inner shirt was white and his shoes, he wore a silver necklace and the pendant was a dove. He styled his hair in a different way and I would say, he was really prepared for this date cause he was being his put, He is always charming. But today was an exception. Cause he was more than charming.


“Hope you didn’t wait too long for me!” I breathed as I got to Jason and he turned to me.


“No I just got here and have you been running?” he asked, I could feel all my hair standing and I almost cried cause I spent minutes brushing it, why did I have to run, he just got here. “Are you sure you just got here?” I wanted to know


Jason looked at me. “well, I’ve been here for about fifty five minutes, I wanted to be a gentle man and then lied so you won’t feel guilty being tardy.”


“Well then, looks like I didn’t run for nothing!” I breathed out a sigh of relief.


“Why didn’t you wear the dress, you wore on your first date with Neil?” Jason asked.


“Huh?” I looked down at my clothes.


“Is there any thing wrong with my dress? Cause I just bought this from the mall like an hour ago” I said with a low, sad tone.


“No, but you’ll get your money back right?” He grinned.


“What?” I yelled and he laughed. “You just failed your first date, things you should on your first date is to compliment on how your partner looks before any other things, even if the clothes they’re putting on looks hideous!” I expound.


“I was just teasing ya, Honestly you look lovely Elsa,” he laughed.


“Well thanks!” I breathed in. “Honestly, I didn’t get this from the mall, it’s actually among my dresses I was planning to throw out!” I smiled and did a pirouette. “What?” Jason yelled.


“Come on, let’s go inside already!” I said and started to walk towards the door.


Look at us being childish, and there I thought thinking maturity is all that matters. We’ll all be a child at heart, no matter how much of maturity we exhibit. Why do I see a start of something new.




“And then I’ll order any special food on the house.!” I said and gave the waitress the book menu.


“Okay then,” the waitress smiled and walked away.



“But come to think about it. Why do people always decide on eating out on restaurants whenever they’re on dates!” Jason asked and I looked up at him.


“Technically because eating out totally fits and brought out the word date!” I replied.


“Well it’s lame!” Jason said.


“Its lovely!” I smiled and he gave me a look.


Our foods came in and we both started to eat.


“I think my cookings are better!” Jason said as he took a bite out of the chicken.


“Like you’d know what a frying pan is!” I rolled my eyes.


“Ouch!” He said as he dropped his fork.


“What? I’m just saying what I think it’s the truth!” I laughed.


“Well you’re just saying what you think, I know I can cook. If you have a taste of my meal, you won’t bother coming to have your meal in any restaurants,” Jason boasted. “Yeah because I’ll be dead by then!” I replied.


“Dead by the sweet taste.!”


“Dead by the poison you called food.!” I smirk


“You just underestimate me too much!” Jason shut his eyes and opened them back up, making me laugh real hard.


This is how I think dates should be, the atmosphere should be humouring and our hearts should


be childish.

















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