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Episode 25


No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from here and make a brand new end.

A child can’t play for a 20 years, at some point, I got tired and began feeling lonely. I need someone more than just a companion, someone I could call my life partner, but insted I found bitches, whores, f**kers and d**k suckers. Non of them seems to worth the space. But there’s always a woman for every man, Mine just take long to locate me.

In my working place, I used to be silent and laconic, but I’m as dangerous as a snake when it got to bleeping ladies.

My first day at work, I bleeped one of the coworkers.

Aduni was her name, she happens to be the first person I met when I resumed for work. She was quite a beauty, just that her butt and boobs were quite small. After the normal introduction, She showed me my office then gave me a dirty eye wink. I regarded it as nothing as I set to work.

After the day work, I was outside the company trying to catch a bus, cos I was yet to get my own car then. A Toyota car parked in front of me and the mirror was being lowed down. I bent my head low and I saw Aduni inside.

” where are you going? Come inside let me drop you ” she said. I jumped in without hesitating, cos I was already tired of waiting.

On the way we chit chatted and I found her company quite nasty and maybe intense.

” won’t you like to know my place ” she said, at first I wanted to say no, but since I have nothing important to do at home, I agreed and follow her.

On getting to her place, she offered me a red wine and a light snacks. I helped myself with the wine, eating a flour snacks wasn’t my way. I was enjoying myself with the wine While Aduni went in to change her office ware. She came back outside clad in a bum short and a tight singlet, which was quite transparent. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her br**st were quite visible.

She sat close to me resting her br**st on my right shoulder, I felt a little hardness down there on my d**k and without even thinking, I turned my head and kiss her. She didn’t reply the kiss and I guessed I hit it wrong. I was about apologizing when she mount on me and Remove her singlet here by exposing her small standing br**st to me.

” I can’t remember the last time I have s£x, but can you f**k me hard ” she said. I looked at her with a surprise, I knew no words are necessary .

I attacked her br**st with an unexpected action which let her made loose of a moan. Even though her br**st ain’t big, they seems to be her weaken point.

Without wasting time, I removed her bum short and trow it away to somewhere I still can’t remember. I spread her leg wide as I penetrated into the hole slowly, it seems tight at first, so I went in slowly then I was able to have my d**k fully into her pu**y after a while.

Not f**king her hard will be usual of me, so I gave her the best f**k of her life. She wasn’t able to stand after I ended up the first round of the s£x, when I went in for second round, she was begging me to stop, when her pleading was too much, I stopped.

I continued living my life the way it comes, every steps I took was always a step towards an adventurous event, and mostly I end up f**king whoever that came my way.

I went home to visit my parents and also to say hi to my only sister Anike, I was enjoying my chat with Anike when my parent came up with their regular talk.

” Ayo, when will you get a wife ? When will you settle down, you are not getting any younger ” they will say. It has even became a regular phase that I will even help them to complete the sentence.

“mom, dad, I’m trying my best, I will come home with a woman one day ” I will said just for them to let go of me. I excused myself to meet Anike in her room, cos she has been keeping alot of gist for me and she can’t wait to explode.

“so funny, so you mean mama wore a s£xy gown just to impress papa ?” I said while listening to Anike gist.

“so tell me, do you have a boyfriend? ” I asked after she was done gisting me.

” Yea, I have one, but I know we are both deceiving ourselves, not until he give me an assurance ” she said, then I gave her a playful punch.

” brother, I’ve been wanting to tell you this but I don’t know if you will like it or not ” she said.

“fire away, I won’t flog you ” I said with a chuckling.


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” there is this my class teacher, she’s tall and beautiful, as in very beautiful most of the time I do admire her beauty, and all those packages are… You know very awesome. She didn’t like men, so I was thinking if you can… You know have a date with her… You know maybe you two can figure something out… You know maybe you two end up together as a couple… You know maybe… ”

” I got it, didn’t you say she hate men? ” I cut in.

” Yea, and that’s why she’s still single ” she replied.

“that’s it!! I’m a man. She will probably hate me too ” I retorted.

” no, that’s not it. Don’t tell me you can’t win a lady over? Say yes and I’m off to telling mom and dad ” she said with her eye wide open as a she goat.

” Yes.. I mean… No. I can win a lady heart ” I said with a stammering voice.

“good, now I’m challenging you with this one ” she said rolling her eyes dextrorotatory.

” OK fine, tell me what I need to know ” I said, waving her away with my head.

” her name is Ayomide, don’t say anything, she’s your namesake, like I said earlier on, she’s my teacher, we are close and I’ve made the job easy for you cos I’ve been telling her about you, and believe me she would love to meet you, I have her number here with me, you can give her a call to confirm everything ” she said.

“wait… In a nutshell… You want me to go on a blind date with this lady? ”

“Exactly!!! “she cut in.

“holy shit!!! ” I exclaimed.

” I’m calling her right away ” she said then she ran a call to her using my phone.

She picked on the second ring then Anike quickly pass the phone to me.

Me : Hello, am I on to Miss Ayomide?

Ayomide : yes, may I know you?

Me : sure my name is Ayo and I got your number from my sister

Ayomide : who’s your sister please?

Me: her name is Anike, she said you are her teacher

Ayomide : Yea I know her.

Me : you have a sweet voice

Ayomide : yours ain’t bad

Me : oh, I was expecting a thank you, I guess I will be the one saying that now.

Ayomide : maybe

Me :ok… My sister told me alot about you and I was thinking maybe, we can meet in person.

Ayomide : I’m the busy type and besides I don’t really like meeting guys.

Me : Yea, she told me that, but she also told me that you won’t refuse the meeting.

Ayomide : I never said that to her

Me : are you saying my sister is lying?

Ayomide : no, she don’t lie, perhaps you are the one lying.

Me : Wao, you are intelligent, so how do we meet.

Ayomide: I will have to think about it.

Me : what about tomorrow evening at the British restaurant, 8pm

Ayomide : you are funny, you are concluding already

Me : cos I trust my sister and you won’t want to let her down.

Ayomide : OK… No problem then.

Me: see ya

Ayomide : bye

I ended the call then turn to face Anike, which was impatiently waiting for a response from me.

” I guess she is as beautiful as you say ?” I said.

” hell yeah, so? ” she asked with curiosity.

” we are meeting tomorrow evening” I replied. I watched as she jumped up and dance to her imaginary song and beat.

” give me the venue and time, I must not miss the show ” she said.

“maybe you should ask my phone ” I said as I speed out of her room.

******** *********** *********** ************ *********** ********

The following day, I was driving to work in the morning when I saw a lady, trying to change her flat tyre, I had no intention of stopping, but I found her too beautiful to be doing a man job. So I parked my car beside the road and offered her a helping hand.I didn’t look much at her face, I just went ahead to changing the tyre. I was almost done fixing the tyre when I heard her calling my name, Immediately, I turned to face her directly, on recognizing who she is, I dropped the spanner I’m holding.

” Amaka!!! ” I shouted as soon as I recognize her. I moved closer to her then gave her a hug.

” Wao you look so beautiful, what are you doing here? When Did you return to Nigeria? ” I asked curiously , not forgotten to wear on a grin.

“I came back to Nigeria last year and actually, I’m here to buy my wedding gown, for my wedding which will be holding in a month time” she said while trying to search for something in her bag, in which I assume to be an invitation card.

” here, this is my wedding invitation card, you are invited ” she said as she gave me the invitation card. She actually meant to make me feel bad, which she succeeded but I quickly cover it up with a smile.

“it’s… It’s a good thing… I’m happy for you and… I want to say I’m sorry about the past and… ”

” it okay ay, they are all gone, we ain’t meant to be together, my number is in the card, you can give me a call ” she said with a look that seems less concerns.

I fixed her tyre, and she went her way. I felt so bad and hurt that I have to turn and head back home.

I got home and for some reason, I shed tears. I drink myself to sleep but I was woken by the call that came in my phone. I checked the caller and it was Agatha.

Agatha : hello friend

Me: hi dear

Agatha : are you okay?

Me: yes… I was sleeping when you called.

Agatha : OK… Can you guess what

Me: bad time to guess.

Agatha : common big head, just try.

Me: OK… You got promoted in your job?

Agatha : No, one more try.

Me : Ehen… You got demoted in your..

Agatha: shut up! stupid boy.

Me : so what it is?

Agatha : your friend, ope just proposed to me. I’m getting married Ayo!!!

Me : oh… Wao… Greatest news

Agatha : ain’t you happy for me?

Me : sure I am… I’m very happy for you… I will call you back dear.

I said then I ended the call.

” is like they send this people to me ni ooo, which kind news I dey hear since morning na, the first one is Amaka now it’s Agatha, shey make I go die ni? Cos dem Don terrorize my life finish with marriage, maybe this is how God choose to punish me for the girls wey I Don dey bleep. ” I soliloquise, then fell back to sleep.

Evening arrived sooner than I expected and I was woken up by a call from Anike reminding me of my blind date. I had lost interest in the date, but after alot of persuasion from her, I made up my mind to go.

And for the Third time in a very long time, I dressed like a gentleman. I kit myself up in a Mexican suit and a Italian shoe to match it up.

I drove to the British restaurant and I met Anike dressed in a Cinderella gown.

” are you here for a date or something? ” I asked immediately I saw her, cos I wasn’t expecting her.

“No I’m just here to guide you, so that you won’t talk to the wrong person ” she said, then she dragged me inside .

” I’ve made arrangements for the table, I guessed you didn’t know you suppose to do that ” she said as she shown me the table. I found my name on a small triangular paper shape board and also Ayomide name was there , I guessed that was how they do in a blind date.

I sat down and Anike sat at the other table but not too far from me. So I began waiting for my date.

After 20 minutes of waiting, I saw a middle age woman Walking briskly towards me, with her eyes fixed directly on me.

“odumodu!!! ” I exclaimed, cos she was as ugly as a bat.

“Anike, a Goat is approaching me, I hope she’s not the one ” I said silently to her. She looked into my direction and…

“holy shit!!! This is more than a Goat, it’s a pig!!! ” she retorted.

“are you saying… What the f**k? ” I mumbled with fear.

” relax bro, she’s not the one. ” she said calmly.

” she better not be” I replied with a relax voice.

After waiting for another 20 minutes and also at the edge of giving up, she arrived.

” she here!! Brother ” Anike shouted as she sighted her. I watched with my mouth wide opened like a dog as she approached and sat down with me


” excuse me? Are you the one I’m here to meet ” came a voice that sounds like that of an angel. I couldn’t reply, I just nodded in response.

” so… Why are you looking at me like that ” she said after she discovered my unblinking eye on her.

” I’m sorry Ayomide, you are just so beautiful ” I said in the sweetest voice I have.

” thank you” she replied softly.

” so what will you like to take? ” I asked just like a gentleman will do.

“something liquid for a start ” she replied more softly.

I mentioned the waiter closer and ordered for two glass of champagne, which was served to us some seconds after.

I looked at Anike and she gave me a thumb up with the chicken lap she was devouring.

While drinking the champagne, I tried to start up some conversation with her.

” you look so much like someone I know in the past, she look just exactly as you ” I said with a little gentleness.

“oh really? ” she replied with a smile.

“Yea… Her name is Erica and… I hope to see her again one day ” I said slowly.

” Anyway, I’m not her and I’m just me ” she said then followed by some little laughter.

” so tell me about yourself? ” I asked with some charming voice. She looked at me for a while then smiled before answering me.

” I began this world late, but I was able to made a living out of it, I studied bio chemistry at the University and I got a teaching job at a private school that pays me well, I live alone with my adopted parents that sponsored me through out my stay in the University. Speaking about what I do for fun, I love swimming and my hobbies are dancing, singing, playing indoor games and also I like Travelling ” she said.

” Wao, fantastic… I really admire your style… Let try to eat something now, we will talk about the rest after we are done eating ” I said, then I mention the waiter closer for our order.

The date went fine and after everything was over, I dropped her at her place.

“I really enjoyed the moment I had with you today, they are awesome, I hope to see more of you soon” I said after I dropped her at her place.

” Yea, it was nice time with you today ” she said, then she began staring into my eyes, I didn’t know what to do, but the devil in me pushed me to kiss her, it was a light kiss and she replied slowly.

“emmm… I will give you a call when I got home ” I said scratching my head with my fingers.

I entered back into my car and I saw Anike hiding at the back seat.

” so you are here all along ” I asked looking at her through the center mirror.

“yes, I saw everything. It was awesome, wasn’t it? ” she asked trowing a punch at me.

“hey !!!how many Chicken laps did you eat at the restaurant cos your whole body smell chicken? ” I asked as I ignite the engine.

“chicken laps? No, I ate two full chickens ” she replied which made me apply break suddenly.

“what the hell !? Full chickens? Not just one but two!! ” I shouted in surprise.

” when I was lonely nko? ” she replied.

“don’t worry, mama will hear of it, glutton, big head gormandizer.” I said as I drove her home

********** ************ ************ ************** ******** *********

On a beautiful Monday morning, I was in my office doing what I know best, when my secretary informed me on the telephone about the arrival of some guest, I asked her to let them in and they entered, I saw Tina and her fiance looking extraordinary beautiful.

” oh what a pleasant surprise!!! ” I shouted immediately I saw the both of them.

“please make yourself comfortable , what should I offer you two ” I asked with a smile of joy.

“actually I would say No, but I will appreciate a cup of coffee ” Josh said (Tina fiance)

” Ummm… You can drink coffee for Africa” Tina said as she punch him slowly.

” Ayo we came here to tell you something ” Tina said.

“oh what is it?” I asked looking at the two of them, but they first look at each other faces Before shouting the words together.

” we are getting married!!! ” they both screamed.

” oh my God! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you two. Wao…we need to drink to this ” I said happily.

” Yea, I’ve seen to that, come to my place tonight and let have some champagne, I’m trowing a little party today ” Josh said with a big grin.

” I trust you, Wao this year is just full of joy ” I muttered loudly.

” Yea, and one more thing” Tina said, ” can you best my Man for me, he have no friends ” she said.

” What am I doing that I won’t best my friend, common I will best and unbest him… Sorry I mean I will do it ” I said sarcastically.

” Yea, when coming to our place today, come with your own woman too, I don’t want to hear that you are still single ” Josh said jokingly.

“Yea… Actually… I have someone I’m serious with, I met her some months ago”

” …oh really? What’s her name ?” Tina asked curiously.

“Ayomide, she’s my namesake ” I replied.

” bring her along tonight, I will like to meet her ” Tina said. We talked for a while, then they took their leave.

I ran a conference call to my three friends back in my university days. Ope, Ben and mayor.

Me : hello to the three musketeers

Ben: stupid boy

Ope: woman worrier

Mayor : my best buddy, how are you ? It’s been a while.

Me : Yea I know, I hope everyone is good.

Ope : Yea

Mayor : Yea

Ben : Yea

Me : Ben, mayor have you guys heard that ope has proposed to Agatha sha

Ben : na so I hear am ooo

Mayor : the idiot wan marry your best friend last last sha.

Me : anyway, it’s a good thing.

Mayor : you remember Desmond?

Ope : Yea I do

Ben: our computer hacker dude

Me: Yea, what about him?

Mayor : he Don travel out ooo with Elizabeth , I heard that he’s engaged to her, that lady wey dey handle RPG like commando.

Ben: talk true

Ope : what are you guys still waiting for? Your mate Don marry finish.

Me : will you shut up.

Ben : silly boy.

Mayor : don’t mind him jare.

Me: It’s been long since we guys drink together

Ben: Yea, na so.

Me: there’s a party today at my friend place, let we guys all meet there for a long time reunion.

Ope : Yea, that’s a good idea.

Me: each of you should not come alone, come with your spouse, I will send the address to you.

Ope : I will come with my one and only love.

Ben: Hmmm… The thunder that will strike this guy Still dey for gym center . So me wey no get love should goan jump for river Abi.

Ope : Ogbeni shut up make I hear word.

Me : I’m ending the call, if you like go jump for inside H2SO4. Just don’t come alone tonight.

I ended the call, then I texted Ayomide about the party and she promised to show up. After the day work, I headed to my parent house to say hi to them. Unfortunately, they went on a visit so I met Only Anike at home talking to one of her cat.

” so you still talk to animals? ” I said as I made to sit down.

” Yea, it’s a gift. Just as you have the ability to see things, and beside I’m lonely and bored ” she replied.

” Oh… I would have take you along with me to a party tonight if you ain’t a glutton ” I said avoiding her eyes contact.

” brother it’s unfair ooo, you know it’s not good ooo” she said with a pitied face.

” unfair is when you finish two full chickens without giving me some to eat ” I replied still not looking at her.

” I’m speechless so you also want some, I could have order for 3″ she retorted.

” Son of Malacca!!! Three what? ”

” three full chickens, anyway I know you will take me along tonight, I won’t eat much, but I can’t promise if I see chicken. ” she cut in with a smile.

Since mama ayo have no other daughter, I agreed to take her with me, I branched at Ayomide place to pick her up since it’s seems like its the right to do.

We got there and the party was just about to start, even though it’s a living room party. I met my friends there, I knew they will come.

” who is that betrothed lady? ” Ayomide asked me with her sweet voice.

” she’s a long old friend, her name is Tina, let me introduce you to her ” I said as I signalled to Tina to come.

” Tina, meet Ayomide, the lady I told you about ” I said and I watched as they both exchange pleasantries.

I walk Ayomide to a comfortable place to sit then I search for Anike, who I’m sure will be sniffing around for chicken. While looking around for her, Tina stood at the center to make a speech before having the wine toast.

“I appreciate everyone present here, I grateful. My topmost thanks goes to my true friend, Ayomide. Who brought me back to human with a mermaid tears he got from a friend whom I will be forever grateful to. Please a toast to Ayomide and to the upcoming blessings” she said the she raise up her glass for the toast.

I saw Anike, speaking with one of the chef, and before I knew it, she has been given a chicken. I was about collecting the chicken from her when Ayomide drag me aside.

” is she your friend you saved with my tears ” she asked. But the question came so perplexed to me.

” your tears? I don’t get you ” I asked confusedly

” it’s me Erica, I was the mermaid ” she slowly, but it’s seems Tina heard her as well.

” what the… ”

” you were the mermaid that saved me? ” Tina cut in.

” Yea, I was. My name is Erica ” she said slowly.

” how come you are now Ayomide? ” I asked with curiosity.

” actually, after I left, I couldn’t clean your memory away from my head. I took after your name so as to always remember you, I never thought I will see you again, not until your sister show me your picture, I love the name Ayomide, and now you are my joy that has come” she said.

” oh my God.. So you mean that big head eating chicken over there knew about it? ” I asked eagerly.

“Yea she does know about everything, I told her not to tell you the truth ” she said with a smile.

” seriously… I didn’t see it coming ” I muttered slowly.

“Yea… Remember I told you, that someday you will see me and not as a mermaid but as a human ” she said.

******** *********** ********** ********** *********** ******* ************

On Tina’s wedding day, I was the best man as I said and Erica on the hand was Tina best lady.

It was a lovely ceremony and I planned to make it a rememberable one for myself and Erica. Just as the pastor said ‘ You may kiss the bride’. I went on my kneels before Erica and hold her hand softly.

” Erica… I might not be the perfect guy for you, I might not be the best guy in the world for you. But one thing is sure that I know, and that is… Love. I promise to love you from now till forever and I will always be faithful and honest with every single breath that I take. I love you Erica… I have only one request from you, and I want everyone present here to be my witnesses.

Erica… Will you marry me? ” I said slowly.

” oh My God!!! I will Marry you!!! ” she shouted out happily. I inserted in the ring and… We kissed.

All is well that ends well…

No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from here and make a brand new end.

Sometimes… The adventure have to to end.



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