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Episode 23

Life always offers you a second chance it’s called tomorrow.

It’s easy to man a stolen ship but that doesn’t goes with two pregnant women.

I kept staring at James for minutes hoping he will say something but he didn’t. I was about claiming the full responsibility of the pregnancy when I heard him saying something.

” I don’t know them, they are probably lying. I had no encounter with them when I’m still living.”

” you mean to say they are scam? ” I muttered silently.

” yes, help me get rid of them ” he replied.

I’ve never been in such a dilemma before, but there’s always a first time for everything. situation like this requires wisdom, so I applied one.

“I can see that you two have successfully manipulate yourself into my father house, you both think I’m dead so you came with another man’s seed just because my father is rich. At least you’ve earn yourself well. You been under my parent care since I’ve gone and that’s quite impressive. nkechi, you of all people should know that I can’t impregnate a lady like this, they ain’t my type. You know I like a fair lady what am I to do with two black goat, can you do me a favor by sending them away. I don’t know them ” I said. And just like a nollywood super star, nkechi rose on her feet then land two hot slaps on both the two pregnant ladies.

” I talk am, but papa no go believe me, brother you won’t believe that papa made me work like slay for this two imbecile. Thunder fire you today ” she said then she ran inside, the next thing, I saw her with a cutlass. (come see race)

” I like your sister ” I said to James after she has sent the two ladies running.

” Yea we are much alike, I must admit that you are wise. Nkechi was my favorite too” he said.

” I hope there won’t be other pregnant woman or women to come? ” I said jokingly.

” I only love one woman, and beside I might be bad but I always play safe. Her name is Ada, when she comes I want you to have her ” he said. I found myself laughing like a kid being tinkling by cat.

” No I can’t have your woman, I have mine ” I said after I’ve gotten hold of myself.

” let me remind you that you are now James, she will come to you and you won’t be able to deny her. Everyone in the family know us together, as a matter of fact I’ve given her an engagement ring, she’s lovely you will like her ” he said, I was about to reply him when nkechi and the rest of the family came inside with me hereby making me not alone. I was surprised to see his father on his feet walking, I guessed my presence healed him beyond my reasoning.

” my son can you tell me what you been up to all this while? ” he asked just as all the family settle down.

” this is your call ay, just tell them something convincing ” James said. I took a deep breath then clear my throat cos my voice didn’t macth with his.

” The best things in life… are not things, Alot of things has happened, but I was able to find my way up as a man, I don’t want to go into the past, but currently I’m working as an assistant lecturer at the State University I also rented an apartment not too far from the school everybody is welcome for a visit ” I said. They all looked into each other eyes with a smile, I guessed standing alone was the least thing they expected of James.

” that’s really a good thing, No one would ever believe you will turn a new leaf, but you got an apology to say to Ada, remember she has always been the one for you. We were all surprised when she said she know not of your whereabouts, she’s been miserable since you left, go make things right with her and let us know about your future plans ” papa said. I smiled then I shifted my attention to chioma whom has been dying to have my attention.

” Brother, where’s your car? You came here on foot? ” she asked.

” Your parroted mouth won’t let you rest, I don’t have a car anymore. Are you okay now? ” I said with my eyes wide open like an elephant anus.

” common brother you can have my car, but you will promise me something… ”

” he’s not promising you anything, brother I’m giving you my own car without any promise” nkechi cut in which led to an argument . I kept smiling at both of them without knowing what to say, they ain’t kids but their behavior seems hilarious. Papa interfered and both of them went mute.

” James we have more than 11 cars in this compound, just pick anyone you like ” he said and that finalized everything. I thanked him then head outside to pick a car of my choice. I saw various big cars, ranging from Nissan to Toyota to BMW to Lexus to Benz, even G-Wagon. I got confused on the car to choose but I later choose the latest Lexus sport park separately from other car.

” that’s my car brother, but you can have it ” nkechi said. I smiled at her then give her a tumb up.

” so what now” I said silently to James.

” the next thing now is Ada, go apologize to her ” he said. I saw chioma and nkechi staring at me, I guessed they are wondering who I’m talking to so I quickly blend out.

” what’s up girls, anyone cares for a ride to Ada’s place ” I said and I was surprised when they both jump at the offer, they ran inside to change their clothes and before I knew it they are both out and ready to leave. Through the help of James instruction I was able to drive to Ada parent house without any of them suspecting that I’m not the real James.

We got there and i opened my mouth to another big mansion with high level of security personnel patronizing the compound every minutes.

After talking to her parents, they later directed me to where Ada is, nkechi and chioma refused to go with me but after persuading them, they agreed to escort me to her but they will wait behind while I do the talking.

We saw her sitting by the pool with her back turned at us.

“You got this brother, go talk to her ” nkechi said. I was a little bit scared but I know I need to face a borrowed faith. James disappeared, I guessed he can’t stand looking at his lover face. So I was all alone by myself.

I advanced towards her slowly, with my head calculating how and what to say to her, but when She turned to face me, for more than a minute, I stood there on a spot floored by her beauty. She was surprised and happy to see me, but I on the other hand was being charm by her beauty. I stood speechless, the only thing that was moving in my body was my eye.

” you are so beautiful ” I didn’t know when that came from my mouth. She gave me a blushing smile then ask me to seat beside her.

“Ada I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… ” I was saying when she placed a finger on my lips.

“I’m not angry with you, I was… But not anymore. Your presence gives me happiness ” she said then she move closer to kiss me. I couldn’t respond to the kiss, my heart was beating too fast to respond back to such a sweet kiss. I kept staring into her beautiful face not knowing what to say next but I was lucky to have chioma and nkechi. They both rushed forward in a ladyish way shouting the word Aw and elongating it very long as Awwwww. I quickly compose myself during this period and at the same time examining her beauty. I saw the engagement ring James gave to her,it was shining brightly around her finger.

“brother let go drink to this reunion ” chioma said and we all head inside.

Back to my normal life, the relationship between Amaka and I kept growing, Even though she was surprised when she see me with a ride of my own. every night she will call and we will talk for hours before going to bed. And on the other hand, Ada has find her way into my heart. She was like an angel with a caring heart, I couldn’t help but to start nursing feelings for her, sometimes it came out of pity, and sometimes I just feel like I’m doing what James requested me to do.

I was at my apartment watching night movies when I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and I found Ifeoma standing with her arms resting on the woodwork. She was wearing a mini skirt and a crop top which made her body look s£xy.

” Ifeoma what are you doing here by this time of the night? ” I asked immediately I saw her.

” will let me in first ” she said, then I allowed her in. I perceive alcohol from her body as she enters, I wanted to question her on it but I Just let it pass.

” so where are you going and where are you coming from ?” I asked.

“I’m coming from home and my destination is your place ” she said. That got me perplexed as I questioned her about her current state.

” Ifeoma have you been drinking? ” I asked with little urge of curiosity.

” yes I’ve been drinking because of you, I don’t know how to say this but I’m madly in love with you. I’ve showed you all signs but you wouldn’t notice me. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I have to drink myself to tell you the truth and how I feel about you ” she said. I was totally speechless, I must confess I didn’t see it coming.


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” I’m sorry, but you can’t love me. I already have someone that I love. Just forget it…”

“No!!! I can’t forget you, I’m going to win your heart no matter what ” she cut in, then she jumped on me, she pinned my hands down then forcefully move her mouth to mine, she tried forcing a kiss on me but I gave her no response. I was still trying to resist her when she suddenly grab my d**k. Controlling my d**k from gaining momentum was something I couldn’t do cos it have is own mind. I tried pushing her away but she seems too strong to be overcome. That was when I realized I’m dealing with an igbo girl. (person wey dey chop strong fufu)

Just like superwoman, she freed my d**k then insert it in her mouth. Right on the spot, I lost the struggle but my mind still keeps fighting her off. She stopped, then she remove her crop top and bra, hereby exposing her soft fresh br**st. She buried her br**st on my face, and at the same time pushing her nipples in my mouth, I was losing it. I couldn’t help the lust feelings that kept beating my spirit. Resisting became difficult, and before I knew it, the devil in me was waken.

I grabbed her br**st so hard that she made a pleasurable scream. I positioned my mouth on her left br**st then I move my hand downward to pull up her mini skirt which is almost up with the way she sat on my laps. I grabbed her ass then I massage it smoothly up and down and simultaneously I removed her pant. I erect my d**k, then she sat on it. The warmness of her pu**y sent an excitement of lust through my veins. She locomoted her action setting my ebonite rod on fire. She was a good rider as she kept ridding my d**k like a polo champion. Her ass was bouncing repeatedly on my laps, and the meeting began to make some lap sounds. I hold on tight to her br**st so as not to be overwhelm with pleasure. The way she ride my d**k was beyond my expectations, I felt challenged so I took over the control room, I unleashed the power of doggy on her pu**y and I was surprised by her capability. She received my d**k back to back and yet she didn’t scream for help. I rearranged my strategy then position her on a chicken pie style, yet she didn’t scream instead she kept asking for more. I wanted to go for another style but my d**k denied me as I released deeply into her pu**y. I fell back on the chair so used up and tired, then later I head to the bathroom for a cool shower. She spent the night at my place and we had two rounds of s£x before day break.

On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I was teaching the 100 level students when James showed up, he sat among the students listening to my teaching and immediately I’m done, he came approaching me.

” what’s up dude anything? ” I asked cos he has been my ear and eyes giving me information every day on how far and what to do.

” nothing much, I did something wrong when I was alive and I want you to make amendment to it ” he said.

“so what is it you did this time ?” I asked with a chuckle.

” there was this day that I was highly drunk, through this I rapped one of my father maids. her name is chinyere , I lied about her to father, and my father sent her away to her village. Can you please help me make amendment” he pleaded.

“where can I find her ” I said then he took me to her village, it was a hour journey from the main city but we were enable to get there before dark.

He directed me to her parent house unknown to me that hell await me. I knocked on the door and her mother surfaced up.

” good evening Ma, my name is James and I’m here to see your daughter chinyere ” I said politely. The woman smiled then entered inside telling me to wait for her. The next thing I saw was horrendous, she came out with dish water then she bath me from head to toe with it.

I couldn’t believe what just happened, I stood there still trying to process the secenero into reality whereas the woman kept raining insult and curses on me. Before I knew it, people started gathering around me, I felt so embarrassed but I couldn’t say a word to fight back. Insted I went on my knees and began pleading with the woman. All my effort to calm her down with my pleas went off her ears. She shut her door at my face and left me outside to be mocked. I felt like going back home but somehow I felt the pain of the woman, so I waited outside her door till day break. When she woke up in the morning and saw me sleeping at her door step, she flinched cos she wasn’t expecting to see me. After some time she came out with a bucket of water, I was thinking she want to pour it on me, but I was surprised when she used it to wash my face. Then she allowed me to enter inside with her. I saw her daughter chinyere sleeping on the floor, she didn’t look well so I asked from her mother what the problem is.

“she’s been sick for the past one month, the doctor said I should bring 50 thousands naira before they can operate her, I’ve search everywhere for the money but I couldn’t raise more than 10 thousands naira, so I decided to bring her home for home care ” she said.

” she needs to go to the hospital, forget about the bills I will pay it, can we take her to the hospital now ” I said, then she agreed. Immediately arrangement was made, I carried her into my car then drove her to a hospital at the city. She was taken into the emergency section and she was being operated. The doctor came out to give us the news of her ware being which was critical but her chance of surviving was said to be sure.

I went in to see her and I was able to apologize to her and her mother for the evil things James did to her in the past . I wrote her a check of 3 million from James father account and it was a life changing moment for them.I told James father which happens to be my father now what I used the 3 million for and he said I should add an additional 2 million to it. He was impressed by what I did even with the fact that James framed the girl up for him. He overlooked the past and encouraged me to remain good.

Back to my normal life, Amaka and her parent are like my family, they kept raining me with joy and they also credit my account every week with money. After some time, I was able to ask Amaka out on a date and she replied saying she love me more than I imagined. The way she celebrated it was as if I took her to the alter. Nevertheless I love her.

Loving two woman at the same time was something I think it’s impossible, but somehow unknowingly I got to feel something for Ada, and for some reason I don’t want to lose her.

I took her on a outing one day and we both dressed on thesame clothes like a couple, everyone that passed us by all believed that we just got married. Cos we are more like a couple.

We were both eating together in a big restaurant like a just wedded couple when I heard my real name from behind, I looked back and I saw Amaka standing some inches away from me, her eyes were filled with tears but she tried holding them back.

“Ayo who is this lady? ” she said with a trembling voice. Ada got confused as she threw the same questions back to me.

“who’s Ayo? James who is this lady? ”

This is just the beginning

To be continued…

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