Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

The following day, I went to a supermarket and purchased the things segun told me to buy, I packaged them inside a nylon and took it home. I was scared to present them to funmilayo on her birthday. I wanted to send the gifts to her through someone else but segun said I must deliver it to her myself.

On thursday morning. I left home so early so as to get to work on time. I got to the bank at few minutes to 7am. I went to my office, checked around and found out that my colleagues who shared the same floor with me weren’t around yet, I picked the gift and went to funmi’s office, I knocked on her door several times and got no response, I pressed the lock and found out it wasn’t locked. I opened the door , entered and I saw her bag on her table. “Funmi must definitely be around, maybe she went out” I thought. I dropped the nylon on her desk, I picked a pen and paper from her desk and wrote “happy birthday from onihaxy” and inserted it inside the nylon. I turned back and held the handle of the door to open it. As I opened it, I saw funmi walking towards the office and she was looking at me in a weird manner. I was shocked and my legs began to shake on the floor. It was as if the ground should open. Funmi came closer while I stood still at the entrance of her office.


ME: good morning funmi


FUNMI: morning onihaxy, and what are you doing in my office?


ME: nothing, I just came to wish you happy birthday but I met your absence.


FUNMI: ok, thank you very much for the wishes. Hope you brought enough cash to take me out for lunch today?


ME: ***smiled**** no problem


FUNMI: ***smiled*** alright dear, have a nice day at work.


ME: thank you.


I walked out of the office immediately with fear filled up in my mind. I hanged around with the other team members till the connect session began and ended. After the connect, I resumed back to my desk and my heart began to beat faster.

“What if she find the gift embarrassing?”

“What if she get angry?”

“won’t I loose my job because of this act?”

“Hope she won’t change towards me?”

“How do I even face her if she calls me?”


I sneaked my phone out of my pocket and positioned my self in a way that no one would see me using a phone during official hours. I buzz my friend to come online.


ME: sege!!!


SEGE: oko bimpe, how far? You don present the gift?


ME: yeah. I did that this morning.


SEGE: you gave her the gift yourself one on one?


ME: no oh, I dropped it on her table.


SEGE: onihaxy, why you dey Bleep up like this na?. Something like this needed to be presented one on one. Not only that your gift will be appreciated, but your boldness to think of such gift items and present it yourself without any fear would be much more appreciated and it will spell maturity.


ME: I no know before.


SEGE: e never spoil finish, its possible that she calls you, just be bold enough to face her and give any explanation she demands.


Me: ok boss.


SEGE: no wahala. Give me an update later in the night.


ME: no wahala.


I dropped my phone and opened my outlook on my system. I saw a message from funmi. I opened it with fear filled in my heart and it read thus “thanks so much for the gifts, I appreciate them. Just that I’m so surprised how exactly you knew my size”.


I let out a smile of relieve and started to feel like a superstar. I continued my work until my break time when I was about to go out, funmi walked out of her office and came to meet me, she stood beside my desk and looked at me with a grin on her face and asked “are you still taking me out for lunch?” I was shocked and I never knew funmi was serious about it. I was dumb for few seconds until I finally summoned the courage to tell that I wasn’t prepared for it but promised to do that some other time. She smiled, nodded and cat-walked out of the office, I was looking at her as she walked out and I began to smile also. As I managed to sit down and looked at the other side, I discovered that my “aprokos” co-staffs were watching us in amazement. Before the close of business for that day, the news got to my team lead that I wanted to take “query mama” out for a lunch.


I got home that day and I called my friend to update him on phone about what happened during the day. He smiled and said “onihaxy, welldone, this is the beginning of your journey to become a permanent staff”.

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