Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

*****i woke up early around 4am, bimpe was still sleeping, I

picked up my phone, opened her facebook as usual and read her

recent conversations.

SWORD:, why are you calling me?, I told you not to call me

again, what else do you want?

BIMPE: I can explain everything please.

SWORD: what is it that you want to explain. I told you my

neighbour who has a shop at ODA road said he saw you coming

out from a house infront of his shop earlier today with your box

and bag, he even said the guy saw u off to where u took bike, and

when u left here today, you went back to the same house with

your bag and he saw you also. He even told me the guy is your

boyfriend isn’t it?. So is that your daddy’s friend you are talking


BIMPE: pls is not what you think. Pls, let me explain.

SWORD: what is it that you want to explain?

BIMPE: the guy is my elder brother’s friend. I only went there to

deliver message to him.

SWORDMAN: you went there to deliver message to him and he

went to the chemist opposite his house to buy condom a day

before your on friday that you arrived?

*******chaiiii, I knew its badmus the chemist guy infront of my

house. I was there on friday to buy condom before bimpe’s

arrival, and when I saw bimpe off. On my way home, he called me

and said my babe is beautiful oooo. I replied that yes. He asked,

is that the new catch?. I said “no ooo, we have been dating for

the past 5 months and she used to come around. Maybe u don’t

notice”,. Ur condom don expire ooooo, the thing dey quick burst.

I only make mouth and joked that day. And I remember he used

to tell me he lives in ijoka at sunday bustop……

Back to the chat.

BIMPE: pls I don’t have anything with him please.

SWORDMAN. Did u know that after the quiks£x we had this

afternoon, I traced ur destination with a bike as u were going and it

matched the exact location I heard of?. So all this years that we

have been dating, you have been cheating on me?.

BIMPE: ok, let me confess, he is not my boyfriend and I don’t love

him, u are the only one I love. U remembered I said I want to visit

you in akure this month which you said you don’t have money on

you, but I missed you and which to see you and feel ur arms

again after 3months that we hadn’t see, then I told him I want to

come to akure to see him, he fell for it and send me Tfare. That

how I got to akure. and after seeing him for 10mins, I came down

straight to ur place to spend the rest of my stay. please


SWORD: and decided to go back to him to collect another Tfare

without having s£x with him?

BIMPE: believe me, he is just a puppet. He so much seem to like

me that he can give me anything. But it’s you that I love sodiq. I

love you so much. I just used him and exploit him to get close to

the person that I love which is you please.

SWORD: so how do u explain the condom he bought?

BIMPE: that one is a lie sodiq, infact, I didn’t allowed him to kiss

me, u and I have been dating for 2years now, I can’t just cheat on


SWORD:. And you want to tell me you will not have s£x this


BIMPE: I swear, I told him I’m a virgin and that I don’t want to be

touched till my wedding nite which he agrees to. Pls believe me,

I and just using him and exploiting him pls. If I don’t love you, I

won’t stay till that late nite before leaving your place.. Plssss.

SWORD: but I gave you 5k while u were leaving my place

previously, why don’t you take transport with that and travel?

BIMPE: I told u I want to use the money to make my hair, and I

want to exploit this guy to get my Tfare and some provisions. It’s

because of the love I have for you that makes me not to bother

you about my needs. Pls sodiq, don’t make this thing

complicated please.

SWORD: thanks for all the sweet s£x anyways. My regards to

your new boyfriend and don’t ever call me again, I mean it. Bye.

**********chaiiii, na me me “exploitation and usability mugu?”.

Chaiiiii, this girl must suffer today.

I woke her up, looked into her eyes and said it boldly for the first

time. Bimpe, “I want to have s£x”

BIMPE: baby, I am weak, and besides, I’m not an intimacy gadget

that you can just pick and play with.

ME: I’m sorry dear, I just have the urge rite now please.

BIMPE: I just don’t have the urge this morning. Just go out and

get me money to go to PHC today please.

ME: so u are refusing me?

BIMPE: yes, maybe when you give me the money you promised,

we can then have a good s£x.

ME: then I am not in the mood to go out also. How will I need

love making from my girl and she will refuse it. And I will try to

please her whenever she needs anything.

BIMPE:. ****frowned face*****, so it’s because of the money you

wanted to give me that is making you to wake me up for s£x?.

Do you think I’m a prostitute?, do u think I can’t survive without

your money?”******** bimpe started ranting*********

She stood up, arranged her back, wore her sandals and left the


****i remain inside without any motive to look for her. I said to

myself, “atleast, I have had a Bleep of the value of my money.

I picked my phone to update segun about the latest happenings.

He hailed me on whatsapp saying “mr maga don dey get sense

be that.

Now it was around 5:10am, I was still on my bed, doing

meditation on how the day would look like, then I saw my door

opened, and behold, I saw bimpe. Back into the room with her


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