Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

I’m doomed!!!!!!

DOC: what happened?

ME: adebimpe had killed me sir. She was the one

who took my credentials.

DOC: what are you talking about?, did you know her

somewhere before you came to my hospital?

ME: yes sir, very well sir.

DOC: but I was asking you the other time that “have

you guys met somewhere before?” And I could

remember that your response was “NO”.

ME: that’s true sir, but I knew her too well sir. She

was my ex-girlfriend sir.

DOC: really?

ME: yes sir, she took my results. I’m so sure of that


DOC: the nurse who was so nice to you all through

your stay in this clinic?, who fed you and stood by

you all through the nights?. I’m not sure she can do

something of such.

ME: please help me with her contacts sir. Please sir,

also help me with her address in abuja sir. I will be in

abuja tomorrow morning sir.

DOC: unfortunately, bimpe doesn’t work here

anymore, her number which I used to have is no

longer reachable, and the information I heard was

that she no longer stays in abuja anymore. So I’m


ME: **heart broken***. I’m doomed sir. Please sir,

you are my last hope sir. Please help me in anyway

you can sir. Please I’m begging sir ****crying on


DOC: ok, call me back in an hours time, let me

enquire from other nurses who were are friends

maybe they would have the idea about her

whereabouts and contacts.

Me: ok sir


Immediately after calling the doctor. I was so sad

and almost ran mad. I hated myself so much and for

that moment, I also hated segun for pushing me into

hurting bimpe in the first place.

“If I hadn’t involved segun during her first visit, she

wouldn’t have stole my credentials”

“But how can bimpe be wicked to this extent?”

“How do I go for this interview without my


” What do I do next?”.

I was so pained within me and I began to cry as

different thoughts were running through my mind. My

colleagues at work were asking me what went wrong,

I just ignored everyone and was caged in my mood. I

was crying as if I lost someone close to me. I

couldn’t call segun anymore because I just hate him

at that moment. “Segun was the one who initiated

the assault, now I’m the one suffering for it”.

About 30minutes later, I went out to recharge my

phone because I wasn’t having sufficient airtime on

my phone.

I returned back to the office and dialled the doctor’s


ME: hello sir,

DOC, hi my friend.

ME: please sir, how far with adebimpe sir?, have you

been able to reach her?.

DOC: yeah. One of her friends who also is a nurse

here gave me an alternative number which I used to

call her with.

ME: ***re-adjust sitting position.*** what did she say


DOC: she said she knew nothing about the

credentials and she denied ever knowing you.

ME: ***yeeee!!!, I’m doomed. Adebimpe was my Ex-

girlfriend sir. We knew each other very well sir.

DOC: well, that’s what she told me, she said she had

never met you before the accident and that she knew

nothing about your missing credentials.

ME: haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!. Please sir. Can you please

help me with the number you used in calling her


DOC: ok, are you with a pen?

ME: yes sir

DOC 08033**********

ME: thank you sir

DOC: you are welcome

ME: one more thing sir

DOC: what is it?

ME: please sir, where is her current location sir?

DOC: she said she is in lagos.

ME: where in lagos sir?

DOC: I didn’t ask. Maybe you should ask her by

yourself when you call her.

ME: ok sir. Thanks.

DOC: ok ***hanged up*****,

I tried calling the number that the doctor gave me

but it wasn’t going through. I called the doctor back

and he wasn’t picking up. I was so sad, depressed

and confused. The world and everything seemed to

be crumbling infront of me. Infact, I have started

thinking of committing suicide.

Segun was calling me few minutes later but I didn’t

pick up the call. After his 3rd missed call, I switched

off my phone.

I closed for work and went home with the same sad

mood. I couldn’t eat anything throughout the day as I

lost appetite completely. I locked myself inside my

room, I opened my bible and I went straight to the

book of psalms and began to read. I started praying

to God and expecting a miracle to return my

credentials back into my room, but yet, nothing


At 8:23pm, I switched on my phone to try adebimpe’s

number again. On switching on the phone, I got a

message and I opened it to read. What I saw on the

text almost shock me to death. It was a message

from the same number that the doctor gave me.


” Hi, well I got a call from fortlad hospital that you

called to enquire about your missing credentials and

you also claimed that I was your ex. Well I have

dismissed the claims and I let him realized that we

never met before and I knew nothing about your

missing credentials. But the truth is that, your

credentials are with me right now. Remember I told

you that you would pay in a hard way?, you laughed

at it and thought I was joking?. Well, I have just

Equalized and the score is now 1-1.

Don’t bother wasting your time to trace me because

I’m not traceable. And don’t bother trying to call me

because this line would never be reachable. I also

want to let you know that I won’t accept a draw, I

will definitely score more goals to win very soon. Just

watchout. Bye for now”.

I was hanged and stiffen on the spot and the phone

slipped down from my hand. I went down straight to

the bed and began to cry loudly.

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