Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

After the long sermon………….

DOC: ***hand over an envelope to me*** here is your


ME: **** sweat was flowing down from my head to

my neck.*** what does the result says?

DOC: you are HIV negative.

ME: ****screamed**** praise God, I opened the

result to see for myself and I found it to be truly


DOC: like I said, you just have to be careful. You are

negative today, what about tomorrow?. So please.

Use condom if must have s£x, never share needle or

sharp objects bla…bla…bla…

ME: I jumped up and ran out of the office with a

heart filled with joy. I was so happy as I approached

segun and showed him the result. We were chating

as we walked down to road back to his house.

ME: sege, you need to know how joyous I am.

SEGE: thank God say you dey negative sha.

ME: oluwaseun

SEGE: even if you have STD, that one is still better

and its curable.

ME: STD?, why didn’t you tell me earlier so that I can

do the test altogether, or should we go back to the


SEGE: No, e no need. That one na small thing. I will

recommend a herbal mixture for you. The thing dey

flush any infection wey dey body. And e dey also give

horse power and boost stamina when you wan Bleep.

ME: hmmmmm. Segun sege!!!!

SEGE: na me be that jaree.

ME: but segun, I’m still worried.

SEGE: what is it again?

ME: remember I told you that adebimpe threatened

to pay me back in hard way?

SEGE: “abegi forget.”, there is nothing she can do.

ME: you think so?

SEGE: yes. Since you don escape from HIV, and you

no die since you return from her hospital, and your

joystick never disappear, “fokanbale”, nothing go


ME: if you say so sha. But me sha dey fear sha.

SEGE: relax abeg, nothing go happen.

Segun and I continued discussing until we reach his

house. There was light and we decided to play

winning eleven on his laptop before I returned back

to my house.

On getting home and opening the door of my room. I

dropped my phone on my bed and began to thank

God for scaling me through the Hiv test. I began to

confess my sins and I vowed never to have

unprotected s£x again. While I was still in the mood

of joy, a text entered my phone. I picked it and open,

behold, I was surprised at the content of the



I picked the phone and checked the message. It was

a text from my uncle in Ado-ekiti, telling me that the

job we earlier discussed about had clicked, and he

told me to call him.

I was so happy and joyous as I kept screaming

“halleluyah” in my room. I was the happiest man on

earth that night. I checked my account balance but

didn’t have sufficient airtime,

Thank God my neighbour “mama iyabo” the gossiper

sells airtime. I went to knock on the door of her room

that night at around 9pm to purchase airtime. I

recharged my phone and dialled my uncle’s number.

ME: hello sir,

UNCLE: “bawo ni” onihaxy

ME: I’m fine sir. I got your message

UNCLE: yes, did you remember that mega

supermarket I told you about?

ME: yes sir

UNCLE: the one at Ado ekiti where I submitted your

CV 3 months ago and I said it was owned by my


ME: yes sir.

UNCLE: well, the manager there just resigned

because he got a job with an oil company.

ME: ok sir

UNCLE: so I have begged and discuss with my boss

that I want my son to work with him. He said you

should come this friday for an interview.

ME: uncle, what about test? Will there be no test

before the interview?

UNCLE: I’m telling you that I have perfected

everything, you are talking about test. Abeg, just

come with your original credentials and also make

photocopies. I can assure you that you will get the

job. I can guarantee that one.

ME: uncle, thank you so much. I’m forever grateful to


UNCLE: ignore that. What are we families for?. Ever

since the death of your father who is my elder

brother, I have vowed to be with you and stand by

you like a father for you, so its my responsibility.

ME: ***sobbing on remembrance of my late dad***

thank you sir.

UNCLE: my boss said he needed someone who is

good on computer so I told him you have certificate

in Oracle and Java aside your and NYSC

discharge certificate.

ME: yes I have them, thank you so much sir.

UNCLE: so, just prepare well for the interview, and

according to my investigation, the previous manager

earns 85,000 per month. And I’m sure there would be

some other stipends and underground looting aside

his basic salary. So if you are smart of which I

believe you are, you would make close to 150k per


ME: thank you sir.

UnCLE: but please, don’t disappoint me and don’t put

me to trouble when you get the job please. Anyways,

I trust you .

ME: thank you sir, I would be at Ado on thursday

evening sir.

UNCLE: alright, no problem. Bye

ME: bye ***hanged up****

I began to sing songs of praises to almighty God. I

was so happy even without going for the interview


“Well, today is sunday, I will make the photocopies on

tuesday” I thought to myself.

The following day which was monday, I went to work

with joy and happiness all written on my face. I went

straight to my boss to take permission to be absent

on friday. He wasn’t ok with the permission but I

kept begging him that I wanted to go for a

professional exam. He told me he would deduct one

thousand naira from my salary which I replied him to

go ahead, “how much is 1k compared to 100k+ that I

would make from the first pay of my new job?”.

On closing for the day, I stopped over at segun’s

place to discuss the latest development with him as

it is our custom that we don’t hide anything from

each other. He was happy with it and wished me

well. From segun’s house, I returned home, ate my

dinner after bathroom shower and I slept off.

I woke up on tuesday morning and prepared for work.

I have gotten inside the cab before I remember that I

wanted to make photocopies of my credentials, but

time wasn’t on my side as I couldn’t return home to

pick my credentials file because I was almost late. I

exercised patience till I returned home after the

closure of the day.

I got home at 6:39pm on tuesday. I had stopped by

at the computer center located at the entrance of

our road and I told him to wait for me to reach home

and return back to make photocopies before he

closed for the day.

After pulling off my shoes and removing my tie. I

changed my cloths to a casual wear and picked my

palm slippers. I raised my hands up to the top of my

wardrobe to pick my credentials file before

proceeding to make photocopies.

I just thought of it that I should check inside of it to

see if I still have a copy of my C.V inside it or print

out another one from my email. Who knows?, I might

need the C.V during the interview.

I was shocked and weak as I unhook the button on

the case file to open it.

My certificate, NYSC certificate, Oracle

certificate and Java certificate were all missing. I

poured out everything on the floor to search all

through again and I still couldn’t find all the four


“But all these credentials were inside this bag before

I left the GNLD office in niger state na?”

” I was so sure because I brought them out even at

the venue and then returned them inside the same


***can somebody please wake me up, this must be a


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