Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

ME: *****hugged Segun***** thanks so much bro, you are indeed more than a friend. You are a brother from another mother.

SEGE: you are welcome bro. I am so happy for you that you will be relocating back to Lagos.

ME: But I am unhappy that I lost my dearest Betty to another man.

SEGE: just accept your fate and move on bro. that’s how God wants your paths to be.

ME: I wish I could still marry Betty, I can never find any other girl like her.

SEGE: that’s a lie, you will always find girls that are even better than her. You just have to be focused and this time, you have to put an end to womanizing.

ME: womanizing?, do you have to preach to me again?. Segun, I have learnt the bitter lessons of life in this past five years. Funmi that I loved so much then, did she helped me when I was deported?, who among the other girls did I see when I was in problem?, none.

SEGE: that’s life my brother, you have learnt your lessons. You should be grateful that Betty cared to look back and help you, several girls will never care.

ME: that is true. But I am still confused about something

SEGE: what is that?

ME: all what Bimpe sent in that texts wereall lies, she never raped me and neither did she drugged me. It was a mutual romance that led to s£xual intercourse.

SEGE: ***smiled*** yeah, I know. It was my handiwork

ME: your handiwork?, how?

SEGE: when I saw that the suffering was too much for you and the only person that could help you out is Betty, I had to communicate with Bimpe on Facebook and I plead with her to declare you innocent to Henry’s family so that they could return back their helping hands and she agreed.

ME: ***screamed*** waoooh, you did that?. Thanks so much Segun, I am very grateful.

SEGE: you are welcome bro.

ME: how far with you and Sandra?, now that you are back together, what is the next plan?

SEGE: we will be getting married next year, I have gone to meet her family in Abuja earlier late last year.

ME: late last year?, where was I then?

SEGE: you were here. Remember that Betty wanted everything to be a secret as at then, that was why I didn’t disclose it to you.

ME: hmmmmmmm. What was her family’s impression about you?

SEGE: I think they like me. Hermum always calls me and I do call her daddy too.

ME: waoooh. Congrats bro.

SEGE: congrats on your new job and new life too.

The following week, I packed my bags and luggage and I relocated back to Lagos. I resumed immediately at the firm and I was putting up with my cousin in Mushinfor few months before I finally got my own two bedroom flat accommodation. Before the End of my second year at the firm, I bought an Honda accord car (EOD), the exact type that Betty gave to me when I was still with her. I so much the car and I intentionally bought the exact type and colour to keep the memory of Betty evergreen in my heart.

Segun got married to Sandra a year later and I was his best man at the wedding ceremony that was held in Abuja, the event was so glamourous that politician and high personalities were present at the occasion. After their wedding, Sandra’s dad made Segun the manager of one of his companies in Lagos and we both based in Lagos andcontinued our friendship.


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