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(You disgust me)

# esther

_______________________Day 1

Arranging her cloths in her tiny bag

was really hard

for Bella, very soon josh will arrive to

pick her, only

if she has a way to stop this drama,

how can her

life just turn around in just days of

meeting that

beast ? She couldn’t come tell her

brother the nasty

job she was going to do. Of course it

was fealty

and she can’t let her brother know she

will be

Houston Knights whore for 10 days, so

she found a

suitable lie and told sam she will see

him some

time since her job they will pay well,

she had

refused to tell him who she’s working

for or where

or the kind of job she was going to do.

Sam knew he wouldn’t be able to

bring out word

from his sister but just nodded and

watched as the

car came to pick her.

Bella had never felt this bad in her

entire life as she

sat at the back of the B.M.W, she

looked out the

window, still thinking how she will

turn out to be a

whore in 10 days, her tears flow freely

and she

wiped it with shaking hands, one thing

was for sure,

She’s doing this because of her

grandmother and


Not realizing when the car came to am

halt, josh

opened the door for her and with

shaking legs came

out , and she came face to face with

paradise, she

couldn’t help the *wow* that left her

mouth , josh

chuckled and helped her with her bag ,

the out layer

of the frontage is indeed beautiful,

never had she

come across such gorgeous mansion in

the whole

of her life.

“I can see you indeed like the house ”

josh said

looking at Bella who looked at him .

“It’s beautiful, but I guess people live

here too” she

said .

Josh chuckled.

“Nah….no one except boss and the


including me as the driver” josh said as

they went

Infront of the house door, he pushed it

open and

gestured for bella to go in first , she


memorised at what she saw, she

thought the

outside was more beautiful, but damn

the inside is

one in a million gorgeous, how can a

living room

could be so large , josh seeing how she


gawking at the room let out a


“Can you still breath ? Josh asked .

Bella didn’t know what to say but stare

at josh

quietly , she couldn’t believe this

house belongs to

one person.

“I will take it that you can’t” josh

replied to his

question,bella chuckled, she kind of

found josh


“I really can’t believe knight stays here

all alone ”

she said .

“Well he does, but of course that

includes us, their

about 10 body guards at this building,

wait till you

see his other mansion, you might have

to crawl

with your tongue” josh said .

“I find that disgusting” she replied

looking over the

place, but she wonders why thiers no

pictures of

him at all.

“What of his families? She asked.

“Am not in the right place to tell you

ms Kinston, I

will just take your bag to the room and

of course

grace had made a meal before she left

” josh said .

“Who is grace? She asked .

“The house help, she goes and come ,

she doesn’t

live here, at least that’s want boss

wants, the rest

of us are living in the head quarters,

the maids just

clean and go ” josh replied.

Bella couldn’t understand why Knight

don’t keep

anyone with him, why would only him

live in such a

big house doesn’t he get bord or


“I really can’t believe your boss will

live all by

himself in this large building, doesn’t

he get bord ?

Bella asked.

“He hardly gets bored, because he

normally spends

his time in his hotel suite, but am just

surprised he

ask me to drive you here, and he asked

me to put

your bag in his room which am still

surprised” josh

answered looking at Bella who didn’t

know what to


Maybe he doesn’t even know why

Knight had

brought her here to stay , only if he

knew why , he

will understand, being his boss whore

for 10 days

he will be disgusted by her.

“Please ms Kinston just make yourself


I will go drop this , you can go to the

kitchen, you

can heat up the meal and eat ” he said

turning to

go Bella quickly stopped him.

,” What?, I can’t go there, he will get

mad” Bella

said .

“Ms Kinston, I don’t think so, because

that was his

oder which am still surprised” josh said

and left

Bella standing their with her mouth

wide open,

she’s seriously confused,why would he

let a

stranger into his kitchen?

Some Few minutes later Bella was

already eating

the sweet homemade when she felt

someone behind

her, turning she saw josh.

“Oh my gosh you scared me” she said



“Am sorry , I was just checking up on

you , I’d like

you to relax boss will soon be back ”

he said .

“Where has he been since I came ?

Bella asked .

“Business meeting at his company, but

he will be

back soon, so enjoy while it last ” he

said Bella

didn’t understand why he said that her

heart beat

increased does that mean josh knows


and her main reason for staying here ,

she wanted

to ask but he already left .

Josh took her round the building later

telling her it

was his boss instructions, she got to

see how

beautiful the building was from the

inside to the

outside, she even got to see the pool,

which she

already want to jump inside , but she

didn’t bring

her bathing suit .

Later she sat down in the living, she

wonders why

Knight hasn’t returned, but her thought

got Indy

when the door opened and he walked

in , she

looked up at him and quickly got up,

damn she

couldn’t stop staring at his perfectly

male body ,

and she knew inside that shirt of his is

a man with

great abs and six pack.

Knight couldn’t help but stare at her as

she stood

looking so beautiful in his eyes, he

took gently

steps towards her, he would had been

back since

but his business was indeed important

so he had

to finish up .

Bella’s heart was Beating so fast as

Knight drew

closer to her, once he was in her front ,

he leaned

over to her ear and whispered.

“Why aint you naked ?

Bella felt disgusted, she gasped and

pushed him

from her as her eyes blaze at him with


“You disgust me” she said .

Knight smirked and sat on the couch

watching Bella

giving him that death look , their was


different about her he just couldn’t

place his fingers

on, but he knew Bella belongs to him

for 10days so

let it begin.

“Take of your pant ” he ordered.

Bella couldn’t believe he would ask

her to do it


“Why are you so evil ? She asked ,

Knight raised an

eyebrow at her .

“Do what I asked you to do , take it off”

he ordered

with a hard voce , with shaking hands

and disgrace

mode she slipped her pant down ,

looking at him all

through as his eyes followed her every


“Hand it over” he said , Bella knew it

was stupid

mending words with him so she threw

it at him, not

wanting to go close to him , Knight

caught it in his

hand and smirked.

“Pink , I love it” he said , he smelled it,

and Bella’s

cheek became so red.

“Now strip ” he said .

Bella was taking aback , did he just tell

her to

strip ?.

“What ? She asked .

” Rule number 6 , no complaining, strip

now” be


Bella’s eyes was wide open as she and

Knight stare

at each other .

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