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I left Funmi’s office and I went out for lunch at my usual canteen, Funmi also gave me a thousand naira to buy a plate of rice for her. It was as if Segun had already known my break time,he sent me a message on BBM and we chatted online for several minutes.

ME: hi Segun, how are you?


SEGE: I’m fine Onihaxy. You didn’t call me again since you reached Lagos, hope you are good and how is Betty?


ME: I’m good. Betty is fine; she travelled back to UK for her studies this morning.


SEGE: really?, so fast?,


ME: yes, according to her school calendar, she had to resume immediately.


SEGE: that’s cool. Did you later propose to her?


ME: yes I did, it happened immediately Henry arrived because I reached there before him.


SEGE: that’s cool. What was Adebimpe’s reaction?


ME: she just smiled although. Betty called a meeting between the three of us earlier before the proposal and we discussed about the internet love that transpired between Bimpe and I . You need to see how Bimpe played along, that girl is a super actress.


SEGE: I told you na, that witch is a super liar. I knew she was going to act very well.


ME: funny enough, she told me privately that she was also hunting for you and vowed to kill you any day she sets her eyes on you also.


SEGE: hahahahahahaha. That witch?, I swear I will crush her to pieces. It’s going to be a game of the last man standing.


ME: well, I already told her the same too, so let’s see who kills who first.


SEGE: no problem now, just watch out for the two of us.

Segun and I chatted until I was through at the canteen. I stopped by at the usual eatery where I do buy Funmi’s food and purchased her rice. I delivered her food to her on getting back to her office before going back to meet my team members at our office. We continued with our work and I told Benita to wait behind so as to brief her on her duties and role as an assistant team-lead and I was surprised when she responded with a smile. I began to wonder why she was so happy about a post that doesn’t add anything to her salary. We closed for the day at around 6:30pm and it was time for everybody to start going home, I was so weak and tired as a result of the stress I went through that day, I have even forgotten that I told someone to wait behind at the close of business for the day. I was at the park and was about opening the door of my car when Betty ran after me shouting “ Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!, aren’t we meeting again?”, with sign of tiredness well written on my face, I apologized to her for not remembering and promised to see her the next day. She nodded in agreement as she opened the passenger door of my car and hopped in as I enter into the car and I was so shocked and surprised.

ME: ***surprised look **** but Benita, we aren’t going to the same route, why are you inside the car?


BENITA: **Smiled** who told you that we aren’t going through the same route?


ME: I knew because your route is towards the island while mine is down the mainland


BENITA: well, I’m going to check on my sister whom I used to live with before. I have some items to deliver to her from the village.


ME: but you never told me before now?


BENITA: Onihaxy!!!, but why asking all this questions?, ooooh. It seems you have another girl whom you want to drive home with abi?, it seems I’m disturbing or interfering something. Let me come down then and follow a “Danfo” bus.


ME: ***confused**** come back and sit down here jor. I’m just curious because we have been together in the same office since morning and you never told me anything.


BETTY: ok, I’m sorry then.


ME: no problem *****started the car engine*****

I drove out of the bank and several thoughts began to run through my mind.

“ why am I always having problems with all this women?”

“ what does Benita actually want from me?”

“ Funmi’s problem is still hanging out there?”

“ Her daughter won’t let me rest on chats and calls”

“ Her mother also threatened war”

“ Adebimpe is there in Lekki with my 4 years old daughter and another baby in her womb”

“ Betty is also there whom I’m competing over with another guy”

“ why is my life so complicated like this?”

“ I just hope I will be free from all this web and live a peaceful life someday”

I was so lost in thoughts that I never realized that Benita was even talking to me. It was when I was about running into a bus that Benita screamed and I was able to regain consciousness.

BENITA: Onihaxy!!!!, what is the problem ?, you nearly hit that bus. You aren’t even replying my talks.


ME: I’m sorry dear. I am so weak and tired ni jor. To worsen the situation, I’m also hungry.


BENITA: eyah, sorry. You see now?, all this while, I have been begging you to teach me how to drive but you refused. Let’s assume I can drive now, won’t I suggest driving you home?


ME: ****smiled****


BENITA: is there any food at home for you to eat?


ME: I don’t think so. But I have foodstuffs at home.


BENITA: do have soup or stew?


ME: No.


BENITA: ok, stop by at the nearest market, we are going to buy some ingredients, we are going home together. Let me cook for you tonight.


ME: don’t worry yourself Benita, my brothers must have prepared something.


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BENITA: Let me mind dear. I was the one seated here with you in the car when you were about running into another bus, I am the one who left the bank with you and everybody was aware. If anything bad happens to you, I will be the first person that people will ask questions from.


ME: but I am insisting that you shouldn’t bother yourself. I’m sure that my brothers must have prepared something.


BENITA: that makes it more interesting. The truth is that I am also hungry, let us go home together to eat. When I’m done, I will return to my sister’s house. It’s just 35 minutes journey from your house.


ME: ***chaii!!!!!, how do I discharge this girl now???****. Ok, I think we should stop by at one eatery or canteen to eat. I am sure it will sustain me till I reach home.


BENITA: hmmmm Onihaxy!!!!, you are just trying every possible means to prevent me from coming to your house abi?


ME: haba Benita, not at all, I already told you about my brothers and what they are capable of doing.


BENITA: Onihaxy!!!, are you sure it’s your brothers you are preventing me from seeing?, or your wife?


ME: wife?, I never told you that I am married now.


BENITA: then who was the girl that came to look for you the other day?


ME: which girl?


BENITA: the one that met me in your house, because it was since that day that you have started behaving awkward towards me.


ME: that girl?,Adebimpe ?, she is my sister


BENITA: she is your sister?, and her mood changed when I introduced myself as your wife?


ME: ***pulled a brake and halt the car***** what? , you said so?, no wonder!!!


BENITA: no wonder that what?


ME: she was just angry that I was keeping a girl in my house without her knowledge.


BENITA: ok, you have to seek permission from her first abi?, and is that why you stopped the car?


ME: ***starts the engine*** not really. You know she is my sister and she has always been the one helping me. I am just surprised that you told her that you are my wife.


BENITA: well, I didn’t tell her anything, I was just pulling your legs. But from the reactions you just displayed, I now understood the exact reason why you kicked me out of your house. Please, where I’m going to drop is just three junctions ahead. Please drop me off so that you can go home and meet your wife.


ME: haba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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