Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

I dropped the call with my mouth wide opened as

segun was also looking at me and shaking his head at

the same time.

SEGE: oh boy, this your kemi too smart

ME: “baje baje”

SEGE: her own smartness sef don pass that of bimpe

ME: seems so. So what do I do next?

SEGE: sebi na two sims you get?

ME: yes na

SEGE: she know the second number?

ME: no oooo.

SEGE: switch off this line for the next 3weeks or one

month. Cased closed.

ME: really?, sebi you be event planner na, abeg plan

another way out jaree

SEGE: abegi mr maga. This girl’s smartness don dey

compete with my own. Just do as I say for now while

planning for another alternative.

I went back home, I changed my sim as segun directed

and kemi’s chapter was closed till further notice.



******** 18 months later *******

***TAP TAP TAP**** I felt someone taping my shoulder

and waking me up from sleep, I strained my eyelids and

gradually opening my eyeballs, I looked straight into

the ceiling and noticed it was painted white. It looked

strange to me because the ceiling of my room wasn’t

painted. I moved my head to the left and looked

straight to the wall beside me, it was also painted

white, it also looked strange to me because the wall of

my room is painted blue. This time, I was getting

scared and my heart began to ponder faster. Out of

fair, I turned my head to the other opposite side. I saw

two legs standing by the bed. I went dumb instantly as

I was tracing the legs upwards with my eyes. On

tracing to the kneels, the person was putting on a

white overall gown. This time, my heart was beating as

fast as possible. On tracing to the hips, I found out

that it was a girl. I traced to the chest and the two

hands were folded on the chest. I continued lifting my

eyes upward until I reached the face. “What!!!!!,

Adebimpe!!!!, is that you?, what am I doing here?, where

am I?”.

BIMPE: hi onihaxy ***smiled while standing***

ME: ** my heart almost burst out of my chest*****.

Adebimpe, where am I?, how did I get here?, I tried

moving my hands but it was tied to the bed.

BIMPE: ***smiled***, onihaxy!!!, you don’t need to

bother about where you are and how you got here.

What you should bother about is what I will do to you


ME: ****looked around again. The door was locked, my

legs were also tied to the bed’s edge with a chain and

there was no one else in the room aside bimpe and


please dear. I knew I have really wronged you. Please

have mercy on me. Please I beg you in the name of


BIMPE: ***raised eye brow**** and why should I have

mercy on you.

ME: ****crying**** adebimpe my love, it wasn’t my

fault. segun caused everything that happened.

BIMPE: ***smiled*** and the same segun isn’t here to

save you. So how will you now save yourself?.

ME: ***started crying and begging for mercy****.

Adebimpe mi, please have mercy on me, search down

into your heart and you will see that I have always

loved you.

BIMPE: hmmmmm, really?, uncle please tell me

another story.

ME: adebimpe, I’m serious. I loved you and I have

always loved you. Ever since you left, I wasn’t myself

anymore. I live every moment of my life thinking about

you dear.

BIMPE: **** dropped her hands from her chest and

moved closer to the bed, she sat down beside me and

kissed me passionately for about 40 seconds*****

Onihaxy, I also love you and I have never stopped

thinking of you. I knew everything wasn’t your idea. I

knew you never had that cruel heart to humiliate me. I

know you were pushed to do what you did.

ME: thanks so much my love. Thanks for understanding


BIMPE: its ok, but that won’t stop me from paying you

the revenge coin.

ME: haaaaaa. I’m so sorry adebimpe, please have

mercy on me.

ADEBIMPE: ****smiled*****, don’t worry dear, I won’t

kill you, I will only cripple you, by the time I break your

joints, I will set you free.

ME: adebimpe please!!!!!!!!

ADEBIMPE: *****stood up from the bed, opened a bag

and brought out a gun, pointed it at my kneels****,

onihaxy, I love you.

ME: ***as she was about to pull the trigger****

ADEBIMPE please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My alarm rang and I woke up sweating seriously, I

looked at my time and it was 5am. “Yeeeeee!!, so I

have been dreaming ?”. I prayed immediately and

switched on my phone. Behold, I got a message from a

strange number saying “hi onihaxy, long time”.


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