Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

I was still standing close to the window in the living room with various thoughts going through my mind, I was totally confused and didn’t know exactly what next to do, I started crying and sobbing like a baby with tears flowing down my cheek like a fountain. I checked the time on the wall clock and it was few minutes to 6am. At a point, I started contemplating on whether to go out or return back into Adebimpe’s room to re-observed the situation and see if she could wake up again.

I dropped the cottons and suddenly decided to go back into Adebimpe’s room, I dropped my key on the table and climbed up the stairs. I reached the front of Danielle’s room and peeped through the key hole and I saw that she was still sleeping. I left the corridor of her room and went further to Adebimpe’s room. I opened the door and it appeared to me that her position was different from the way I left her, I moved closer and I saw that she was still bleeding from her head. I rose up her head and placed it on my laps and I began to hit her chest so hard by punching with a blow as I continued to scream her name again with tears still flowing endlessly out of my eyes.


“Adebimpe please wake up!!!!”

“Bimpe please have mercy on me”

“Bimpe please, I don’t want to go to jail”

Bimpe wasn’t still responding and I moved my head closer and placed my mouth on her mouth, I covered her nostril and tried doing a “mouth to mouth” breathing. I resumed hitting her chest again and calling of her name but she wasn’t still responding to me. I was totally confused and tears never ceased to stop flowing out of my eyes, I started thinking of the easiest way to commit suicide because I already knew that there was no way I could escape this case, I knew there was no where I could run away to that Henry won’t find me with the help of the police. I knew there was no way I could escape jail and be probably sent to life imprisonment or probably given a death sentence for committing murder.

I rose up my head and noticed that the bathroom door was opened. I pulled of my shirt, moved closer to Adebimpe, I lifted her up and I carried her in my hands like a new baby while she was still naked. I took her into the bathroom and made her to sit down on the bathroom floor and directly under the shower. I made her to rest her back on the wall while I opened the shower tap to allow water to flow down to her head. I knelt down in front of her with tears still flowing out endlessly from my eyes and I began to shake her body and hit her chest. I would press her head away from the shower to give her mouth to mouth breathing my placing my mouth on hers and yet, adebimpe wasn’t moving.

After about three minutes of trying to resuscitate Adebimpe which wasn’t eventually working, I gave up trying. With my knees still on the floor and with tears still flowing out of my eyes, I pulled her towards myself and made her to rest on my chest while I held her tight. At that moment, i suddenly developed this huge feelings for her and I started missing her seriously. I have never felt that kind of love for her before. I pulled her more closely and began to talk alone to myself.

“Adebimpe, we don’t have to end it this way”

“We have gone too far to depart with death”

“Thank you for been a special part of me”

“Thanks for giving me a daughter”’

” Thanks for everything you have done for me”

” I might have pushed you away so many times”

” I might have ignored you and treated you like a trash”

” I might have been so harsh on you of recent”

” But the truth is that I have always loved you”

” And I will forever love you”

” Your memory in my heart will be forever”

” You shall never been forgotten in my heart”

” I’m so sorry that your death came from me”

“I’m so sorry for pushing you away so hard”

“I’m so sorry for sending you to an early grave”

“Please find a place in your heart to forgive me”

“I love you now and forever”

I stopped talking to myself and I pulled her head away a bit to see her face for the last time. With emotional tears still flowing from my eyes, I pulled her head closer and kissed her like never before for the next three minutes. I was about to drop her to the floor when she suddenly started coughing like someone that was choked.

” Bimpe!!!!!!!!!!, you are awake and alive!!!!!!!!

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