Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

I went to meet funmi before the close of business for day to request for a five days leave between 27 to 31st , she asked me what I wanted to do with the leave and I said to her that I want to visit my family because I have not seen then for a year. She told me to apply through my unit head and if not granted, I should let her know about it. I went to my unit head to apply for the leave and I told him that it was FUNMI that sent me to meet him. he laughed and said ” see power ooooo, so you have been to my boss before coming to meet me?, so you expect me to deny your request so that FUNMI will put me on heat?,” he later picked his landphone and called FUNMI to confirm what I said. he dropped the phone and said ” Oga onihaxy, you can have your leave ooooo, just make it official to me through mail and copy the project manager and funmi. we both smiled at each other and I returned back to my new office to further interact with my team members. Benita and I waited after the close of business and we discussed about lots of things.

ME: Benita, what happened to team B where you were initially grouped?

BENITA: I don’t know for them ooooo, I think one new person just joined, so I was told to join your team.

ME: that’s cool.

BENITA: I’m so happy that you were made a team lead and I’m happy too that I will be working with you.

ME: Hmmmmmmmmmmm

BENITA: At least, I will be able to work without fear of queries and sanctions.

ME: ****smiled****** see you, expect queries ooooo.

BENITA: because you are the son of query mama abi?, you want make it like mother like son?

ME: what do you expect?

BENITA: so when are you choosing your assistance and who are you choosing?

ME: ***** what type of question is this?****** I don’t know yet ooooo

BENITA: choose me jor, I want to be your assistant.

ME: hmmmmmm, I think the management is planning to choose assistance by themselves from what I heard from other team leads, let’s wait till tomorrow sha.

BENITA: no problem

ME: how far with the place where you are staying, I hope there is no problem with it?

BENITA: there is oooo, I’m not that free compare to your place but I have no choice since you don’t want me to live with you.

ME: its not like that nor Benita. I told you I have new guests.

BENITA: No problems sha.

we discussed for 10 more minutes before we depart and I went back home. After dinner and shower, I engaged segun in a chat.

ME: hi segun

SEGE: How far onihaxy, were you later appointed ad the team lead?

ME: yes oooo. you need to see how some are grumbling that I am a new staff and I should be given such opportunity.

SEGE: it’s allowed, there will always be haters and bad belle no matter what. I told you that your relationship with funmilayo would yield good result. are you now seeing the benefits?

ME: Yes ooooooo. I’m really enjoying it bro. thank you very much

SEGE: you are welcome, I’m just happy for you that you followed my tutorials.

ME: Hmmmmmmmmmmm, badt teacher.

SEGE: you no well

ME: That reminds me, Benita was later brought to my team to join us and my unit head told me in her presence to appoint someone who would be my deputy. could you believe that she came to meet me at the close of business that I should appoint her as my assistant?

SEGE: Hell no!!!!! , what is wrong with this girl sef?, so you have appointed her abi?

ME: no oooo , I told her to wait till tomorrow.

SEGE: if you know what is good for you onihaxy, don’t make the mistake of appointing Benita because you are going to put problems on your head. As a team lead, you are expected to be firm with all but Benita would push to be fair with her and others might use the opportunity to disrespect you. another reason is that it will appear as if both of you are into relationship because I can sense that she will start carrying herself with so much pride. Thirdly, she is going to cause fight between you and FUNMI because FUNMI would definitely get jealous of both of you.

ME: you are right oooo, so what do you suggest that I do now?

SEGE: just tell her that you were told that your assistant must be a male and there is nothing you can do about it. just use your brain onihaxy

ME: alright thanks.

SEGE: make sure you are always firm with her the same way you are firm to others,. if not, you will loose your leadership respect.

ME: alright. I have requested for a 5 days leave today, I will be in akure with my wife throughout Xmas and new year.

SEGE: waoooh, I can’t wait to see the two of you. hope you have informed mummy about it.

ME: of course. in fact, she always communicate with mummy.

SEGE: that’s good. when is she coming sef?

ME: Thursday, two days time.

SEGE: I wish her journey mercy ooo. tell her to bring something for her father in law oooooo.

ME: my father is dead now, so which father in law are you talking about?

SEGE: you no well, am I not your father?

ME: Yes daddy, I have forgotten. I will deliver your message to her oooo.

SEGE: that’s my boy. hope you have cleared all the skeleton in your cupboard?

ME: yes, I have done that.

SEGE: make sure you call bimpe to inform her not to call or chat with you at this time. and for the new witch called Benita, make sure you drive her away from your environment totally. tighten up your security so that she won’t surprise you with an uninformed visit.

ME: yes boss

SEGE: and in case she surprised you, please do me a favour of disgracing her. I just don’t want anything to ruin this atmosphere for you and your wife.

SEGE: Ok sir



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