Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

A new episode was opened entirely opened between adeola and I as we always exchange calls and also chat together on whatsapp without her mother’s knowledge.

we would always chat together till late nights sometimes and the closeness was getting intense. after our usual chats one day when she promised to visit me anytime she is back to lagos, I fell back on my bed and began to analyse the whole thing.

“what is really happening onihaxy?”

” is this not an additional problem I’m trying to pull to myself?”

” Betty is out there outside the country waiting on me”

” Bimpe is there in lekki with a pregnancy which she claimed to belong to me”

” Benita is also coming to Lagos with the hope of living with me”

” My boss FUNMI is also there in the bank with a complicated relationship between us”

” now, Adeola who is my boss daughter is getting closer to me ”

” I just pray that there won’t be danger at the end of my own tunnel”

” what if FUNMI finds out about our closeness?”

” what if adeola had started having feelings for me?”

” why do I keep getting into women’s web?”

” I just pray that FUNMI won’t fire me soon”

I tried all my best to keep the friendship between adeola and I on a low key as the days went by. on Friday of the following week, FUNMI asked me if I would like to visit her on Saturday and I said yes. I visited FUNMI at home the following day, I was entertained and we ended up having s£x. I started feeling bad immediately after the act , funmi noticed this in me and she smiled at me while we were both lied on the bed facing each other.

FUNMI: onihaxy, I noticed you are either closing your eyes or staring at the ceiling since, what is the problem?

ME: ****smiled*** nothing

FUNMI: You are funny onihaxy. I should be the one to be shy and not you.

ME: ******Silent******

FUNMI: Since you weren’t shy to squeeze me, you weren’t shy to raise up my legs and hanged them on your shoulders, you weren’t shy to dig inside and out of me, so why are you acting weird after the act?

ME: ***Smiled****

FUNMI: common, be a man. I just like you and that’s why we were so close to this extent. seriously, I don’t engage in all this kind of affairs.

ME: Ok funmi. How is Adeola? hope you are hearing from her?

FUNMI: hmmmmm. you are indirectly telling me to keep shut abi?, no problem.

ME: Haba, no be like that na

FUNMI: ok, back to your question, let me ask you too, when last did you hear from her?, after all, you have her number.

ME:*****scared***** Its been long oooo. I only sent her birthday wishes on her birthday and that was the last time.

FUNMI: ****looked at me awkwardly***** Onihaxy, are you trying to tell me that you haven’t spoke together on phone this week?, because I’m seeing everything that is going on.

ME: ****** got scared the more****** ok, I think I called to check on her on Monday to ask about her academics and also to encouraged her to study harder.

FUNMI: are you sure its just that?

ME: *****smiled**** yeah. why did you ask?

FUNMI: Because my instincts tells me you have an ulterior motive.

ME: Haba, I don’t oooooo. Adeola is more like my sister now.

FUNMI: Please, let it remain on that brother and sister platform. anything further than that, you will see the evil part of me.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm.

FUNMI: yes. I don’t joke with her at all and her academics is what mattered most to me at the moment. and besides, she is still a teenager.

ME: Ok ma.

FUNMI: and also, let this affair between us be restricted to this building alone. dont let it get into your head in the office. because at work, I’m your boss and its purely business as usual all respect should be accorded.

ME: ****smiled**** yes boss.

we had more discussions before I left her place at around 1pm and returned home. While driving, I decided to gist segun about the escapades on phone call while using handsfree.

ME: Hi segun

SEGE: onihaxy, how far about your lunch outing?

ME: It was fine Jare and it was fun

SEGE: did any match took place?

ME: Yeah

SEGE: onihaxy the bad guy, you don’t sabi this thing pass me sef.

ME: Na you train me na.

SEGE: how many matches?

ME: just one.

SEGE: E still dey ok sha.

ME: She noticed that I was shy and she came out boldly to woo me by herself.

SEGE: Really?, how?

ME: she told me she liked me and that was why she was intimate with me and she said I need not to be feeling inferior or intimidated because she is my boss. she talked about how she manipulated my process to become a permanent staff.

SEGE: waohhhh, you don chop up be that. but just play safe and don’t blow the alarm on your head. when both of you are in workplace. accord the respect to her as your boss and don’t let people to start suspecting you.

ME: She said exactly the same thing. it seems both of you reasoned together.

SEGE: That’s the cooperate relationship ethics bro. when you are doing parole with your colleague in a cooperate

settings, you have to make it a low key affairs. and when it involved you and your superior, you have to make it a more lower key affairs, if possible, make it the lowest.

ME: Hahahahahaha. she even warned me about her daughter.

SEGE: warned you as how?

ME: I guess she noticed or observed that her daughter and I had been communicating on phone.

SEGE: how did you get her daughter’s number?

ME: sorry I didn’t tell you, I collected it from FUNMI a day to her daughter’s birthday in other to send birthday wishes to her.

SEGE: you don f–k up onihaxy. you shouldn’t have obtained the number from FUNMI, you should have gotten the number directly from her daughter the day you saw her or hook her up through Facebook by searching for her name

ME: eeeyah.

SEGE: she didn’t observe anything, she only used instincts since she knew you have her number already. or what will a guy be doing with a lady’s number if not to call her with it?

ME: that’s true sha.

SEGE: are you guys that close?, I mean you and her daughter.

ME: we are getting closer by the day.

SEGE: let me just warn you onihaxy. FUNMI is your boss. she made you to get to where you are today and she can also terminate you anytime. she already gave you a boundary and limits to her daughter, so simply abide the rules and don’t take any risks. you know why?

ME: Why?

SEGE: she will send you back into the job market to start hunting, her daughter will also dump you for a guy who has a job and at the end, you will be putting another burden of responsibilities on that innocent Betty who is planning to come home and get wedded. I don’t think Betty deserves that kind of hardship again after all she laid down for you.

ME: hmmmmmm. you are right sha. thanks so much

SEGE: you are welcome. just make sure you don’t have anything to do with FUNMI:s daughter, I beg you in the name of God. that reminds me, Sandra will be around this weekend, so its likely we see next week.

ME: Waoh, that’s true oooooo. this weekend is the last weekend in this November. waoooh, I should be expecting my own baby in three weeks time.

SEGE: that’s the spirit bro. I will update you on how everything goes sha.

ME: NO problem.

I ended the call with segun and I was about to drop the phone when my phone rang, I checked the screen and it was a call from henry and o picked it up.

HENRY: Hi onihaxy.

ME: hello Mr henry

HENRY: how are you?

ME: I’m fine sir, what about you and your family?

HENRY: Fine thank you. please can you do something for me?

ME: what is that?

HENRY: My wife received a package that was sent to her from Usa, she was supposed to go to the airport and pick it up but isn’t too strong to go out due to her condition and our maid went out for lessons and won’t be back until evening. I don’t know if you can help her to pick up her package and deliver it to her at home. its a shoe and bag and she would be needing them tomorrow.

ME: *****checked the time and it was 2pm******* hmmmmm, what time do they close there?

HENRY: I think 4pm

ME: ok, I with try.

HENRY: thanks so much. I will send the details to you via text message and I will tell her to make contact so that they would know that someone is coming to pick it up on her behalf.

ME: Ok sir.

I ended the call and took a deep breath. ****chai!!!!!, I will be going to that lion’s den again.

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