Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

sat down and started reminiscing on what segun said.

” I should let go of lolade?”

” so I won’t feel her for a whole two weeks?”

“will that be easy and possible?”

“well, let’s see how it goes”.

I decided to watch a seasonal movie just to while away time and to let go of the thoughts about lolade. the movie was ongoing until it got to a romantic scene where a guy and a lady were engaged in sweet romance and ended up having s£x and I started having this urge to be with someone. immediately, I started thinking of lolade again. I picked up my phone to dial her number and I remembered that i did not have her number, I went outside to the entrance of the other building to see if I would see her but I didn’t. I couldn’t go inside her sister’s room to check on her because her sister and I weren’t in really good terms. I had to return to my room and handled my konji alone while waiting maybe lolade would come back to my room but to my greatest shock, she never returned. the day was over and night came. I decided to take my plastic chair to sit down outside the house maybe I could see her passing by so as to get her phone number from her but I didn’t see her until 11pm that I returned to my room.

I woke up very early on Sunday morning with the help of my alarm and I started preparing for church. I had bath and I was in the kitchen warming my food when I heard a knock on my door. “who is there?” I shouted with the mindset that its likely to be one of the jehova witness people who always knock on doors every Sunday morning. a response cane from outside saying “its me lolade”.

Heeeee!!!!!!, Lolade!!!!!!!, I put off what I was cooking and I rushed out of the kitchen and looked up at the wall clock and the time was 6:05. I opened the door and saw her putting on a gown with her hair covered with a black net, she entered the room and I locked the door.

ME: Lolade, you promised you come back yesterday but I didn’t see you again

LOLADE: don’t be angry jareeee onihaxy. my sister came back with ingredients, so, I was engaged in cooking all through.

ME: eeeyah.

LOLADE: I came to fetch water from outside so I stop by to check on you and too ask you if you will be going to church.

ME: church?, why did ask?,

LOLADE: My sister is going to church but I’m not going, so I want to ask if you will be around.

ME: *****Chaiiii, see opportunity***** I won’t be going to church jareeee.

LOLADE: why?

ME: My cloth isn’t ironed and there Is no light.

LOLADE: OK, I will be back when my sister is away. make sure you cook oooo because I’m hungry oooo.

ME: OK dear, no problem.

lolade opened the door and went out of the room while I turned my head around to see my bible on my bed, I felt so sad and I was like ” Forgive me oh lord.”.

I went back to the kitchen and continued with was I was cooking. the food was ready and I served mine while I remained some for lolade to eat from. I continued to check the time at intervals as if I have something serious to do. At 8:05am, I heard a similar knock on my door and I opened the door for lolade to enter. she was still putting on the same gown and from the appearance of the top of her gown, it appeared as if she wasn’t wearing any bra, my d–k immediately responded to the stimulus as I walked back to the bed and she came closer to sit down with me.

“where is my food?” she asked me and I went inside the kitchen to serve her and returned with her food. she was eating her meal while we were chatting at the same time. I continued from where I stopped the previous day and I was reminding her that I loved her and we should come back together again. she emphasized on it again that it won’t be possible because she already have another guy and the guy has been responsible for her upkeeps in school. I decided to switch over to my previous strategy and I caught her lips unaware and we started kissing.

we were kissing and our body came closer. after like 2 minutes into the kiss, my hand started moving and I landed my palm on her b—-t. I squeezed and pressed it and it was then I confirmed it that she wasn’t wearing bra. I moved my hand down to her laps in inserted my hand underneath her gown and raised it up. we both fell flat on the bed still kissing and I moved my hand upwards to her pants and I was about to shove it aside she resisted me. ****chaiiii, which kind defense be this na?***** I pulled out my hand and decided to tickle her and worked on her boobs as I retried moving my hands into her panties. this time, there was no resistance and my hand ended up digging her honeypot I continued this until she reach o—-m and my hand was wet. I stylishly pull of my shoes , turned over and was about to dig deep when she used her hand to cover the entrance and she said “onihaxy, use a condom”.

*****chain, where will I get condom now?***** I thought and thought until I remembered that I have one piece of condom given to me during HIV/Aids awareness campaign that was held in my neighborhood some weeks back. I quickly rushed to my leather box and picked it up and I returned to the bed. lolade saw it with me and she said “so, you have pack of condoms here which you use to f–k girls around abi?” I showed the condom to her and told her that it was a branded condom been giving to me in an awareness campaign. I tore the pack, put it on and ride straight to her treasure island for 15 minutes until I cummed and we were both sweating. I stood up, cleaned up with tissue and I gave her tissue to clean up too. lolade began to stare at me in an akward manner and I was confused.

LOLADE: shebi you are satisfied now?

ME: satisfied as how?, I don’t get you.

LOLADE: I knew this is all what you wanted, its not as if you really wanted to date me.

ME: ****Chaii***** its not so dear. I still Want you back. honestly, I don’t always have urges for just anybody except for the person I love. if I had no feelings for you, I wouldn’t have got the urge to have you.

LOLADE: Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Men!!!!!!!!!!

ME: I’m serious lolade.

LOLADE: well, its a mission impossible because my heart already belongs to someone else.

lolade and I talked for more minutes until she returned back to her sister’s apartment at 10:30 because she told me that her sister would close from church by 10:30. lolade and I hanged out secretly again before the end of her two weeks break in Maryland and we ended up having s£x two more times before she travelled back to school.

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