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I came back from work that night so tired and weak, I checked my kitchen to see if I could get something to eat and found 2 sachets of noodles which I cooked. I finished eating and decided to have my bath. On my way to the bathroom, I noticed that my door wasn’t locked and I decided to ignore it with the mindset of locking it when I finished from the bathroom. As I opened the shower, I heard the turning sound of my door and I heard a sound of heels which indicated a foot step. “who is that?, who is there?” I shouted as I lowered the pressure of the shower tap to hear the response of the person. “It’s me Adebimpe” the voice answered from outside the bathroom. I was so surprised and shocked “Adebimpe?????”

“by this time of the day?”

” the time was 9:10 pm when I was entering the bathroom”

“What is she doing here by this time of the day?”

I put of the tap, tied a towel round my waist and opened the door. I was shocked to see adebimpe standing in the room pulling off her clothes, I looked at the bed and saw her night gown on it with her bag and car key.

ME: ****yelled**** Adebimpe!!!!!!! what are you doing here? by this time of the day?, and why are you pulling off your clothes?

BIMPE: I came to spend the night with you off course, or what does it looks like?.

ME: Are you insane?, came to spend the night with who?, are you normal at all

BIMPE: *****standing up with only bra and pants remaining on her and she gave this flirty smile, walked towards me and placed her hand on my chest**** onihaxy, I’m truly insane and I’m not normal at all. You have made me to go madly in love and I don’t really think I need to be cured.

ME: what are you saying?, what is the meaning of all this?

“sssshhhhhhhh” BIMPE whispered as she placed her lips on mine and we ended up kissing. I immediately lost my sense of defense as I was really weak like a checkmated king. We continued kissing until my towel finally disappeared from my waist. I pushed her to the bed with strong passion. We smooched and engaged in passionate romantic sessions until we ended up have rounds of marathon s£x. We lay down side by side together on the bed and started a conversation.

ME: BIMPE, what is the meaning of all this?, why were you here this night?

BIMPE: you are still asking the meaning of all this after rounds of s£x?, like seriously?

ME: BIMPE, let’s be serious please. Why exactly are you doing here?

BIMPE: Today is Friday isn’t it?

ME: Yes of course. And what does that have to do with the question I asked you?

BIMPE: it has a lot to do in case you don’t know.

ME: maybe you should tell me the connection between today being Friday and why you are here.

BIMPE: ok, today is Friday, Henry travelled to Abuja, Daniella went with him, my maid travelled to visit her family and I was left alone in the big house. I have no other choice than to come here and stay where my heart belongs.

ME: did I hear you say where your heart belongs?

BIMPE: off course, you heard me right. This is where my heart belongs.

ME: I still don’t understand.

BIMPE: don’t you know that I’m more connected to you more than the way I’m been connected to Henry?

ME: how?

BIMPE: you are my evergreen love onihaxy. I have loved you before I met Henry and I still love you till date. You gave a reason to be happy till date, you are the father of my daughter and unborn son, and you are the source of my joy onihaxy.

ME: what is the meaning of all these things adebimpe?, I thought we agreed not to discuss about this anymore?

BIMPE: it’s easier said than done onihaxy. it may be easy for you to do away with me but it is so difficult for me to do away with you.

ME: see bimpe, Betty will soon finish with her masters degree program, she would soon come back to Nigeria and our marriage plans will commence immediately. Please let’s just end all these flings once and for all. I have totally left Danielle and the one in your womb to you and Henry and I’m never going to ask or claim them as mine. Let me just face my destiny and start my life afresh with Betty please.

BIMPE: wait a minute onihaxy, I’m thinking of an idea that will be of benefit to you, I and our kids.

ME: What idea is that?

BIMPE: ok, let me ask you first. do you love me at all?

ME: I like you because of your closeness to my fiancé’s family.

BIMPE: you mean you don’t have any feelings for me at all?

ME: of course I do. But it just had to end because I need to focus on Betty.

BIMPE: Ok, let’s assume you didn’t meet Betty and I wasn’t married to anyone. Can you still date me when our paths crossed again?

ME: you mean if I wasn’t in any relationship and you weren’t in any either?


ME: I don’t think we can date again because of the bad post-breakup occurrences that happened between us.

BIMPE: you mean you won’t forgive me even if I begged you.

ME: well, if you begged me, I may forgive you.

BIMPE: ***smiled**** that’s my baby.

ME: SO, back to my question. what exactly are you thinking of?.

BIMPE: ok, I have a personal account with 8 million in it.


BIMPE: Henry and I also have a joint account with about 100 million naira inside.

ME: Ok, I’m listening.

BIMPE: I’m thinking of transferring some of the money in our joint account into my personal account, so as to have a total of at least N50million naira.

ME: what do you want to do with the money?

BIMPE: I’m thinking that you, Daniella and I can travel out of this country to somewhere far away where we can start our life afresh and bring up our kids together.

ME: what are you saying?, what about my Betty who is risking everything for my sake.

BIMPE: forget about her, her father can never allow her to marry to you because she is already engaged to a very rich and influential person. and if you decide to take her by force, there is 99% probability that you won’t live up to a month, either Betty’s father or Betty’s engaged husband is going to send hired assassins to kill you.

ME: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed out as I woke up my sleep and realized that I was actually dreaming.

“so it was actually a dream?”

“what is the meaning of this dream?”

“is BIMPE planning anything for me?”

“is it true that I will be assassinated?”

“could BIMPE planning to colonize me?”

“could she planning to run away with me?”

“could this be the interpretation of Betty’s dream about a woman trying to take me away from her?”

******chaiiii, wahala dey ooooooo*******

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