Tue. Feb 13th, 2024

BIMPE: ****hissed***** have a nice day.

ME: Adebimpe please don’t hang up please!!!!!

BIMPE: what is it that you want to say?, which lies are you trying to fabricate?

ME: Adebimpe, I’m not going to lie to you. please believe me, I have nothing to do with her

BIMPE: and she had been living with you all this while?, please tell me another story

ME: please believe me. she is more like my sister. her mummy and mine are very close and I took her to be my sister. she came to write a test in Lagos and that was why she was staying with me. she came on Thursday and she was on her way back to akure, that was why you saw her with a leather box

BIMPE: Hmmmmm. I see. and your landlord said she had been staying there for long isn’t it?.

ME: that’s a lie bimpe. I swear.

BIMPE: so you want to tell me that this was her first time of coming?

ME: no, she was here in Lagos 2 months ago for a one week professional training. that was when mummy told me to accommodate her for the duration of the training. I’m not lying I swear.

BIMPE: are you sure of all what you are saying?

ME: Yes I am so sure Adebimpe.

BIMPE: Ok, where are you?

ME: I’m on my way back home.

BIMPE: Ok, I’m about to leave the party venue and i’m heading straight to your house now. meet me there and let’s discuss this all over again in her presence. if you like, tell her to run away before I reach there. you will see what I will do to you.

ME: ok ma.

BIMPE: ****hanged up*****

“chaiii, which kind of wahala be this?”

” what have I caused to myself?”

” which type of landlord am I having sef?”

” why must he be running his mouth like tap?”

” I must talk to him when I reach home”

” now, bimpe will have something to accuse me of”

I picked my phone and called Benita to enquire about her location and she told me that she was already on her way to the park. I started my car and I drove home only to meet adebimpe sitting down on my bed with her protruding tummy. she was wearing a frown look and she answered my greetings in an akward manner.

BIMPE: so where is she?, you told her to hide somewhere abi?

ME: bimpe please calm down, I have explained to you the other time, this girl is just my sister and nothing more.

BIMPE: she is your sister abi? and she was wearing your shirt?

ME: haba bimpe!!!! what is the big deal in wearing someone else shirt.

BIMPE: and you slept on the same bed abi?

ME: the funniest part of it was that I never slept in this house all through her stay.

BIMPE: so where were you staying oooooo.

ME: with a neighbour. I’m learning coreldraw and Photoshop from him and the only time he is free is at nights. so I had no choice that to always sleep over at his room.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmmmmmm.

ME: I swear I’m serious. I can even take you to him to confirm what I am saying.

BIMPE: so, where is she now?

ME: she had returned to akure this afternoon.

BIMPE: onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!

ME: I’m serious Adebimpe.

BIMPE: ok, no problems. wont you ask about your baby?

ME: my baby?

BIMPE: Of course

ME: ok ooooo. how is the baby?

BIMPE: he is fine ooooooo. even though you never cared about it.

ME: so how was the party?

BIMPE: it was fine. I knew you would change the topic.

bimpe and I chatted for more minutes and I realised that she wasn’t ready to leave. I had to fake a call that I was going out to visit a cousin in mushin and that was when she agreed to leave. I saw her off to her car and watched her as she drove away before I decided to bounce back on the landlord that wanted to implicate me. so much anger inside of me, I walked back inside the compound and proceeded to my landlord’s room. I knocked on his door and he told me to come in. luckily for me, I met him alone in the room and we started talking.

ME: good evening sir

LANDLORD: Good evening onihaxy.

ME: but sir, I don’t like what you did to me today sir.

LANDLORD: and what was that?

ME: you went ahead to tell adebimpe that the guest I had wasn’t here for the first time.

LANDLORD: yes I did. any problem with that?

ME: why will you tell her such?

LANDLORD: wait onihaxy. when this lady called BIMPE came here to get accommodation in your name, she said you are her fiancé and that both of you will get married soon which I asked from you and you confirmed it. isn’t it?

ME: Yes sir.

LANDLORD: and when this new lady moved in with you some months back, I asked you who was she?, you told me that she was your sister isn’t it?

ME: yes sir, I did.

LANDLORD: so, why should your fiancé make enquiry about your sister and I shouldn’t tell her about it, didn’t they know each other before? aren’t they in laws?, or is there something happening that I wasn’t aware of?

ME: nothing sir, don’t worry sir.

I walked out of his room and left with so much anger inside of me and I called segun on getting back to my room.

ME: hello segun

SEGE: How far onihaxy?

ME: I dey jaree. small wahala happened today oooo.

SEGE: What is it?

ME: Benita was planning to go back today, you know I wasn’t around because I went to visit funmi. BIMPE came after I left and she met Benita at my place.

SEGE: Then what happened?, they fought each other?

ME: bimpe went to my landlord , she tricked him and he told BIMPE that Benita had been staying there for long, you need to see how BIMPE called me with annoyance, accusing me of sleeping around with girls. she even threatened to report me to henry.

SEGE: hmmmmm. all this end time landlord self.

ME: I tire oooooo.

SEGE: so what happened at funmi’s place?

ME: Nothing jareee. her daughter was around so three of us hanged out in the compound.

SEGE: no matches?

ME: Not at all.

SEGE: ok. back to Benita issue. I already told you to find a way of evicting this lady in your life since she isn’t contributing into you. the more you go deeper into friend zoning, the more problems you will cause for yourself.

ME: Hmmmmmm.

SEGE: seriously, Adebimpe has a point and sha has every reasons to feel bad. she rented the house for you, and you are cruising with her sister inlaw’s car. so she has every right to feel the way she felt.

ME: ok oooo.

SEGE: Its you that should know what to do about the benita’s matter before it puts you into more trouble. for now, just find a way of calming that witch down because I don’t trust her, she might carry out her threat.

ME: Ok segun.

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