Tue. May 28th, 2024

On Tuesday morning, Benita arranged her luggage after we were through with breakfast, we talked for some minutes and she was set to leave. We hugged each other and I was surprised when Benita pulled me closer and kissed me, she said it was the token she could give me as a sign of appreciation. I helped her with her luggage and carried them to the car and dropped them inside the boot. I drove her all the way to ojota where she boarded a bus to her destination. I returned home and picked up my phone to chat with my wife betty:


ME: hi baby.


BETTY: hi dear. How are you?


ME: I’m fine.


BETTY: so how far with the interview?


ME: oooops, I’m sorry I didn’t give you subsequent updates. It was fine and it went well.


BETTY: really?, ok gist me,


ME: I have been confirmed as a permanent contract staff of the bank.


BETTY: waooooooh. That is very cool. I’m so happy for you my love.


ME: thanks dear.


BETTY: will the salary be the same as the previous one?


ME: no, it’s been increased to 80k.


BETTY: 30k increase?, not bad. Hope you still have much on you to sustain you?, or should I send money to you via western union?


ME: I’m fine dear. The one you gave me before you travelled is yet to be exhausted.


BETTY: hmmmmm. My husband the money manager!!!!!, he can spend ten thousand naira for a whole year.


ME: hahahahaha. Haba!!!!, a whole year?


BETTY: yes now, I’m always amazed by the way you manage money. It’s cool though and it gives me hope that my husband isn’t the type who squanders money anyhow.


ME: hmmmmmmmm. Thanks.


BETTY: Are you at work now?


ME: no, I was given a week break. I will resume on Monday. But before then, I would be going to lekki this week for my new offer letter.


BETTY: at the same place I linked you up with?


ME: yes dear.


BETTY: when are you going there?


ME: between tomorrow and Friday.


BETTY: ok, please, will you do me a favour by stopping over at our house to check on my family please?. Because I heard that you don’t always visit them.


ME: haba. But I was there when henry sent for me; I was also there recently when daniella said she wanted to see me.


BETTY: just twice since I left the country?. That isn’t good enough my dear. And on both occasions, you were invited by henry and daniella, you didn’t go there willingly.


ME: I’m sorry dear. I will check on them when I get there.


BETTY: thanks, try to call them before going there anyways, so that they will be aware of your coming.


ME: ok dear.


BETTY: that reminds me, I spoke with your mom yesterday.


ME: really?, she didn’t tell me anything oooo.


BETTY: hahahaha, it was an agreement between me and her. I told her not to let you know that we talked. Infact, we do talk together on phone atleast twice a week.


ME: waoooooh. See conspiracy ooo, mother and daughter inlaw.


BETTY: funny you. I will be coming home for Christmas and New Year break.


ME: waaooooh. I’m so happy to hear that. Lagos or abuja?.


BETTY: none of the above.


ME: **worried** then where?,


BETTY: I’m going to visit my mother in-law in akure and spend the whole holiday there with her.


ME: ***** amazed*****


BETTY: so get yourself prepared, December 23th, we are going to akure together.


ME: but I would be needed at work after Boxing Day.


BETTY: then schedule your terminal leave to that period now.


ME: hmmmmm.


BETTY: and if it won’t be possible, don’t worry then. As long as I’m with my mother in-law, you aren’t needed anymore.


ME: hmmmmmm, so that is it right?


BETTY: see jealousy oooo!!!!.


ME: if I catch you.


BETTY: funny you. I would be visiting my grandma in Ado during New Year. I think I will be with your mother till 28th and visit my grandma after then.


ME: that’s cool. That reminds me betty.


BETTY: what happened?


ME: It’s about my cousin. He had a little problem and he needed my help.


BETTY: financial problem I guess?.


ME: no


BETTY: alright, which your cousin?, did I know him?


ME: yes. The one I stayed with in Mushin before moving to Maryland. He has a problem in his relationship and he sought for my advice and I couldn’t figure a way out for him, so I thought of consulting you as my wife to be.


BETTY: ok dear, I’m listening.


ME: when he was serving, he met a lady on facebook, though she lived in a far location from my cousin.


BETTY: ok.


ME: they became friends and one thing led to another, they started dating on the internet for a while until they ended up meeting each other. Along the line, my brother found out that she has some bad characters then and they broke up.


BETTY: ok, what happened next?


ME: like three years later, my cousin met another lady at his place of work and they started dating. When my cousin visited his new girlfriend at home one day, he met his previous girl whom he met on the facebook there, he got to know that both of them are related. So, my brother was contemplating if he should inform his new girl about the past or keep mute about it.


BETTY: hmmmm. very complicated. Did the previous girl informed or update the new girl about the past?


ME: no, I don’t think so. She also kept mute on it.


BETTY: what was the relationship between the two ladies?, are they blood sisters?.


ME: I didn’t even bother to ask. I think he made mention of it that they bear the same surname.


BETTY: you mean the two girls?


ME: yes.


BETTY: for them to bear the same surname, then they must be strongly related. Wait, did any s£xual intercourse occurred between your cousin and the former girl?.


ME: I think so.


BETTY: then tell him to forget about the relationship. It won’t work.


ME: ** screamed**** why.


BETTY: if the new girl eventually finds out that her sister had slept with her man, she would be heartbroken; she wouldn’t trust both your cousin and her sister again.


ME: really?.


BETTY: yes. Since s£x was involved in the former meetings, there is still always a tendency for secret re-occurrence between two former parties.


ME: hmmmmm. Thank you dear.


BETTY: you are welcome. Your cousin should just confess to the new girl and explain everything to her. If she decided to go on with him, fine. And if she decided to call it quit, beautiful.


ME: you mean he should open up to the new girl and wait for her next action?


BETTY: yes dear.


ME: ok dear. But assuming you are the new girl and a guy confessed to you that he once had affairs with your sister, what will you do?


BETTY: as for me, that is the end of the relationship because I can never trust both of them together again. I would always have this believe that there will always be a tendency for them to re-ignite the old dead fire between them.


*****chaiii!!! Onihaxy, you are a goner!!!!!*********



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