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About three weeks later, we were at the final week to the end of our temporary contract, there was so much pressure from the bank on us to round up with our overall target before the end of the contract, we started working extra hours and we were even coming to work on Saturdays just to meet up with the deadline, we were told that anybody found wanting would forfeit his/her last salary. Some ladies who were secretly dating and hanging out with some superiors started to intimidate the rest of us with their connections, they started boasting around saying “I would be retained here, Mr lagbaga had assured me, Mr somebody is already working on it………………..”. The spiritual sisters and brothers crew among us began to organise prayer sessions just for God to favour them in the selections, the hopeless set among us had already started sending CVs and applications to other organisations, some already attended interviews in other firms, some people already prepared their minds for the end of the contract.

On Tuesday, 15 people were called for an interview which I was among them and the venue of the interview was our project manager’s office. In the mail sent to me, the time of the interview was slated for 12pm on Wednesday afternoon. On getting this mail, I was so happy and joyous and I couldn’t hide it. I picked my phone during lunch break and broke the news to betty and segun on chats, betty was happy about it and she told me that she can’t wait for the appointment news. Segun on the other hand came up with an idea.


ME: hi segun, guess what?


SEGE: what happened?


ME: 15 out of us had been scheduled for an interview tomorrow.


SEGE: what is the interview all about?


ME: it’s about the people that would be retained among us.


SEGE: nice one. That must be funmilayo’s handiwork.


ME: I guess so segun. Because out of 15 that was invited, I can say that I’m the least when it comes to diligence and good performance. Even the ladies I told you about, that I said they were boosting around because they were dating superiors aren’t even called at all. Not even one of them.


SEGE: eeyahh. it’s God’s favour bro. But I think you need to see funmilayo about it.


ME: I should see funmilayo as in?, what for?


SEGE: to let her know that you were among the people to be interviewed tomorrow. Who knows?, she might be part of the panel of interviewer.


ME: that’s true.


SEGE: just walk up to her and let her know that the management is considering you.


ME: ok segun. Let me go now, I will give you feedback later.


Before the break was over, I went to funmi’s office, knocked on the door and she told me to enter.


ME: good afternoon funmilayo


FUNMI: good afternoon onihaxy. This one that you are smiling and feeling somehow happy, what is behind it?.


ME: ***smiled*** hmmmm, you are just too good at reading my moods.


FUNMI: that is why I’m your boss. So what is happening?


ME: uhmmm funmi, I came to tell you that the management sent me a mail for an interview which would be holding by 12pm tomorrow.


FUNMI: really?.


ME: yes.


FUNMI: waaoooh, nice one. Congratulations.


ME: thank you.


FUNMI: I already told you, the management is watching everybody, I guess the management was impressed with your performance at work.


ME: thank you.


FUNMI: you are welcome.


ME: funmi, please I need your help for a little expo, please what are the likely questions that I would be asked during the interview.


FUNMI: ****smiled*** firstly, I wasn’t part of the arrangement so I have no idea and secondly. Interview questions are not always predictable, the best thing is just to relax and prepare your mind for it.


ME: alright, thank you very much.


FUNMI: you are welcome. So aren’t we going to celebrate it?.


ME: of course, it must be celebrated after I receive my confirmation letter.


FUNMI: ok dear.


I left her office and returned back to my seat to continue with my work. At the close of business for the day, I went to benita’s office to call on her, the guys in her team started congratulating me for the interview message, some other people were saying my office mother influenced my selection. I left the office with benita and we were walking towards the car. I noticed that benita was dull and feeling somehow unhappy, she looked at my face and said “congratulations onihaxy, I’m happy for you”, I replied her by saying “thank you dear”. I noticed that she was still looking dull while I was driving. I tried to enquire from her on why her mood was like that, she said she wasn’t happy as her name wasn’t among the people to be interviewed the next day, I tried calming her until we reached home and I gave her hopes that she would definitely get a better job. We reached home, prepared dinner and we slept.

I got to work the next day and by 12pm, I went to the office where the interview was to take place. I met the other 14 people there and I joined the queue. We were been called to enter one after the other and when it was my turn, I entered the office. To my greatest surprise, funmilayo was part of the panel. I entered and sat down and they began to fire questions at me which I tried my best to answer. After the interview, I went back to my desk and I gist segun about what I saw. He told me to calm down and he assured me that since funmilayo was involved, I would definitely pass the interview. On Thursday, ten out of the 15 people were sent a mail to go to lekki and receive the new appointment letter from the recruitment firm that betty linked me with. I was so happy when I saw my name among the list.


“I’m now a permanent contract staff!!”

“My salary will now rise from 50k to 80k”

“I will now be entitled to some benefits”

“Now, I can feel among the real staffs”.

I was so happy and my friends at work were also happy with me. My team lead was also happy with me alongside some superiors. I was been given a week break and I was told to resume the following monday.

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