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“How do I go about it?”

“Should I open the bathroom door and enter inside to meet her?

” No, maybe I should just grab her as soon as she is out of the bathroom”

” Or should I push her to the bed when she is out?”

” Or should I just kiss her and start from there?”

” Should I just tickle her to set her in the mood?”

” Or should I ask her for s£x politely?”

” What will her reaction look like?”

” And I only have this one chance before she put on her cloths”

” I don’t even have a condom at home”

” Should I rush out to buy one?”

” What if she finished wearing her cloths before my arrival?”

” What if she refused to comply?”

” What if my attempt provokes her?”

” Won’t it appear as if I am taking advantage of her situation?”

” But she ought to realize that body isn’t firewood now”

” She ought to realize that I should be aroused all this while now?”

” Hope I’m not going to hurt our friendship?”

” Or should I wait till she says yes to me?”

” What if she refused to say yes to me at the end of the day?”

” Won’t that be a double loss to me?”

” Onihaxy just be a man”

” It is either now or never”.

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I was still on my bed thinking and making strategies when Benita came out of the bathroom and she was walking towards the bed. I had just my boxers and singlet on me at that moment. I was just looking at her and I was smiling. Benita noticed my smile and she stopped. “Onihaxy, what is funny?, why are you smiling at me?”,

I didn’t know where the boldness and courage came from, I just stood up from the bed, walked towards her and I was standing infront of her and I was looking straight into her eye ball, “benita, most girls or all the girls I have seen in my life always appeared to be prettier when they apply make ups and dressed up. But you, your prettiest look is whenever you are out of the bathroom”. She smiled at me and chucked saying “really?, are you sure?”, I replied her saying “yes dear, I’m very sure. Infact I always wished that you take your bath every minute, your natural beauty is always radiating especially when you are wet; you are always irresistible and astonishing”. She was marvelled and all she could say was “waoooh”. Before she closed her mouth, I placed my two hands on her shoulder, drew her closer and I arrested her lips with mine, our eyes were both closed and we journeyed to a kiss of life. She wasn’t resisting it but instead, she held my waist and drew me closer and we continued with the kiss. In the course of the body contacts, my hand began to make strange movements and her towel fell off in the process. Just like magic, we found ourselves closer to the bed and we both fell on it and we lied on our sides, I held her neck with my right hand and I was using the left hand to squeeze and press her small br**sts in the process. She began to moan and release soft tones as I continued to squeeze and press further. We were still kissing while I moved my hand down to her abdomen and then lowered it to the hair on her Vjay area. I was fondling the hairs and was stylishly making my hand to move downward to the center hole of the pu**y. She grabbed my hand in resistance. I stopped, tried again and I was still resisted. I tried the third time and the resistance was little compared to the previous ones. I forced my fingers down to the bottom part of her hips and I discovered that she was wet underneath. “Confirm, now you can dig”. I began to finger her while I stylishly unhooked the button on my boxers; I decided to use this approach so that she won’t resist me if I was to pull off the boxers. I pulled out the erected d**k, turned her to lie down on her back while I was still kissing her and I ended up dipping my d**k inside the Vjay after another round of resistance. Benita was moaning and at the same time, she was saying “onihaxy, please don’t pour inside” as I was riding my way to pleasure island in a hardcore s£x.

After about 8 minutes into the s£xual intercourse, I was about to cum and I pulled out to cum on my boxer which was still on me, she pushed me off and she was feeling somehow ashamed. I observed that she wasn’t opening her eyes as she lied unclad on the bed. I tried kissing her again and she was moving her mouth away from me. When she finally opened her eyes, she frowned at me and she was yelling. “Onihaxy, why do we have to do this?, why do you have to do this to me?, is it because I was staying with you?, was that why you took advantage of me?”.

****chai, see me see wahala oooo, what we both enjoyed?**** “baby, don’t say that, I never took any advantage of you and I never meant to hurt you, I loved you with all my heart and I want you to be mine for ever, I love you so much benita and I want to make you my wife”.

She stood up, wore her towel and she faced me saying “onihaxy, that can never be possible, I already have someone I’m engaged to and we are having our introduction this year. Let’s just pretend as if nothing happened between us and let’s see it as an unexpected mistake. I will look for somewhere else to stay and I will pack my things away from here tomorrow”.


Haaaa!!!!, please don’t do that benita, don’t go anywhere!!!. I had to beg benita for another 30 minutes and I promised her that something of such would not happen again between us. I started to excuse myself out of the room anytime she wanted to dress or undress herself and that day was the first and last time I had s£x with Benita.

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