Sun. May 12th, 2024

Funmi continued to remind me that I must celebrate the car for her by taking her out on a lunch date. We ended up going out together to the same restaurant we went to previously. My office mates started seeing me as a big boy including my team members, even the ladies who didn’t want to associate themselves with me before suddenly began to give me attentions. There was this particular lady called Benita in the bank, she was a member of another team, fair in complexion, she has an average height, her boobs aren’t too big but she has a massive asset behind. Her dressing used to be sophisticated and one would think that she was otedola’s daughter. She hardly relate with people in the bank and she preferred to interact with other girls who appeared to be sophisticated like her, there were rumors that she is likely to be a part-time runs girl due to her appearance and the high cost gadgets she possessed.

I had noticed her right from the second week we resumed into the bank during our monthly general connect session where all teams do come together to meet. I tried giving her some attentions but she didn’t buy it. I felt bad and repackaged myself by always crossing her path and greeting her. At first, it worked and she was responding well until when one guy who was a full time staff bought her attention with gifts and eatery delicacies and she suddenly changed towards me and started responding to my attentions in an awkward manner. After several attempts of giving attentions which she wasn’t falling for, I gave up and we continued to relate together like a mere co-staffs. About a month after I brought the car to the bank for the first time, I was driving to work on one morning when I saw Benita around obanikoro area where she stood still at the road trying to wave down at incoming bikes. I sighted her from afar and drove closer and parked near her. I lowered the glass of the car and called her name while waving at her, she saw me, smiled and crossed over, opened the other door and entered the car, she dropped her bag and smiled at me.


BENITA: good morning onihaxy.


ME: **switched on the car engine** good morning Benita, how was your night?


BENITA: it was fine, and yours?


ME: fine too. So you live around that area?


BENITA: yes.


ME: waoooh, and I didn’t know all this while?


BENITA: you lived in obanikoro too?


ME: no, I stayed in maryland, but I always drive through that road every morning and evening.


BENITA: eeeyaah.


ME: that’s good, now that I know where you live, I will be picking you up every morning and be dropping you every evening.


BENITA: ***smiled*** funny you. What if you left your house late and I couldn’t wait nko? Or vice versa?


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ME: ****smiled***** atleast I would be calling you every morning to know your movement and schedule mine.


BENITA: alright then, no problem.


Benita and I continued to chat and flow along in the car while we drove to work, we got to the bank’s premises and we both alighted from the car. We entered and went to our different offices. During lunch break, we met again at the canteen and the atmosphere was entirely different. She was even the one that came over to meet me where I was sitting down, she held my hand and said “onihaxy, thanks for the morning ride”, she smiled and left me to return to her friends where they were seated. It was as if I was electrocuted, her touch and smile sent some pulses into my nerves and I was lost in ecstasy.

At 7pm when we closed, I cleared my desk and I was prepared to go home, I left my office and went to the office where Benita’s team was situated, I greeted the guys whom we do relate together before going to meet Benita on her seat. I asked her if she was ready and she told me she was yet to round up with her work, I pulled a chair closer and assisted her in rounding up her work. While I was doing this, the guys in that team were looking at me and they were surprised, they knew that Benita doesn’t relate with guys in the bank not to talk of a guy from another team. She finished her work and we went out of the bank together. I unlocked the car doors via the remote on the key and we both entered the car. We drove home and continued to gist and relate along the way. I got to the spot where I picked her in the morning and stopped the car, we exchanged numbers and she left while I drove home, the chemistry worked perfectly and that marked the beginning a new thing between Benita and I.



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