Sun. May 12th, 2024

woke up on Sunday morning and prepared for church, I got to church and I couldn’t concentrate well on the preaching as my mind was already at lekki. I was just looking at my time all through the service and looking at the preacher at the same time hoping that he would round up on time. I got out of the church at the closure of service by 12:30pm, with my bible in my hand, I walked towards Maryland bustop, crossed the road over to the other side and I boarded a brt bus down to cms. While I was in the bus, I called henry to inform him that I was coming and he told me that he would be expecting me. Immediately after the call, I remembered that I didn’t inform Betty that her brother told me to see him. I opened my bbm to chat with her.


ME: hello dear.


BETTY: hi love. What happened to your line since morning?


ME: nothing jaree, I was in the church, so I switched off.


BETTY: alright dear, how was the service?


ME: fine and good.


BETTY: ok dear


ME: betty, I forgot to tell you previously, your brother called me two days back and he requested to see me?.


BETTY: really?, what for?


ME: I have no idea dear. Aren’t you aware of it?


BETTY: not at all, he never told me anything.


ME: really?


BETTY: yes, he didn’t tell me anything. Maybe I should call him.


ME: no, don’t worry; since you said you weren’t aware, just pretend as if you didn’t know.


BETTY: ok dear, so when are you going to see him?


ME: today. infact, I’m already on my way.


BETTY: ok dear. Hope you will give me feedback when you are through?


ME: trust me dear.


Betty and I continued to chat until I got to CMS bustop. I board another bus to lekki phase 1 and another bus from lekki to the junction of henry’s house. I walked down from the junction until I got to Henry’s house and i knocked on the gate. The gate was opened by the same gateman I used to meet there and I entered the compound. I knocked on the main door and I heard a female voice from behind asking me “who is there?”, on hearing the voice, I knew it was Adebimpe and I replied her saying “it’s me onihaxy”, the door was opened and I entered. Adebimpe released a loud sounding hiss and she walked away while I entered and shut the door from behind.

Bimpe walked away with a frown and she sat down at the other end of the chair while I sat at the opposite extreme. She picked up a remote control with her left hand to lower the volume of the sound system while she picked up her phone with her right hand, scrolled through it and made a call.

“Henry, come down stairs, your guest is around” was what I heard and she dropped her phone and increased the volume of the sound system. She adjusted her sitting position and concentrated on the telemundo she was watching on the TV without caring or giving me any attention.

“Chaiii, bimpe no even send me at all, wahala dey ooooo”.

I was scared as I sat on the chair, the look on bimpe’s face was like that of a wounded lion, and it was her scariest facial expression mood I had ever seen. She didn’t talk to me neither did she offered me any drink. Moments later, henry was walking down the staircase, I looked at his face and I observed that he was not smiling. The look on his face was also scary. I got scared the more and I began to think of so many things.

“How come both of them are wearing the same scary look?”

” I have never seen henry in this mood before”

“Neither have I seen bimpe like this before also”

” Definitely, I’m in serious trouble.”



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