Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

ME: what!!!!!!!!!!


BIMPE: ***ssssshhh**** stop screaming onihaxy, we are in a public place.


ME: wait bimpe, what makes you think the pregnancy belongs to me?, Aren’t you married? Or don’t you have s£x with your husband?, or are you saying Henry is impotent?


BIMPE: well, the age of the pregnancy was the exact duration between when we had s£x and when I did the test.


ME: haaaaaaaa!!, bimpe, I’m doomed


BIMPE: doomed for what?


ME: for impregnating another man’s wife. Not just another man bimpe, but the blood brother of my own wife. Don’t you see that I’m doomed?


BIMPE: onihaxy, it’s already late to cry over spilled milk. Way forward is what we should discuss.


ME: ******silent for a while******* adebimpe, I’m thinking of abortion.


BIMPE: that is the last thing I will ever do. A married woman?, going for abortion?, never!!!!!!.


ME: then what do you want us to do with the pregnancy,


BIMPE: I’m giving birth to the baby and henry will father it just like he did to daniella.


ME: NO, Bimpe, I’m against that, what would happen if this issue is later exposed?, don’t you think I will loose betty as a result of the exposure?. All I wanted for this pregnancy is abortion and nothing more.


BIMPE: ***laughed***. Onihaxy calm down. That can only happen in the dreams. So you only cared about betty right?.


ME: what do you mean?


BIMPE: onihaxy, I never knew you are this heartless. So you want me to go for an abortion and then die in the process?


ME: and who told you that you are going to die?


BIMPE: have you forgotten that I’m a nurse?, have you forgotten that I work in a hospital?. I have been involved in carrying out abortion for several ladies out of which some died and some lost their wombs.


ME: ***voice softened*** bimpe calm down please. Try to understand me dear. What I’m suggesting is for the benefit of both of us. Remember we are both attached to henry’s family. Remember that daniella was a costly mistake from both of us, we shouldn’t repeat the same mistake again. how do you think henry will feel when he finds out that I’m the father of the two kids in his house?. How will betty feel when she finds out that I slept with her brother’s wife?.


BIMPE: I understand you onihaxy. But please try to understand me too. What will be the fate of my daughter when her mother died as a result of abortion. You wanted her to be maltreated by a wicked step mother?. Or what will be my fate in henry’s house when my womb get complicated as a result of abortion?.


ME: ****deep breath********


BIMPE: I just don’t know why you are acting this way. I’m not saying you should marry me, neither am I saying you should take responsibility of the kids. I’m just letting you know you are the father of the baby. So what is the problem all about?.


ME: I’m not looking at it from that angle bimpe. I’m thinking of what will happen if all these secrets blow out into open someday. Chaiiiii, what have I brought to myself!!!!!. Bimpe had put me into trouble.


BIMPE: which bimpe put you in trouble?. Wait onihaxy. Did I rape you to impregnate me?


ME: no


BIMPE: who removed my cloths and underwear from me the day I slept at your place?


ME: **silent and speechless***


BIMPE: so which trouble did I put you into onihaxy?. Don’t just make me regret that I loved you.


ME: all I just wanted is abortion so that both of us will be free and safe.


BIMPE: that’s your own idea. Not mine. I’m not aborting any pregnancy and that’s the final.


ME: **harsh voice*** if you insisted that you are not taking my suggestions, just count me out of whatever happened thereafter.


BIMPE: is that a threat?


ME: whatever.


BIMPE: ****picked her car key and purse from the table and left in anger***


ME: ***sitting alone in a clueless mood on the chair after bimpe left the eatery***

Chaiii onihaxy. You are in deep trouble.



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