Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I woke up so early on Sunday morning, feeling so bothered and disturbed about what adebimpe wanted to tell me, the anxiety in me couldn’t let me go to church that day. I looked up and check the time. It was few minutes to 7am. I picked my phone and called bimpe.


ME: hello Adebimpe




ME: how was your night and weekend?


BIMPE: fine. And why did you start acting like you care if my weekend and night was good or not?


ME: what do you mean?


BIMPE: never mind. So when and where do you want us to meet?


ME: the same eatery I told you about.


BIMPE: if I will be meeting you outside lekki, then it will be in the evening when henry arrives so that he can look after daniella. I can’t leave her alone with the gateman.


ME: ok, what time will he be around?


BIMPE: he is already on his way. So, any moment from now.


ME: how do we do it then?


BIMPE: I will update you when its time.


ME: alright, no problem.


BIMPE: yeah ****hang up****


I dropped the phone, stood up from my bed and began to walk to and fro in my room as if I lost something. I began to have strange imaginations about what the news could be all about. I returned back to my bed and started forcing myself to sleep but sleep refused to come. I picked my earphone from my trolley, connected it to my phone and plugged it into my ears to listen to music but it wasn’t helping matter as my mind was far away thinking about bimpe and her strange news. I thought of driving out so as to ease tension but I remembered I was just a learner who is yet to be perfect on Lagos roads.

I remained clueless and confused in my room until I got an international call from Betty. I was so happy and my mood changed instantly. We talked for some minutes before switching to facebook chat with her. I was so much carried away with the chat until around few minutes to 1pm when bimpe called to inform me that she was on her way coming.

I got up, went to the bathroom to freshen up, prepared noodles to eat and resumed my chat with Betty. When bimpe called and told me she was at obanikoro. I got up and started strolling down to the eatery to wait for her as she told me earlier. I ordered for a meat pie and a bottle of coke and I was eating slowly while I await bimpe.


At around 3pm, I saw the security guard at the entrance of the eatery opening the door and bimpe walked in looking so radiant and elegant. She doesn’t look like someone who has a daughter at all, and her make up added more magic to her beauty. I waved my hand and she sighted me and walked closer to my table and sat down opposite me with a grin on her face.


ME: welcome ma. What should I order for you?


BIMPE: **looked at my table*** same thing you are eating


ME: ok. ***stood up to get a pie and coke*** have it.


BIMPE: thanks.


ME: so, what is it that you wanted to tell me?.


BIMPE: not so soon. Tell me first, what exactly is my offence and why have you been avoiding me?


ME: nothing, its work, I have been busy of recent.


BIMPE: ***** stared into my eyes with a flirty smile******, onihaxy, you aren’t telling me the truth.


ME: what do you mean?


BIMPE: I have been with you for years and I know you more than you can imagine. With the look on your face, I can easily tell when you are lied.


ME: ***looking down at the table****


BIMPE: onihaxy, I’m listening. And besides, has it gotten to the extent that you don’t want to look into my eyes again.


ME: ***dropped my food***. Ok bimpe, the truth is that I’m tired of hurting Betty, she loves me and I love her too. I want to concentrate and focus on her without any distraction.


BIMPE: **voice softened** so I’m a distraction to you right?


ME: Try to understand me bimpe, if I don’t let go of you, there is no way I can focus on my relationship with Betty.


BIMPE: ***sobbing*** onihaxy, I’m also cheating on my husband because of you. Do you think you are the only one feeling that way?, I don’t know why, I can’t just understand what you did to me, it’s just so hard for me to let go of you out of my mind. The more I try to push you away, the more I think of you.


ME: hmmmmmmnm, but it’s not supposed to be so bimpe. You have henry that you are married to and I have Betty whom I want to marry. Why don’t we just focus on our spouses and make them happy?


BIMPE: and you think that abandoning and ignoring me is the best way to approach this situation right?,


ME: let’s put that aside. Let’s discuss on why we are here.


BIMPE: ok, I have been confirmed two weeks pregnant.


ME: whaooo, I’m happy for you and henry. That’s good news dear. Is that what you wanted to tell me that you couldn’t say on the phone?, I knew you just wanted to see my face, that was why you used this trick.


BIMPE: ***smile**** onihaxy. I’m carrying your second baby. The pregnancy is yours.


ME: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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