Thu. Jul 11th, 2024


I left the eatery on that Sunday and went back home thinking of how I have messed up with my life.


“ Another pregnancy again?”

“Onihaxy, what have you brought upon yourself?”

“Now that she refused an abortion?, what will happen next?”

“What will happen if Betty or henry finds out?”

“How will I face betty for explanations?”

” Hope I won’t loose betty at the end of the day?”

“Hope I’m not doomed already now?”

” And segun had vowed not to be involved anymore”

” What do I do now?”


I got home and started preparing for Monday work with lots of anxiety filled up in my mind. I did some cleaning and laundry, prepared dinner and later engaged segun and Betty in chats to ease my tension before going to bed.


Two weeks later, I got to work on a Monday morning and dropped my phone on the table before going for connect session. I managed to compose myself throughout the meeting due to a very strong headache and I returned to my desk to start the work for the day. On checking my phone, I saw 8 missed calls from Adebimpe and my mood was changed immediately. She had always been calling me right from the day we met at the eatery which I have been ignoring. I managed to concentrate on my work until few minutes to 1pm when I got a text message on my phone. Out of curiosity, I opened it with the mindset that it was from bimpe and I was shocked to see funmi’s name as the sender. I was surprised because it was the very first time I would be receiving a text from her. The message reads “see me in my office”.

I suspended my work and I went to meet her in the office.


ME: Hi, you asked me to see you.


FUNMI: yes, please I want to send you on an errand.


ME: alright, what is that?


FUNMI: you will help me to buy a plate of rice and a bottle coke at TFC.


ME: is that all?


FUNMI: yes.


ME: alright ***standing up and turning back*****


FUNMI: onihaxy, where are you going?, won’t you wait and collect money?


ME: don’t worry, the bill is on me.


FUNMI: *** surprised ****bill on you?, really?


ME: yeah.


FUNMI: ooooooooooooh, your salary was paid yesterday right?


ME: ***smiled******


FUNMI: ****smile too****no wonder, now I understand the reason behind your “Mr nice guy” today.


ME: Haba, it’s not like that funmi, I just wanted to buy you the lunch today.


FUNMI: hmmmmmm, nice one. Onihaxy has started acting caring. But I think you aren’t man enough.


ME: Me?, not Man enough?, how?.


FUNMI: are you supposed to buy the lunch and bring it to me? Or take me out for lunch?


ME: hmmmmmmmm *** sighed***


FUNMI: yeah. Or you are scared of your purse?


ME: scared kee?, not at all.


FUNMI: no problem then onihaxy, go back to your desk and tidy up your work. When its 2pm, you are taking me out for lunch.


ME: alright boss.


FUNMI: **smiled** silly boy.


I returned to my desk with anxiety and I began to wonder what really attracted me to funmi in the first place. I wasn’t that handsome neither do I have s£xy body structure. At around 1:40pm, I went outside to where our ATM was located and withdrew 5k from my account, I returned to my seat and I was patiently waiting for funmi’s call.


At exactly 2pm, funmi came out of her office and walked closer to my desk. She halted, tapped on my table and said “meet me in my car”. My heart began to beat heavily and I was scared as it was my first time of taking a senior colleague out on a date. As usual, my office mate observed the situation and began to look at me in a hypocritical manner and I was so sure that they would start gossiping about it when I’m gone. I stood up, packaged my wallet very well and stepped out of the office to meet funmilayo outside the bank premises.



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